Hump Day, with a side of ranch (52 photos)

  • Kodos

    Want to touch the hiney…..

    • Bill57

      Kate Upton

    • R-Dub

      Does anyone want to say she has a pancake ass now? Thought not.

      • IOEie

        in fact yes. the reason it doesn't look so flat in the second pic is because she's arching it out.

        • stfu's Dad

          yeah. and even then, it doesn't look like much.

          • its_forge

            Still not as dismal as Cameron Diaz's.

        • its_forge

          Knowing how to put a hard arch in your lower back does tend to make up for not having a major ghetto booty though.

      • Kyle McClung

        Flat ass

      • Quam-Foo

        she has a pancake ass. real talk.

        • asb

          that veronica vaughn is one piece of arse, trust me i know from experience

  • sniggi

    lol Jab comix dat ass #43

    • corwyn11

      What does he mean "was" why would one stop?

      • Suspect

        I figured he would say something like "then I married one and it got huge"

        • @valorikx221

          is that a part of a chocolate starfish I see?

    • saltytrey

      And then he fucked his mom.

      • Chris

        In tha pooper

  • argh


    • b-ry

      #1 needs to wash her feet. bad.

  • Kodos

    arrghh.. almost there!

    <falls out of chair>

    • Jewbacca

      and done

  • Dusty Pockets

    I want to go to there

  • Babaganoosh


    • babaganoosh

      to suck the dick of Paula`s dad.

    • truth


    • Kodos

      no you weren't..

  • OwnerOfYou

    #3 and #17 I wanna bury my face in either one of these… or both!

    • Scott

      #3 is Tripson the great. Some may be NSFW.

      • myk

        way tooo sweet – moar

      • Yep!

        She Likes Anal that's for sure. LOL!

    • Brandon AnyZesty

      And #17 is Tahiti Cora. Tripson and Tahiti both are NSFW

      • truth

        huge gross ass on that one. no thank you

        • jen

          fag. muhahaha

          • truth

            nice come back

            • BasS808

              LOL seriously I see this guy complain about every amazing ass posted here. he likes the bonny, hairy, noacitol, manly lookin asses.

            • Chris Hansen

              Truth, if he wanted come back, he would take it off your mother's face.

              • JROC

                can you please take a seat?

        • max-pow

          i rather have any of this than the "legs" in #8

        • jen

          sorry i just get territorial. cause i want all the dicks to myself.

    • Jordan
    • theGamepost
    • Yep!

      She is also #18

  • FeedTheTrolls

    #3 Near perfect gap

  • Jon Harris

    #7 #13 #27 One HUMP, Two HUMPS, Three HUMPS, MORE!

    • BOCO Kid

      How do you nicely tell the fat one you don't want her in the picture…hmmmmm

    • Jon Harris

      Fucked up the numbers. #40 #49 #12 #27

  • Htisss

    #7 Now that is a line up I would like to be a part of…

    • jeston23

      Be a part of? I'd have sex with them but each to their own.

  • misschris

    #33 So damn sexy!

    • The_Marc

      I'll drink to that!!

    • bull1123

      And that is the game ender right there!

    • PHILLYallDAY

      FIND HEERRRR!!!!!!!

    • thirtythree

      A little late to the party, but thank you very much!!. I am flattered – and honored to have been so well received despite not being a model or pr0nstar. 🙂

  • jordan

    in love with #16 and #39 love those glasses on girls

  • brent

    #33 glorious.

  • accidentero

    #3 bon appetit

    • mopmonkey

      That's a peach….

  • theonehodge

    #17 there's a video of it on Super tangas!! Mesmerising!

  • Stafferty

    #37 Que???

    • Major_Rocker

      #37 = Side of Ranch.

      • Stafferty

        Ah, I didn't finish reading the title before opening the post like a giddy child on Christmas. I only got through "Hump D" before clicking

      • FatMan

        #37 MOAR!

    • Steve

      #37's the side of ranch silly.

    • BSmike

      I love the angle shot of #5.. I think we need to issue a chivette challenge for best pic at this angle..

      • mopmonkey

        Agreed! Seconding that motion!

    • Jewbacca

      Awww crap #5 just got me punched by the wife

    • mopmonkey

      Yes,side of ranch…with CHIVES

  • TheBAMFinater

    Ahh, now to go to lunch.

  • mcsgwigga

    Hump day gives "desk pop" a whole new meaning . . .

    • Çreep

      thats a funny ass part in that movie.

    • tcuchiver

      desk pop…it's a real thing!

  • Andy

    god i love the internet!

  • jjj

    #3 for sure

  • Bryan

    #32 LOVE when my girlfriend wears these…

  • Late to the party

    I gotta go with #41

    • EdWood

      Gotta agree.
      Also #36.
      She will never strike out !

    • T_Bag

      Brazilian model Karina Flores. Google her w/o filters, you won't be disappointed.

      • its_forge

        A Brazilian girl with a beautiful bottom, what a surprise. = )

    • Ateka

      Agreed. I love smaller tush's like #9, #41 and #49

  • Is there a point

    what happened to chivettes and the next door girls on hump day? 95% of these are random models/ internet pic of girls who support the chive zilch.

    • obvious truth

      Like LG ,Dylan ,Erin or any other attention whore here gives a shit about the chive or the chivers. Its all about the free publicity bud. Atleast these chics are pretty and have nice humps. Fap and stfu.

      • Dylan

        If there’s anything that smacks of insecurity, it’s the guy who browses chive for fap material while openly denigrating its participants as being narcissistic whores to vent disappointment over his lonely failure of a life, sublimate his self-hatred or anonymously reveal his closeted misogyny.

        • Lotus

          Like it or not anyone who photographs themselves specifically with "The Chive" written on their body is an attention whore. I see you didn't even try to deny it in your post, instead you went to your thesaurus to flower up your insults.

          • its_forge

            LOL thesaurus. Those aren't even big words dude.

            • Lotus

              Unnecessarily wordy = annoying comment

      • MrButtterworth

        free publicity for what? it seems to me that they send in shots for the chive- are they getting paid or am i missing something? do you just hate attractive girls showing confidence? or you just like to run your mouth?

        • its_forge

          This!! As if they're going to cite TheCHIVE on their modeling portfolio or something. Which I'm like totally sure LG's modeling portfolio does her a whole lot of good at the Coast Guard. snerk

      • yesyouare

        obvious truth is an obvious cunt

        • Guesty


    • daniel

      hump day has always been a collection of ass from across the net. In fact, only in the last couple months have they included Chivettes at all. I think you'e looking for Sexy Chivers.

      Point is, hump day was never a next door girl or chivette event.

      • mark taper


        I have to say daniel is right. it also used to have just tons of ass reposts too, which has been cut back. we have such short memories.

    • JuJuBee

      Pretty humps are pretty humps.

      • its_forge

        Yes!! Zen master JuJuBee. Or in American English, "Shut up and look at the butts."

  • Nick_FTW

    #39 was my favorite, but you can't go wrong with any of them

  • penguin slayer

    Hump hump hurrah!

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