Best photos of the week (55 Photos)

  • OGMrWhite


    no hover hands ftw

    #11 makes me laugh for some reason

    Solid week Chive

    • ensergio

      #11 Makes you laugh because the freaking sad spiderman in the back. That's the reason.

      • DWwr

        he's obviously a Chiver.

  • adphilpo

    #33 is a huge turn on btw. That is one sexy back arch she has got going on

    • JROC

      they are trainer weights made of rubber. chicks prob lifting 100 plus lbs not bad for a girl who weighs 105 just don't be bodybuilder big.

    • jonas5000

      i was impressed too until i realized those were 10lb weights on the bar. i then realized that i was still impressed.

    • that gym guy

      bar = 45 pounds
      2×10 = 20 pounds
      she is benching 65 pounds

      • Firewalker

        Thought bar was usually 80 pounds?

        • Graham Upshaw

          Nope straight bars are usually 45 lbs and occasionally 50 lbs. And btw we can't tell how much she is doing. Its at least 65 pounds but we can't see how many 10 lb weights or other weights are on there.

    • Elbie

      hot girl indeed but that position + impending flbp= even moar flbp

  • Itachi

    #33 I call BS…. but I think she's hot…. need more pics asap.

    • hughee

      i'm viewing this on a netbook, so my eyes may be deceiving me. i think the plates say "10" on them, so… 65 lbs total? or if the 10 is in kg, then… approx 90 lbs?

      • Itachi

        I don't know how you can see 10. Maybe I'm blind?? haha
        If those are metal, they're 45lbs if rubber…. who knows maybe 10kg like you said? She might be strong enough to bench 90lbs, but I'd have to see it to believe!

        • Colin

          I'm fairly confident it says 10lbs.

          • poke poke

            the left side of the plate says 9.5 KG

            • sarcasm

              i think that's 4.5 kg, which is 10 lbs-ish

        • Gevth

          I could see the 10lb yesterday, and today I can't. If you have the same condition I have, then you're just hangover

        • Vigster

          go to the DAR HQ from yesterday. the pic is bigger and you can clearly see it says 10 pounds.

          • Dave

            It's on the CrossFit's flickr album. She's lifting 40lbs (2 10s on each side), plus whatever the bar weighs.

  • JROC

    #30 is just fantastic. you know it

    • sarah jay

      thanks! :]

    • Eye Pleaser

      You are right, but fantastic does not do it justice. Off the charts hot . . . need MOAR, much MOAR!! #30

  • Brian & jen

    Chive on Massachusetts!!

    • lonin


  • Keep_Floatin

    Weak Week. Alliteration, bitches.

    • Guz


  • JROC

    such a sexy look. those are DTF eyes #49

    • Bill Gent

      She is absolutely smokin hot. Beautiful face, eyes and i don't think i need to state the obvious.

    • bala

      very gon pos

    • MacNCheesePro

      MOAR MOAR MOAR MOAR MOAR MOAR MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Blindsided5

    This is the only place reposts should be allowed Chive.

  • F. Gump

    Honey, I could stare at you for hours and lay in bed with you for days.


    • hater

      I think you just ruined your roommates bathrobe

      • billshakes626

        I'd touch her.

    • RM1

      Guess what! I live in Vegas, and this girl was a dancer at a 18+ Strip Club here a few years ago. And this girl's stage name was Ivy and gave me lap dances all night for my 18th birthday. She was so hot and awesome. Super flexible body 😉

  • first

    First first

  • homerz71

    #49 mmm…

  • Brofessor X


  • thatwasfun

    #4 and #30…I want to #55

  • Pooply

    Is 49 a civilian or professional hottie? Good lord…

    • Just Sayin'


      That was for me then chivers, not you. I just couldn't be arsed to scroll up.

  • Cletus


    Why does a guy have "chivette" written on his body?

    • prune

      Wait that is a guy? I was under the impression that was just a European chick.

    • anon


    • Brad

      that's the joke…thanks for ruining it

  • proto

    #53 had me rofl

  • The1Architect

    #2 I'm siiiinging in acid rain…just siiiinging in acid rain.

    • BloodScrubber

      You win 1000 Internets for that Gene Kelly reference. *applause

    • Christopher Neufeldt

      I totally sang that in Alex's voice from A Clockwork Orange….

  • Hector

    Who is #49? MUST KNOW!

  • David Matelan

    can anyone explain what is in the water in picture 32

    • Cletus

      seaweed… although it does look like some sort of eels, snakes or octopi.

      • Jam

        It's octopussies not octopi.

        • Just Sayin'

          wow. You're really that stupid huh?

          • Jim Strathmeyer

            Hint: octopus isn't latin

  • Randy

    #21 deserves a golf clap for the amazing show

    • Mark Palm

      I never saw the front 😦 But I'm sure enjoing the back 😛

    • R2G Fan

      She is amazing all the way around!

    • Pinky

      Can I get one of those snapping finger jazz club claps?! 🙂

  • cmonstur

    #1 Does Sarah Jessica Parker realize there's a tiny person on her back?

    • honest

      No thats Dylan with her bf riding her.

    • hater

      Hi again cum monster

      • cmonstur

        Wassup, favorite hater?

    • RGH

      Ha ha nice one!

    • Hard Truth

      Been said about both SJP and Dylan. At least be original folks. Oh, and both are way hotter than you.

      • cmonstur

        Definitely. 😉 Dylan is fucking hot, I won't deny that. But SJP? You're silly.

        • Hard Truth

          I confess, was a bit hasty with that part. You are definitely very cute, so you got me on that one.

          • cmonstur

            It's all good. I know the SJP horse jokes aren't the most original, so I'll cut you some slack for calling me out there.

    • Tom


    • DWwr

      that's not Sarah Jessica Parker. that's Dylan on her way to the chive-meetup.

      • Can't fix stupid

        Ha ha ha ha . . . oh, wait, you just rewrote what you already read. So just lame and stupid. But will cut you some slack for being blind and clearly lacking in taste.

  • durr

    #55 may i doubt he faps? im kidding, i wanna fap in those too.

  • brandnew88

    #14 and this is your brain on drugs

  • Chaos

    Great ending to the week!

  • Cavok

    #21 yeah R2! Best of the week!!

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