Watch your six, it’s Hump Day (57 photos)

  • Brian King

    #49 Hump day is always the best post of the week!

    • jjlib89

      without a shadow of a doubt

    • GOD

      …and the day was GLORIOUS!

    • The Ruiner

      That's where the poop comes out

    • LukeSkywalker

      idk… SC is mine.

    • Çreep

      they can repost #49 everyday or every post for all i care.:p

    • robber

      this hump was totally worth the double post DAR and here…3rd time lucky

    • JayStever

      is it hump day because of what i want to do to her or because of the shape of her hump?

  • Ken

    #4 has an amazing bubble ass! NICE!

    • Master_Rahl

      if perfection exists, this girls gets the prize for best butt – WOW!!

      • Ken

        Couldn't agree more! Damn! Who is the lucky dog that gets to spank that ass!

      • guest speaker

        This is perfect!

    • ugh

      Let's not get so excited over photoshop, k?

      • Hand of Fate

        Yeah, it looks pretty fake in my opinion, and defies normal human anatomy…

        I don't know if its photoshopped though, but I have seen girls with the butt implants and it looks similar.

      • I heart boobs

        Dont ruin the dream!

    • theonehodge

      I'm going to keep pressing refresh until she is found and she has her own photoshoot with theChive!

    • dougie

      absolutely has to be shopped, right?

    • truth

      Who cares? Her ass is way too big. What is she doing? Trying to get an NBA boyfriend?

      • Mike

        The little D fella is more of a Burn your Bra kinda guy. If you cant handle awesomeness, dont speak of what you dont know. Way too big, WTF???

        • truth

          What I don't know? Seems you're the one talking about something you know nothing about. My statement was an opinion. If you don't understand the difference, look it up you dumb fuck. You give public education a bad name.

        • Mike

          mike just ate a dick

          • truth

            I prefer little boys, so this does nothing for me.

    • Hooka

      Holy Jeebus. I almost fainted. Her ass is hypnotic

    • Drake

      FIND HER

    • sarcasm

      probably looking at jail time? (if this is real)

      • Hide Salami

        never looked at a 14-year old ass? come on…. These days you cant even look? is that it? Turn on the disney channel and you're looking at jailtime… that it? 😛 riiiight.

    • Shane

      Even if it is photoshopped, its still someones ass right? FIND *IT*

  • Shawn

    #4 just has such an incredible ass, I mean, that is just magnificent

    • Waldo

      Find her!

      • stupid people

        Photoshop? It's on most computers these days.

      • dude

        Go to the hood. She's there

        • DWD

          Oh common. Look at that ass. Even white boys gotta shout, 'baby got back'.

          • dude

            Shout it yes, but he doesn't have to like it or find it attractive

    • Ludo

      God… you're kidding ^^ you are excited by the vision of women of a 16 year old kid ^^

      Totally shopped ^^

      • dougie

        more arrows please

        • Frank Viola


    • ChiveATL

      #4 totally ruined the rest of the post for me. Save the best for last Chive!

    • C Lem

      She looks very fast!

    • @Troy_Muchwano

      it almost looks fake

  • Rob

    First Nate's a Jew!

  • NebraskaGuy

    #9 MOAR like this one!

    • dougie

      agreed…. x2

      • AppStateJW

        Yes, please, and thank you.

    • ilovethechive

      Amazing roundness and firmness!! Just amazing!!

    • mooseknuckle907

      I agree

    • Chivemaster


    • Wally

      Nice composition on this shot. Very erotic, artistic . . .

    • Ateka

      Yes I like that one a lot, as well as #5 and #29

  • Colin_

    Best day of the week!

  • Brian King

    #22 Cant see the lines, can ya Russ?!

    • Reed

      Lovin' the Griswold reference King.

  • KNOB

    #24 #28
    Hot but DB's

  • bap

    its my birthday and #36 is the best present ever

    • EdWood

      Happy Birthday !

  • jonnywackoff

    When can we get Paula's fat ass on here?

