Scene/Emo girls on a Friday? You can’t explain that (30 Photos)

  • alexri

    #23 OMG those eyes

    • Matteo Boscolo

      are made on photoshop

    • CrimsonKing

      or she has blue LED eyes

    • Jeff Lewis

      The spice must flow…

      • smilner

        HA! Nice one, Jeff Lewis!

      • Steve Lee

        well done sir

    • TITO

      Lenses dude… They ruin true beauty!

      • Randy Gallegos

        those are too bright even for lenses, those are photoshop all the way

        • Expe

          Ive seen a few photoshop'd lenses back in my days…

    • John

      Ah, guys……she colored her eyes…probably with an i-phone app! Can't you see that even her freakin pupil that is supposed to be black is even blue???

    • jackson

      omg those eyes are the most beautiful eyes ive ever seen

    • Jakes

      I Googled this girl, in a non-stalker way 😉 Turns out she was living about 30kms, not sure how many miles that is, from me in South Africa.

      • Daveed

        Plz tell us her name bro!

  • slap MY hand!

    #4, #7, and esp. #23 I don't give a fuck what scene they're in, I wanna be in it.

    • Çreep

      agreed, id fuck the emo right out of them.

      • OIRI

        there's nothing "emo" about them…..

    • @valorikx221

      #7 pierced nip nips !

      • nono

        her name is paige habermehl, on facebook she goes by Paige Elyse, I have so many images of her, even going down on some guy, I just dont want to upload them unless i can do it anonymously

    • Mike

      These girls have to be the hottest hotties I have ever had the pleasure to look at…Wow! !

  • Joseph Stephens

    #16 She seems dangerously close to smiling. Better stop, it might ruin her reputation.

    • Leadbelly

      If these girls remove the tatts, piercings and get better hair they might be hot.

  • Skyler

    Too bad all "scene" girls are stuck up bitches.

    • Rob

      nah. most are shy in my opinion.

    • Mattgn

      in my experience there amazing in bed

      • GothyMcGoth

        Thanks Mattgn – you were pretty fantastic too – until I cut you so I could mix your blood with the manjuice you left on my face and you began to cry and scream, "Owwwwww! Why?! What the heck!?!!"

      • GetItRightBitch


        • Norbert Zalog


          It's all the same because it sounds the same. Am eye write!?

          • Ball

            to be honest, make them go balls deep and then see if they are still scene girls.

    • tito

      ALL??? hate to break it to you but maybe theres something YOUR doin cuz they cant ALL be like that or ur just ugly. sorry try fat chicks bahaha.

  • BallsDeep

    #17 my kind of girl 😉

    • DeepDickin

      May be hot yes, but guaranteed cunt.

    • Stevo

      a prostate tickler?

    • Tits McGee

      an internet tough-girl?

    • Disagreeance

      Cute, but ruined by attituted and piercings.

  • MigraineBoy

    #19 Feminism. The root of all worldly evil.

    • slut lust

      raccoon…that's what happened.

    • TITO

      I tried to give you a million thumbs up

    • JROC

      haha funny stuff

    • Psymon Gallows

      Anyone else notice that ANY other scene girl on this post is at least three times better than the one they used in this picture?

  • HeyJewed

    #21 I wonder if the carpet matches the drapes?

    • Paula_

      There shouldn't be a carpet at all, I don't care how well it ties the room together!

      – "Paula is to Chivettes as DAR man is to awesome…"
      — LG –

      • HeyJewed

        You are correct. I am sure she has already had "hard wood" laid down there countless times.

    • nonsensical

      No but I bet she has whiskers and a pink dotted vagina…

      • Dick_Hammer

        Those are called genital warts

    • JAS

      It's like skittles, you know?

      Taste the rainbow.

    • Bryan_W

      Her mom's a cat and her dads a peacock

    • Ashley

      Was about to like your comment, but it's chillin at 69 right now.

    • Shad

      Chase the Rainbow

    • QWERTY

      double rainbow all the waaay!

  • jc1303

    Yes to every single one. Only decision would be what order to do them in

  • jomby

    #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 , Its all downhill from there …

    • jim

      actually i take back #2

    • HaHa

      #5s a guy!

  • HeyJewed

    I'm not even that into emo chicks, but #11 gives off a really cool vibe and now i want her.

    • gentleman25

      She look good, but a bit like a Livesaver candy package.

      • Randy Gallegos

        AKA: raver. she looks more like a pill popper than a cutter.

    • Pantherus

      She looks like something out of Final Fantasy…

  • dash

    #7 and #26 look damn hot to me

    • Norbert Zalog

      Crazy chicks are fun in bed too…

  • dp

    I don’t care what everybody else thinks, but I’m way into these girls. Damn beauitful almost all of them.

    • Chev

      I would agree! If society casts these girls away, cast em my way!

  • Chiver

    I want our premium whores ,where are the chivettes ? I need to fap !!

  • The real LG

    Hey chivers ,Worship me or else ill get ur ip blocked.

    • BornAgainChiver

      NO LG – I will do NO such thing! Over the past couple of days I realized the perfumed hold you had on me and continue to have over many Chivers (and Chivettes – which is kind of sexxxy….but is still wrong nonetheless!)

