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  • Thor_Youngblood

    The photo showing the bond between felled Navy SEAL Jon Tomlinson and his dog Hawkeye has captured the attention of the Web.

    The soldier was one of 38 killed in Afghanistan on Aug. 6 when a rocket-propelled grenade took out a U.S. Chinook helicopter. He was mourned at a service in Rockford, Iowa, attended by 1,500 family members and friends, and Tomlinson's loyal canine companion.

    The Labrador retriever was such an important part of Tomlinson's life that the San Diego resident called his dog "son."

    When Tomlinson's friend Scott Nichols walked to the front of the room to give his eulogy, Hawkeye followed. As Nichols spoke, Hawkeye dropped to the ground at the foot of the casket and, according to observers, heaved a big sigh. The loyal pooch would not leave his owner's casket during the funeral.
    The heart-breaking photo above was taken by Tomlinson's cousin and posted on Facebook, where it quickly went viral. She wrote on her Facebook page, "To say that he was an amazing man doesn't do him justice. The loss of Jon to his family, military family, and friends is immeasurable."

  • Kodos

    Fuck the enviroment!

  • Rodrigo

    #12 thats mexican aircraft!!! drugdealers have to evade those babies hell yeah!

    • Awesome helo

      unfortunately they still do

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  • TitoRigatoni

    #24 Don't those shiny glasses pretty much defeat the purpose of your face camo?

    • Where's the Salt?

      not if you're a boot . . .

  • thatGuy

    #28 Noice!!

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