That’s one big, wild kitty you got there (11 Photos)

Cross-bred between a serval, an African wild cat, and a domesticated cat, this is the Savannah cat. They can weigh as much as 14 pounds. The personality of the Savannah cat differs from a hours can in that they are very loyal like dogs and can be walked on a leash.
The kitty isn't cheap though. A Savannah cat will set you back around $20,000.

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    Paula sucks

    • Major_Rocker

      That just made me lol

      • Paula_

        Me too! Me too!
        Anyone remember AOL?

        – "Paula is to Chivettes as DAR man is to awesome…"
        — LG –

    • Makes No Excuses

      i concur

  • n1ghtstalker

    ** This is not the pussy you are looking for… **

  • jason_in_pc

    i want one bad.

    • dub

      You know what's cooler than a super expensive cat?

      Any dog.

  • Adam

    savannahs do not cost 20k

    • calm

      Depends on the generation. F1 savannahs can be that expensive, while F4s and F5s are closer to $1k

      • aleXTC


      • Ctr

        Yep, my family had 2 of them. One was potty trained while the other would always mark his territory. Had to give them away in the end

    • Michael Ricketts

      yup….F1's can go for 22k

  • HillBilly Bone

    I'll have to pass. I can get a whole lot of bacon for $20K.

  • ...

    i think they are hypoallergenic

    • due_diligent

      I think that's the Ashera cat that's hypoallergenic?

      Maybe this one is too.

    • Dan

      Hypoallergenic pets are a myth! Look it up!

      • Kimmy

        Yup. If you wash your cat, it's less likely to cause you allergies. The less you wash it, the more you will have.

  • Casey

    Damn nature, you scary!!

    • max-pow

      nothing to do with nature….this is someone making this happen playing with genes and that shit

    • Johnny_Dizzle

      Gotta love a random family Guy reference….. 😀

  • fail

    i hope it eats one of the kids.

    • therealfail

      Fail "Guesty" Fail !!!!!

  • Whiskey Tango

    all fun and games until it goes ape shit and eats your kids.

    • sarcasm

      Truth. Never trust anything that is half wild animal and has claws

      • Maz

        I own a bengal, it's a half asian leopard cat half domestic cat, and it's still like a normal cat only ALOT smarter. Up there on loyalty with dogs. Plus I think it's funny how this cat is feared more than the dogs that are bigger and more vicious. That cat is very gentle because it was raised in a house. It acts like a family member instead of just a pet.

    • Maz

      That cat is not a damn tiger

  • Capitalsfan74

    It costs 20 grand to get a loyal cat, but you can get a dog that will stick with you until death for free at the ASPCA.

    • andfukyamoms

      $ 75 ADOPTION FEE

      • medtxpack

        i guess you found the receipt from when your mom got you?

    • SteelCityGuy

      Well said! Team allegiances aside, my favorite comment of the day.

      • _bigdeal

        true.. its really depressing in those places.. even if you cant adopt one, they let you go in there and play with the dogs and kitties if you want.. take the kids with you. its nice. they get food and are warm but need love!!

        not a fucking cat you BUY.

        completely fucking gay.

  • specv44

    #10 I want! I wish they could make miniature cats like they have miniature dogs… 😦

    • The_Dood

      Too bad that really changes the personality. That's why most small dogs are such pissy little ankle-biters.

    • CreepsAreForKeeps

      This post is about big cats. If your wish was granted and you got a miniature one of these big cats, I am pretty sure it would just be a cat.

    • Horn

      You mean just a domestic cat then? As a normal size cat would be a tiger or a lion….

      • specv44

        Both, a miniature tiger or lion would be awesome. But, a regular house-cat (domestic) that would stay the size of a kitten would be sweet too!

  • Jeremy D Warren

    think it will fetch if i throw Paula?

    • Paula_

      Your skinny ass is seriously unable to.

      – "Paula is to Chivettes as DAR man is to awesome…"
      — LG –

      • Bill57

        why cause you weigh 230kg?

      • steve

        lol….now I need to clean the coffee off of my lap top. Thanks a lot Paula

  • The_Marc

    #11 I never thought I'd EVER see $60,000 worth of pussy in my LIFE!!!

    • Waylon

      Get a wife, buy a house in the Southeast then divorce her. Have makeup sex.

    • dub

      Someday, I too hope to visit the Playboy Mansion.

      Though, I'm sure collectively they are worth quite a bit more.

  • Nate

    these cats can jump up to 8 feet in the air BADASS

    • GernBlansten

      Yup. You just have to shout "pull!!" first.

    • steve

      so can my penis

  • sparky

    "The personality of the Savannah cat differs from a hours can in that they…."


    • First Time Caller

      John is not the brightest of the bunch Sparky but I think it is meant to read "…differs from a house cat in that they…."

    • dubba

      should say "house cat". I think.

    • GernBlansten

      Autocorrect fail?

      Hours Can –> House Cat

    • maxis

      i think it's supposed to say "differs from a house cat"

    • Major_Rocker

      I think it's supposed to say "Horse Cock"

    • Meh

      WTF is "a hours can"?

  • ROK247

    more like 30lbs. my normal cat (yes a bit overweight) weighs 14 lbs.

    • Cyy

      i thought the same thing when i read that. i have a maine coon that pushes 15 and its not even a big male.

  • chris

    Savannah cats are extremely athletic too. They can leap 8' in the air from a sitting position.

    • chris

      See 0:44 of this video for proof.

  • Will

    Kill it! Kil it with fire!

  • disturbed

    And they love water. My In-Law have an F4. He's a beast. Can easily clear the 6' privacy fence without issue.

    • max-pow

      what's that a tornado??

  • Laura Bee

    "hours can"? try house cat. and reading what you wrote before posting, srsly

    • Major_Rocker

      "hours can"? Try "Horse Cock", Laura. srsly

    • Tom

      Revenge of Auto-Correct Part III

  • Stafferty

    Savannah Cat: The Filet Mignon of Chinese food

  • Maine

    If I came across these cats in my backyard they would be dead.

    Bob cats make great wallpieces.

  • Vanxidar

    awww the little girl is so adorable!
    the cat's meh

    • max-pow

      your comment is pedober approved

      • junior

        you're an idiot. grow the fuck up.

  • Wheelbarrow Cat

    I'd like to see these cats compared to normal humans not all these mini kids

  • Rose3191

    I want one…

    • dub

      Well hey there, Rose. I like your boob.

    • SteelCityGuy

      one what? I might be able to help you out 😉

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