$2.6 mil and you get a jet-fighter with wheels (19 HQ Photos)

This is a Spanish creation called the Tramontana. It cost around $2.6 million dollars which gets you a twin turbo V12 that rips out 760hp. I'm not saying it's a great daily driver but it looks fun enough, till you crash.

  • http://lawsonmahoney.com lawsonmahoney

    Now I'm not trying to say that this car is probably amazing, but lets look at this in a realistic aspect. 2.6 mil? And you get what? A car that looks strangely like a bug, and only 760 HP? 760 HP is great and all, but for 2.6 mil? That is a million dollars more than a Bugatti Veyron! A Bugatti Veyron!!!

  • alex

    The girl is included in the price.

    • Bill57

      I would hope more then one girl

  • daniel

    The Bugatti when purchased in the united states only has around 500 usable HP. It has a dual key system and the 2nd key is not allowed to be given to a US owner. You are paying 1 mil for half of what it is. Granted, this is considerably more but it is also considerably different than the Bugatti. This is basically a street legal F1 car. The Bugatti is not.

    • http://lawsonmahoney.com lawsonmahoney

      Even if that were true, which it isn't, this is still ridiculous. 2.6 mil? Just buy the personal Lotus F1 team.

  • Gabriel

    Formula 1 design, awesome but 2.6m hmmmm not sure.

  • Tyrone Shulaces

    Daniel, I don't know where you get your facts, but that is the dumbest claim I've ever heard.

    The second key changes the top speed, by lowering the rear spoiler and removing the ECU rev limiter in top gear. You still get the full 1001 horsepower, just up until 180 mph instead of 256.

    The only people driving a Veyron over 180 mph are racing it, and if you can afford to race that car, I'm sure you can afford to get a second key from Bugatti directly.

  • Jacob Scott

    You do not get the full 1001 HP with out the second key.

  • miscellaneous

    well that's just crazy

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