    I'd like to see how low I can go by trying to fap to her/him.

    Thanks Chive!

    • Opanga

      If you're mentionong her, you must be a fuckin idiot

      • jonnywackoff

        At least I can spell Opanga! – who's the idiot now hmmmm? Hmmmmmmmm?

        • hMMMM


  • EasternCanuck

    OMG i love hump day… just wish i wasn't at work.

    • Gern Blanston

      makes the five digit fidget tougher to pull off for sure

  • NebraskaGuy

    Sorry, had to come back and post one more time – these lovelies definitely deserve mention!
    I would follow these humps ALL over town!
    #44 #50

    • Çreep

      i perved hard on #44 for too long i think.

      • XAV

        I think #44 is a man, look at the ring and the hand size and shape, omfg, barffff!!

    • zzzz

      #44 ….she-hulk?

  • wow

    wow #48

    • Shawn

      Dylan owning hump day yet again, #13 and #41 can also be credited to her I believe

      • meh

        #51 also.

        Most of this stuff is from her blog

        • Ira Ulrich

          I haven't seen the blog… site?

      • dOOb

        Honestly… Thank you God for Dylan's glorious ASS!

    • truth

      That's Dylan. It's only wow because the face is out of the picture.

      • moving on

        well said. her butt is now over rated and played out. 4 pics in every post….moving on.
        just sayin

      • bigmikeskinsfan

        I bet if your punk ass had to say that in front of her you'd be too big of a bitch to do it.

        • truth

          yea….cause she'd mule kick me.

          • bigmikeskinsfan

            or youre just too big of a bitch to say it without the safety of your monitor protecting you.—

            • aemdee

              Leave Dylan alone! You're talking about the woman I love! She is absolutely gorgeous.

            • hhhhhhh

              your redskins suck.

              • hMMMM

                Rex Grossman came out today and said they would win the NFC East.

                • hMMMM

                  you failed at "Rex Grossman"

            • truth

              yea…i'm REAL scared of her. and you for that matter. you little bitch.

              • bigmikeskinsfan

                apparently youre afraid of a lot of things since you attack a woman and repeatedly. —

                • truth

                  and likewise to you…for attacking me repeatedly.

                  • bigmikeskinsfan

                    you attack a woman constantly. you have NO room to speak, dude. just STFU and move on already. we get it; youre an asshole who doesnt like dylan. —

                    • truth

                      i have lots of room to speak….i can comment anytime about anything i want. that's the beauty of this internet thing. oh and piss people like you off.

                      cheer up buddy.

                    • bigmikeskinsfan

                      wow, that was the 8 year old in you blaring thru. I bet you stomped your feet when you did it too. Piss me off? arent even close to doing that. Im laughing at you.—

                    • truth

                      oh and i'm laughing at you too. trying to stick up for Dylan for the sole purpose of gaining some thumbs up.

                    • truth

                      In reality I am also laughing at myself because my life is so fucking miserable. I just like to spread my shame and pain at the failure my life has become. Trolling the chive is the only joy I ever get.

                    • truth

                      'Cause after all, Chivers are such unbelievable retards I can't help but troll them.

                    • LOL

                      yeah, what a dick. Sticking up for a girl you are attacking without reason. Get a life man, how you think you are in the right here is beyond me

                    • Turduckenn


      • Carmine

        really….. you're gonna be an asshole and make a comment like this

    • gmoney

      i concur…..WOW….

    • Bdrizzle

      Heels and humps go together like peanut butter and chocolate!

      • meh

        truth – gotta hand it to you…you know how to get a reaction from the Also, be honest…if you were a single guy, would you kick her out of bed? (this is a legit question, any answer is acceptable as long as it's honest with a reason).

        Everyone else that posted….unless you're actually dating/married to/friends with Dylan in the real world, why bother arguing? You're playing right into his hands. Obviously, no one is without flaws, so just appreciate the fact that her hump day pics are outstanding, and leave it at that.

