Firepower Afternoon Randomness (28 HQ Photos)

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  • Kodos


    • Rasczak


  • Dan

    #23 Wish I had that waiting for me.

  • cherry

    I want to know who put up #2!!!

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  • The Mad Zak


    Any USAF mechanics out there? Looks like the pilot kicked in the afterburners but only one engine worked. It looks like unburned fuel from one engine was shot out into the air and ignited by the other engine. Is this what happened?

    • Adam

      That's the airborne equivalent of hooning.

    • Vinny

      Actually, he's got both burners going and has then opened his fuel dump valve. A spectacular but very dangerous stunt that I am sure was frowned upon by the Safety Officer.

  • Jeremy

    Nope it's an Austalian F111 performing a DUMP and BURN display. They dump fuel out the back and ignite it with the After Burner. They used to do it all the time over sporting events and air shows. Unfortunately they have now retired the fleet and replaced them with Super Hornets while we wait for the new JSF.

  • Jesse Custer

    Shame. Always loved the sheer WTFness of the Aardvark and Raven.

  • elliott

    the FAP

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