Chivers Unite, theCHIVE’s Chicago Meetup (51 Photos)

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  • Mike

    Who’s the faggot in 1,5,35 photobombing with his miserable face?

  • HobbesTiger

    The d-bag gene is strong with this group.

    Surprised they could get their Chive shirts on over their Ed Hardy shirts.

    • Truth

      and yet you cant stop looking can you?


      jealous much?

  • Soda Pop

    #51….I take it their all related since they have the same face?

  • Mikey

    Love the site but looked like a lame party. Girls were absolutely nothing special tho. FACT… Kid in pics 1 and 5 has a face I wanna curb

    • Foosbah

      agreed. he looks like one of those douchebags who says "if i wanna see something impressive, i'll look in a mirror".

      • rsemrau

        Dude, party wasn't awful. Open bar for a solid 4 hours for me and a hot ass bartender. If you don't leave the actual bar, alcohol makes everything better.

  • EasternCanuck

    I'd give my left nut to go to one of these… when you guys coming to Eastern Canada…?

  • OwnerOfYou

    #46 Mac the Intern is the best photobomber. I can't wait till you guys come to NYC! I'll be there with the whole crew!

    • john

      What are you talking about, where is Mac in these pictures?

  • guest

    #20 is sleeper hot. Loving the underdogs…

  • chim richels

    Actually met Emily and John and crew at Casey Moran's on Saturday after the Cubs game. Nice people.

    I was downstairs watching a pretty good bar fight when they were up on the deck cutting that kids jeans shorts.

    That being said, here's my take on these photos:

    – couple of token cute chicks
    – a bunch of unfuckable dork guys who look like rejects from a comic book convention

  • RubberDogTurds

    Atlanta Trip pleeeeeeeeeeeez
    let us show u some southern hospitality! ;D

    • OWIRoHR

      don't worry, i'm sure they'll let you suck their dicks right after Lauren.

      • Staff

        Naw we are flying your mom in to service us.

        • OWIRoHR

          I was adopted (my mom realized i was an idiot) so fail, not to mention I am saving myself for marriage….or Farmer Bill's sheep sally… she's got real nice fur.

      • RubberDogTurds

        lmao senile, much? i've never even submitted a sexy photo so get off my case, catty b1tch

  • spencur

    #14 #39 #50 get some moar of that cute redhead and well you know

  • Eh?

    They get rid of the Sarah and Erin fake fellatio pictures?

    Yeah. I guess it goes against their whole "we're not really attention whores" shtick.

    • Big Killa

      yeah, they got rid of a few

  • chim richels

    Also, let's keep it real here folks – the whole 'look at my silly clever t-shirt' is starting to cross over into Affliction/Ed Hardy/Hipster douche world.

  • Jordan

    #50 Girl in the Purple needs to meet my GF

  • Mikey

    Admins keep deleting my posts. Don’t be ashamed of your lame party with mules you wanna call girls. Take the criticism like big boys and stop censoring feedback to your advantage.

    • Evan

      so, if why are u still here? honestly, some of your comments were deplorable, and the chive is not a democracy. that's the way it is. also, your an asshole. i'd delete ur shit to the moon too

      • truthserum

        Evan, if I had the chance I'd RAPE you to the moon – so THERE.

        • truthserum

          Oh please someone notice me…PLEASE!!! IM SO LONELY AND MISUNDERSTOOD!!!

    • truthserum

      I didn't get to read any of your comments Mikey – but the few that I've read made me laugh. I shall continue to look for more of your comments in the future (but under assumed names because I am sure to be blocked soon)

      • truthserum

        Actually i just realized no one gives a flying fuck what I say.

        I just wanted to be loved! I just don't know how to express myself like a grown adult.

        I see all the chive people smiling and having fun, i see girls and drinks people out and about (at a bar no less) – I realize its jealousy – I mean how else could I explain the fact that I spend SOOOO much fucking time on a site that I claim to despise.

    • Guest

      Dude, you don't have to come to this site. Don't be a dick, Mikey. Are you 10 yrs old? What MAN goes by "Mikey"…except a douchebag.

  • BOCO Kid

    You guys Really need to come party in Boulder or Denver. Mile High will knock your socks off!

  • orangewhip

    #49 all day.

  • mrselfdizstruct

    Baltimore waiting here. Lets get this happening.

  • Erich Backhus

    I want this in San Antonio.

  • TheBoris

    #49 #50 My goodness.

  • LIJay


    Is it wrong to ask what's up with Crazy Eyes over on the right??

  • Cameron C.

    #49 haha. FTW!! Next Meetup should be in…. Honolulu!!!

  • Mcdudley

    Wait, is this the meet up post or a photobomb post? I can’t tell. Looks like you guys had a great time!

  • sadface

    Not calling the chicks whores for being chivettes because being a chivette doesn't mean that they are, but just saying that all 3 of them are not hot in any way. What happened to Erin's nose btw? Need MOAR of the berry girls instead of those 3.

    • lando

      erin's nose is fine. she's beautiful and nice. also, do you walk up to girls on the street and call them out? i know i know, the rules of civility and common courtesy don't apply on the internet.

      But i guarantee if you ever saw erin in real life (i did), you'd be impressed, she's quite striking.
      So now that you're calling everybody out, how bout i do u. I think your personality is ugly.

  • mr_johnson

    #46 someones ass..getting.. laid.. TONIGHT. (grandmas boy)

  • Lost In Translation

    #43 #49 #50 Now that's my kind of party.

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