  • kingcobra27

    #4 black man approved…..shitt girlll

    • truth

      Clearly… too big for a white man's taste

      • DWD

        I'm white, and that ass is spectacular.

      • BasS808

        I am also cracker, and if I don't marry a girl with an ass like this, then i will cheat on my wife with a girl who does!!!

      • BentWrenches

        Not at all,I'm pretty damn white and i love this ass.

    • DCCM

      I dont believe this can be a real photo

      • TheBoris

        I would not be surprised if it was fake. But I will go with it until there is proof, just because I want it to be real.

    • Gern Blanston

      In other news… Jewish people like money

      • Brewster

        Maybe know we'll start to see girls with a little more ass on them on the chive? You can only do fake beach blonde for so long. =+

  • mipo2010

    To nom or not to nom. #36

    • blah

      to nom!!!!

    • BentWrenches

      What kind of question is that?

  • Data

    #6 😉

  • panama99

    #4 and #10…..lovely.

  • mrselfdizstruct


    I can help you clean that FNMESS up if you like. 🙂

    • Andre

      i didn't noticed the mess 😉

    • MikeRowe

      It's a dirty job, but I'll do it!!!

  • Fish On

    #4 WOW!! That is all.

    • chivette w hot ass

      Once again chivers show they have no taste in woman. They all seem to be after huge asses. Is chive overrun by black men now or what? Just sayin

      • Kris Coleman

        You don't have to be a black man to appreciate a great ass.

        • dude

          which that is not

          • KNMSPOIFM


      • BasS808

        It's not the size. it's the shape! a square looking ass is horrible no matter if it's small or thick. And a perfectly heart shaped apple bottom is nice no matter the size. Nothing is worse than a chick lookin like she got 2 legs that connect directly to her back! HA!

  • Stafferty

    #9 Something about the goosebumps made me stare at the computer like a mad man.

    • jdb

      Yes, me too. Very sexy pic.

    • Eyes Stuck

      Yeah, goosbumps and a fine bare ass on a gorgeous woman! #9

    • xxxx

      …gave ME goosebumps, the good kind

    • Vote for Pedro

      Her goose bumps gave me a bump in my pants.

  • Jesse

    #39 looks super friendly. I'd take her out to a fancy dinner.

    • laelow

      Enjoy Jesse, Nudes of #39 NSFW…..

      • Jesse

        I'd like to add two bottles of wine to our fancy dinner. We will take one of them to go…

        • BaM-BaM

          Thank you sir!

      • snoopdogg

        that was awesome.

    • xxxx

      dinner and a movie?

      … by dinner i mean sex… and by movie, i mean im taping it

  • R2G Fan

    #3 Perfect stay right there

    #4 Damn!!!

    • avoster

      and boom goes the dynamite.

  • bbqboobs

    #4 Epic ass is epic.

    • truth

      unoriginal, waste of space comment. nice work jerk off

      • Kris Coleman

        is it working? is belittling others over the internet really making you feel better about yourself?
        because you just sound like a cynical jackass with no self-worth to me.

        • truth

          You are right – I am just sorry I don't know how to express the fact I am in love with my own mother, but I am to fat to get up the stairs to tell her.

          I'm sorry Chive.

          • truth

            thanks for stepping in, 'other' truth, but i can take care of myself. funny though. in the interest of humor, keep it up!

        • truth

          blow me kris. btw, did you know you have a girls name?

    • Simon Phoenix

      HOLY SHIT! I didn't make it past this. I had to run to the bathroom .. then come back and finish the post. .. So I am pretty sure this constitutes a "find her" please chive.


  • Gregory Courtney

    They are all so heavenly, what a wonderful day to be a chiver.

  • zym

    Nice one #7, but jesus you're a damn slob.

    • Simon Phoenix

      Messy girls make the dirtest sexy time! trust me on this one …

      • OINFGi

        yeah, but they're also more like to shit or fart on you while fucking.

    • HO11YWOOD303

      I'd clean her room to smash that ass

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