Chivers Unite, theCHIVE’s Chicago Meetup (51 Photos)

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  • ProfessorJive

    Holy shit balls, this looks like a good time… can you please come to New York?!

    • pitbull350

      That chive get together looked lame as shit. No Dar,down the blouse and there was alcohol there?What the f@#k?

  • The Foreigner

    #4 hell yeah Ecuador. Glad to know there are Chivers back at home.

    • Carlos Quezada

      Ecuador Represent.

  • Kvally

    Can't believe I missed the best party out there.

  • specv44

    DEFINITELY need one of these meetups in Orlando…

  • Turduckenn

    so i'm allowed to say that you need to lose a lot of weight.

    • rsemrau

      bahaha I know who who your'e talking about. I was hanging out with the guy in #6 and she came by and left him there with her. Sorry dude.

  • venicer

    Willow and LG should've been there. The chivette pics from the venice meetup were so much hotter without being slutty like Erin and Sarah's little nonesense, just lacking in the hots this time.


    When is this coming to a real city "NYC"

  • Darkside

    I spy with my keen eye half of a token black guy #18

    • truthserum


  • Guy Smiley

    wow, a sausagefest, shocker

    • Darkside


  • mickdeck

    Please make the NYC meet up 18+? Despite what theBrigade says, 21+ can stop our fun.

    • mickdeck

      Hating on the 20-year-olds. Rough.

  • mattythegooch

    You sure this wasn't a MENSA meet up? Just fucking with ya, you are all a Beautiful…..Mind.

    #7 – Super-Hybrid!!!

  • MLKJrAshamed

    Pretty diverse crowd of white people.

    • Michell Rodriguez

      that's what i was thinking lol

    • Terry Burke

      hey, there was like to black guys there

  • Shocker

    Since the admins are deleting shit again I'll reword what I said to soften the blow because we can't have free speech on this site: #13 and #7 are so much hotter than the Chivettes and that is my opinion. Erin needs to gain some weight and I am not a fan of her nose and theres nothing wrong with saying that. I just thought she was hotter and I have a right to say that and I think thechive can do better is all. TheBerry sisters win over these chivettes.

    • Guesty

      You have free speech, as long as they agree with it. That's the only caveat

      • Guesty

        Along with the side caveat that I shuck steer balls for a living.

        sometimes i even sneak some home in my pocket to sleep with.

        truth, bro.

        • Guesty

          You make no sense, not replying after this, cause quite frankly, anything I say cannot top the complete stupidity that you type. So you are kinda doing the work for me._Thanks!

          • Guesty

            Your welcome.

            Besides Fake Guesty, I am sure you will be way more comfortable suckling your moms teat.

            Forever alone.




    • fail

      #51.Shocker. You know opinions are like assholes……..
      You just might be an asshole with an opinion !

      • Shocker

        And there they go deleting opinions again.

    • TheRealSnowman

      Don't like what you see? Well, no need to voice it in a comment. Simply find something else to look at.
      Plus I'm sure they don't give rats ass about your opinion, or anyone elses for that matter.

      • Shocker

        Thats the point of the comment section and your voicing your opinion just like I'm mine. I don't care what they think it's what i think.

        People said way more shit to LG yesterday in the DAR and the stuff they said about her was never deleted so why is this shit supposed to be deleted instead? Its flawed logic and bad on the chives part.

        • Noob

          cry more?

        • truthserum

          I'm surprised they weren't deleted as well (and glad too, because I was having way too much fun) but it was probably because so many other rabid Chivers were defending "LG's" 'honour' so if all of our comments (the good honest chivers) were deleted the crazy staler chivers comments would appear to be talking to themselves. T'was surely a wake-up call that John and Leo needed us to do! I think deep down in her heart, LG needed to hear it too. Now maybe she will just get over herself and pose nude on a free website that I can look at when my wife isn't watching.

          You keep it alive though shocker and keep writing until they finally block you (which they did with me when I kept posting as Bingo! and a few other names), along with the real guesty (and not the fake one) and a few other honest souls.

          Chive up!

          • truthserum


            LOL Who am I kidding.

            Forever alone.

          • Guesty

            Thanks truthserum,

            It 's nice to have the support of another d-bag. I know we both despise the chive and all the chivers and chivettes but we just cant stop following every little detail of it. we have to post our nonsense and thumb each other so we can feel better about our miserable wasted lives. I cant believe they haven't figured out the hipocrocracy of it all in that we are the biggest fanboys of them all.

            I love you man.

            ps tell your mom I will be over later.

            the REAL Guesty

            • truthserum

              Listen fake Chiver (yes, I still call you a Chiver although you've done nothing to earn it because I am honourable that way) – if you're going to post under all of our names at least have the intellect to do it with a bit of time in between or else you just blow your load in one go!

              And cue the mom joke!

              • Guesty

                cooI but already blew my load when I saw your mom in her DrDirty stripper gear!!!

                I will try and time my posts more effectively – i know it must be hard for you to keep up!

                Chive on little dick!

            • truthserumteaches

              And by the way, I have NEVER seen hypocrisy spelled so incorrectly. Shame on you!


              • truth

                FOR SHAME!!!

                I actually listen to you on this because I realize for a fact you know first hand what shame is- you see it everyday on your parents faces when you head off to work at MickyD's

                Love you buttercup!

  • McBeastie

    Was there a door prize for the wackiest t-shirt or something? Tools.

  • bigmikeskinsfan

    #33 I was wondering if you were going to go.

    Lets see:

    everyone in t-shirts with "clever" sayings – check
    making stupid faces at the camera to look "clever" – check

    you guys are really getting the d-bag code down. chive on!!

  • jhento

    i seriously almost busted out laughing at my desk and #45

    • nonanon

      why? …fanboys are so lame

  • Chive is Wack

    Looks pretty lame dude.

    All I see is a bunch of guys chasing around the same 5 girls.

    And the berry girls are not hot, pretty homely if you ask me.

    • OIrfre


    • WikityWack

      U Mad Bro?

  • Shocker

    Well at least theChive family is attractive.

  • normurai

    chicago…and no african american chivers at the chive meetup? inconceivable!!!

    • truthserum

      They were there – in the kitchen cleaning empty glasses, and preparing their finger foods, and cleaning the toilets. Not being racist, just being brutally honest. And I consider myself to be a very black guy, even though I am white….for now at least.

  • OldNSlow

    Looks like I'm about 80 years too old to ever attend one of these. Good looking bunch though. Glad Paula shaved her balls that night.

  • Youaredorks


  • WJD

    I want to cry right now. I work at Emmits Irish Pub, nothing ever exciting happens when I'm working and I miss the Chive after party!?!?!?!

  • Mike

    Who’s the faggot in 1,5,35 photobombing with his stupid miserable face?

    • Brand_n

      That would be Mack the intern. He is one angry-looking motherfucker!

  • Christopher Banks

    #13 #20 #21 #46
    Loving the photobombs

    • QOIGHi

      what are you, a 5 year old? "duhh, look at da silly man makin' da funny faces".

  • KyleGamgee

    Awesome stuff,.

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