      Your days of manipulating me to post comments praising your humour, adoring your sweet sweet can, and reminding you why you're awesome and I'm not are OVER!

      #21 if you're reading this I think you're an awesome gal' with truly fantastic eyes – I would treat you like the Queen you are- if you have a BF he'd better treat you right, or I'll kill him.

      • Randy Gallegos

        so you complain about those that praise LG while looking like a pathetic geek trying to hit on some random girl that looks like she was face raped by a carebear?

    • fail

      Extremely lame.

      • BornAgainChiver

        I know.

        This is all I have in life.

        I am forever alone.

        • JohnandLeo

          Perhaps trolling is pathetic.

          But using their name to say the same shit you leave in every post?

          More pathetic.

          • JohnandLeo


          • Tits McGee

            agreed. somehow, trolling the trolls is even more pathetic.

            • Tits McGee

              But mymom had double shifts today at the truckstop – How would I stay busy?

              • Tits McGee

                Guess I'll stop going on The Chive and actually get a life, 'cause only losers visit this site for anything other than trolling.

                • Tits McGee

                  yet you are still here huh?

  • razor

    Beauty comes in all types. Believe that! Redheads, emo, fit, maybe a mix of all three. All I know is, I like women because bewbs.

    • truth

      True, beauty has many types but not ALL. The fat asses many here seem to adore are NOT beauty. Fat is not the new beauty, even if a majority of the people (men and women) have let themselves go.

  • jjlib89

    some very yes some very no!

  • MrMav

    need to see MOAR of #13 & #21

    • @CSmith0203

      There is more of 21 somewhere…A whole set. Can't remember where I saw it though. I'll post it if I find.

    • KyleGamgee

      I like boobies too.

    • pedobear
  • Ross Huddleston

    #19 that girl lives down the street from me. her name is Kiki Kannibal… she is a complete and utter bitch to everyone.

    • Slick123

      especially the raccoon she killed and plopped down onto her head!

    • TBM

      May be true, but she is still HOT!

      • Randy Gallegos

        do some googling. she has the legs of a 9yr old boy, so i guess if you're into that sorta thing…….. i prefer women that look like.. you know, WOMEN. not spray painted kids.

    • Emily rose

      seriously?? but she seems so nice in her videos!

    • Dan

      Her hairdresser must LOVE her. I bet she spends $500 a month on her hair.

  • Chunkz

    II Fucked a hooters in Amsterdam that looks just like #5

    • Chunkz

      *hooker, stupid auto-correct.

      • LineHog

        BS you probably have never set foot in Amsterdam.

        • Chunkz

          Oh, you're right, must have been a dream or something, my bad.

          • ddsadsa

            pics or it never happened, broskii.

            • Chunkz

              Haterz gunna hate…..

              • Ger

                Liars gonna lie.

                • FATBOY

                  And Chivers gonna Chive.

                  • steve

                    and life goes on…… tralalalalaaaaaaa

                  • The Chivery

                    And Chivers gonna Chive= And Retards gonna be Retarded.

                    Chive on!

      • Raunchy The 1st

        couldn't afford the full $4.99 for Lauren Gentile?

    • Jesse

      Cool story bro…

      • Chunkz

        Yeah, Amsterdam is an awesome's a respectable career over there, and there's any type of girl you want. Plus awesome munchy food which goes great with other stuff they have over there, my second favorite country next to germany.

        • FATBOY

          It may be a "respectable" career, but that doesn't makehaving to buy sex any less pathetic.

        • LuvH8fulChix

          Bragging about a hot hooker is like bragging about riding in a nice taxi. Its not yours, and anybody with a couple bucks can get in.

          • Mr. X

            And the comment of the day goes to…..

          • Chunkz

            It was cool though, I was just experiencing their culture….with my Dick…

    • HaHa

      That's not a girl, it's a trap!

  • Ateka

    Pretty sure most of them aren't legal. So… cute at best.

  • Mr_Zambu

    i dont find them attractive…

    • LuvH8fulChix

      Seconded. Give me a girl with a ponytail, glasses, and a labcoat.

    • truth

      then you are gay

      • Dick_Hammer

        Who's gay? The guy who doesn't find little kids dressed like retards attractive? or the one that likes a real woman?

    • DrkWngDck

      go back to china

  • HO11YWOOD303

    if it weren't for boobs, none of these girls would do it for me. Boobs

    • Do0zer


    • BruthaV


    • Tom Hones

      Guinness shits suck.

      • BentWrenches

        Yes,Yes they do

    • darrell

      I agree…boobs rule.

  • CBDeadman

    choices, choices. I'll take them all over and over again. Thanks Chive for making my morning a good morning.

  • Penrath

    #22 #12 #7 Good god…too bad they are between 14 and 17 years old. Where were they when I was in high school? oh..yeah.. we called them hippies….

    Pedobear approved…

  • laelow

    I think number 7 and number 5 are the winner's by a mile.
    #7 #5

    • @valorikx221

      So are those pierced nip nips

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