The Cubs suck this year, their fans don’t (27 Photos)

  • Doyers fan

    Los Doyers fans are hotter.

    • JasonH

      Probably right…. if neck tattoos, sharpie eyebrows, and the aroma of Aqua Net hair spray appeal to you.

    • peanut3603

      Chive should do one for Dallas – Fort Worth….. Would be better than Chicago.

    • sarcasm

      Agreed. There's a reason theChive left Chi-town for LA

      • Randy Gallegos

        ya, weather. there partner was there and they were here. try and convince someone that has never lived here that the chicago winters are "worth it". wont happen.

        • Randy Gallegos

          their* grammar fail.

          • Brewster

            I think both are pretty damn hot, coming from someone who has lived in both cities. But los doyers got some hot latinas, can we get a doyer post soon too?

  • Dan

    You know they are all masochists, at least.
    #26 I thought Alyssa was a Dodgers fan!

    • Vince Weaver

      She has a line of sports clothing for women- you can find a pic of her in apparel from just about any team…

    • Paul

      She's a notorious cleat/skate chaser.

    • James

      She is a dodger fan, just has a clothing line.

  • assface

    I'll betcha #5 and #13 suck…

    • xxxx

      yup… my money's on that too

    • myNameIs

      Is that a bad thing ? Don't ruin it for the rest of us!

    • Spongebob

      I was kinda hoping they all sucked!

    • guest

      Those were going to be my comments !!!!

      Damn, it's obvious !!

  • Kevin

    I want o go there.*** No – wait — THERE!!!

  • mipo2010

    MOAR Marissa!!! #27

  • Johnnyfantastic

    What do you mean they suck this year I thought it was every year?

    • Ed209

      Too true.

    • stl

      go cards!

    • Yankees!

      I was thinkin' the same thing, i was like, but the Cubs suck every year…

  • maggiemay13

    #10 is the cutest fan, not the sexiest, but the cutest.

    • Sooper Trooper

      i bet you she's a bitch

  • David Boudreau Adamson

    #16 is my cousin haha thats crazy

    • Çreep

      id be pullin a jerry lee lewis.

    • alexri

      pics or it didn't happened

    • Maytrix

      Your cousin is hot!

    • GernBlansten

      Well there's always Alabama…..

    • Verbal_Kint

      As long as it's not your 1st cousin, it's cool…

      • chivette

        pervish troll

    • Adamson


    • Dan

      Then you need to get her to submit for Sexy Chivettes. And Burn Your Bra. And Mind The Gap. And Hump Day. And Things That Bounce. And whatever else you can think of to have her remove clothing.

    • ROK247

      +thumbs if you have a hot cousin you've always secretly wanted to bone hardcore

      • hMMMM


        • ROK247

          oh c'mon be honest now – we'll keep it our little secret, just between us chivers.

    • Leonel

      How do I put this…. I… want to plow her. That is all.

    • John

      Looks like a girl I know. Is your cousin name Sarah? ( I don't want to say her last name just incase it isn't)

    • Peter

      i did her! lol!

    • dale california

      shes tough looking , And fine!

  • BoobieWatcher

    I bet they all would for $$$. Bitches Love the $$$.

  • newscot

    Never been a baseball fan, but some of these women could get me into it. #16

    • pass

      yea baseball's boring.

  • Çreep

    #3 #16 fuckin' sexy!

    • Simon

      they are very sexy but whats the deal with #3's ear though?

      • b-ry

        looks like an earing to me bud

  • Kodos

    #11 #21
    They will bat your balls right outta the park.

    Competition over.

  • James

    Uh, Cubs fans are some of the worst in baseball.

    • The_Dark_Knight

      Second only to Red Sox fans

      • Graham

        Hey Bo Sox fan are assholes, but I am one of those assholes. All I can say is at least we aren't the Yankees.

        • HAHSO


        • The_Dark_Knight

          Yeah well… I happen to be a life-long Yankee fan and I love hearing how much they suck

          I'm kinda disappointed they haven't won their 28th World Series title yet too….

    • bettingonthecubs

      Uh, have you been to a dodgers game?

    • duffer

      Yes, you are correct.

    • chronic

      any philly team has worse fans

  • GreyGhost9

    #21 Good work Chive, the fans are the only good thing about the Cubs anymore

    • Homer

      I'm thinking that bat's going to get some.

    • HolePwner

      Isn't this Next Door Nikki?

      • YesItIs


        • john

          christina kuehner

  • Çreep

    AND #17 with a lil see thru is great

  • cjwhookid

    go yankees

    • Graham

      How bout no, you crazy dutch bastard!

  • ????

    #21 is nikki out of chicago?

    • DeDav

      Yes! Nextdoor Nikki is a Cubs fan! WOOOO

  • SocialLubricant

    I've come to the conclusion that this is a migratory species. Wrigleyville, a lot of the North Side and the Loop are teeming with girls like this in the summer. As the temperature goes down you see less and less. By February if you're on the street and you happen to somehow see a leg of a not completely unattractive girl it feels like Kate Upton just showed you her tits.

    • duh

      thanks captain obvious.

      • SocialLubricant

        No problem, Lieutenant Dipshit.

  • The_Dark_Knight


    I dunno… that White Sox fan looks hotter to me

    • tool-dog

      this has always been the Chicago debate. who is better, the cubs or the sox? so many levels to argue on.

  • mith

    #1 #7
    WTF is growing on that bitches lip?
    It takes more then a fan to fix ugly.

    • Dan

      I imagine she saw some perv at the ballpark taking her picture.

  • oliverklosov

    I just realized #6 & #7 are painted on.

    • Chiefbig

      O.O Holy shit.

  • Fish On

    #19 Jenn Sterger?

    • ROK247

      10-4 brett hit that

    • @nince81

      No its Sarah Spain from ESPN 1000! Check her out on twitter @SarahSpain.

      • @nince81

        Nevermind I was wrong! Still check out Sarah tho!

  • Tim Horton

    baseball sucks

    • Graham

      That is a bit of a bold statement. Maybe you shouldn't have gone through this gallery if you didn't like baseball Mr. Troll.

  • Do0zer

    #21 Looks like Next Door Nikki. Kinda getting chunky in her older age.

    • hMMMM

      JUST like that next door girl…

  • 86Celticsboy

    #19 Lookin` good Jenn

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