As a practicing psychic I can assure you these women will have future lower back problems (38 Photos)

  • Dan

    #36 Love that angle. Too bad they cropped out her face.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      I think she's smoking.

      And I think she's smoking.

      • Dan

        Yeah, they can show almost bare boobs but they can't show someone with a cigarette in their mouth.

    • PianoFingers

      This is actually weird. Of all places on the internetz, go HERE to see the full pic:

      • MM2334

        Nice investigative reporting, I don't know what I would have done if that mystery went unresolved.

      • jrey81

        how the hell did dig up that thread? well done, sir!

        • PianoFingers

    • CloseButNotReally

      Maybe her face was cropped because she's……how u say…..a donkey's anus?

    • dmj

      this is art no?

  • Mr.brightside

    Gotta love em

    • hassssss

      almost all these chicks have fake tits. i hate that shit. even if they're fucking a cup they look better and feel better.

      • Raunchy The 1st

        100% agree.

  • @theterryburke

    Where`s LG ? I cant Fap without her pics !! You are my goddess LG and am your loyal servant.

    • Paula_

      This guy impersonating others is boring as hell.

      – the one you love to hate

      • Paula

        No am not.

        – The one who is a chive employee.

      • _Paula

        Yes you are

      • Juan Juan

        really? he sounds just like the real thing……

    • Moagw

      I'd like to know myself..

  • the brain

    MOAR ! Find Her ! FIRST ! Seems Legit = Retards

    • A BiPolar Guy

      These women have huge breasts, therefore your argument is invalid. Also I have a picture of a rabbit with a pancake on it's head. Don't make me use it.

    • cincy o

      forgot "LOL"

  • Mel Gibson

    #17 is so hot

    • Luke


    • GernBlansten

      I would love to see more pinup style shots.

      • Mel Gibson

        I have to say I am a sucker for the pinup style

    • Trey_Shacksit


  • Dan

    #8 The one in the pink bikini is gorgeous!

    • Ben

      pretty obvious don't ya think? It's FLBP.. I don't think the one in the black bikini fits in this section.

    • Da Sandman

      and fake..

    • hMMMM

      Are you blind??? She looks like a straight hippo.

      • kieran

        not only are you a asshole, but your a idiot as well. please dont reproduce.

        the only thing i was wondering was her age.

    • Fredrik

      Find her PLEASE! =)

    • Josh

      #8 Is Hampton Beach, NH

  • MrMav

    would have been first post but took ages to get past #16

    • Roscoe

      Agreed. I'm never one to cry "Moar", but if I were, this would be the reason.

  • Speedy

    Whoever said anything more than a handful is a waste = idiot ….

  • Illicit-Weaponry

    #20 If every chick on earth had a body like that……there would be no wars.

    • Eric

      name plz

      • miles.v

        Ewelina Olczak

        • Eric

          god bless you and ewelina, thanx 🙂

    • Bruce Rineer

      Or a lot more wars

      • junior

        my thoughts exactly…

    • ASH

      If every chick on earth had a body like that…I'd be chafing



  • Pat Overton

    I wanna lick their anus.

  • bbqboobs

    #1 #15 #16 #21 #27 I like boobs. A lot.

    • Adam West

      Is it just me, or does #27 look a little like she has downs syndrome?

      • echogeo

        More like "Go Down" syndrome.

      • its_forge

        Her nom de voyage is Ryonen, which implies an Asian parent or grandparent. Hegre lists her as being a student in Portland, Oregon.

      • Steveystevesteve

        I will not insult you because I am sure you are the real Adam West and are therefore awesome regardless of your taste in women. That girl though…. just day-um. Day. Um.

    • Gern Blanston

      God Bless #21 *construction guy whistle*

      • Ballsy

        Gemma Atkinson

      • patov40

        Concur. All around beauty.

    • Brandon

      yeah…27 still belongs in a WTF gallery. sorry but shes not hot at all…even with one of those "good personalities" or whatever

    • Pappy

      Her name is Ryonen.

  • eclipze

    Are you sure this is SFW ? I'm gonna have to look at this post again when Ima home! lol

  • bbqboobs

    #15 Does anyone know the name of this girl, or where I can find the full video? I need it for, uh, research…

    • Smitty

      FLBP? Check.
      Burnt Bra? Check.
      Things that bounce? Check.


  • accidentero

    Everything is fine now!

  • travis

    #9 nice

    • LL DA T

      That's Alice Goodwin, Prob NSFW though. Enjoy

      • Nate

        damn…a google image search alone is enough to work with for a half hour or so….solid chicky

      • Heypal

        where's the link?

  • bgon

    Who is number 6?? Yes please!

  • SockMoney17

    #2 #6 #7 #18 Smokers

    • Guse

      Wow. Most people around here don't admit to thinking JWOWW is hot.

      • Birdhaus32

        I wouldn't kick her out of bed but she's still trashy. Probably the least trashy out of the douches on that show but that's like saying you're the smartest kid at the special olympics

    • Yep!

      JWoWW is very Hott!

    • hMMMM

      #6 will fuck you up.

      • JOHN

        Feed me number 6

      • bdg

        Only if i'm really lucky!!!!

  • woolanoow

    ohhh shit! … be back in 5!

  • Fabio

    #27 MOAR please
    #7 fake

    • Jeff

      #27 with arms down at
      You're quite welcome!

      • Dan

        You just got some good karma! Thanks!

      • Jeebus

        You are a gentleman and a scholar. ALL HAIL THE JEFF! ALL HAIL THE JEFF!

      • its_forge

        Thanks hommes, she's exquisite.

      • iskra9

        fabulous .. tnx …

  • Paula_

    Well for most of them it's their own damn fault if they have lower back problems, isn't it?

    – the one choosing not to have surgery

    • Bill57

      as much as being boring is your's

    • Nelson Haha

      Get a life Paula, stop being lame.

    • rellytho

      I can't hear what you are saying Paula, all these giant boobs in my face are making too much noise!

    • Lotus

      Agreed, a lot of them look disproprotionately top-heavy. It is possible to have FLBP and an hourglass figure Chive…

  • mattheadface

    best FLBP in a long time, if not ever

  • AkisGeo

    Skinny girls with huge boobs are Gods idea of showing off. Well played sir…

    • Malkintosh22

      Probably more Dr. Smith's idea of showing off. If you catch my drift.

      • Dr. Smith

        Yes, you're right.

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    My favourite picture is the one with the hot girl in.

    • Jeff

      I see what you did there.

    • patov40

      That sir, is funny. B)

  • beargrylls

    #16 is lovely , we need to find! i would love to see more of her!

    • Paula_

      Aw c'mon, you're only in to her because of the color of her top.

      – the one you love to hate

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