Animals that don’t suck (30 Photos)

  • OneClownShoe

    #25 Eat the food, Tina!

    • Malkintosh22

      I lost my shit on this comment. laugh out loud

  • ICUP

    #19 = Snoop Dogg

    • Shockwave

      More like "Go get the stash! Good doggie!".

      • gUY

        ICUP's comment was a lot funnier.

    • colombianchiver

      scumb-bag greg pet

      • chooch

        good guy greg…. scum bag steve.

  • Illicit-Weaponry

    #30 that dog is half boa constrictor

    • anaition

      Om nom nom

  • Nathan

    #9 Weed angel

    • Allen

      Thought that was cat litter, but that makes sense too.

    • ZombieBootParty

      It is catnip. If you think that is weed you should find a new source.

      • Nathan

        ever since Samson got busted…

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #30 well theres your problem

  • bbqboobs

    #1 Always going for the Puss– well, you know.

    • Bill57

      dog has great insticts

      • thisisbennett

        Girl has great butt

  • Scouse

    #9 – Catnip has never been so awesome!

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      "Brian! Did…did you know this table was here?…..It's sooooooo comfortable!…."

  • dirk diggums

    The ONLY time I think cats are cute are on these posts

    • 277Volt

      Amen. Don't hate cats, just a total dog guy.

  • Makes No Excuses


    Laser cat fears no man

  • robber

    #14 come at me bro

    • Teresa Rebecca Cunningham

      He's just aching to give someone a swirly.

  • SamM

    Always good to look at these and realize that my cat isnt retarded

  • Andres


    "not sure if serious"

  • Machinist

    #16 Guilty dog is guilty!

  • g3nXsLack3r

    #9 – 'Nip is a helluva drug.

    • Bill

      Not even once.

  • Le Andre Raymundo Gandy

    "never get high on your own supply"

  • Teresa Rebecca Cunningham

    #4, #28
    Man squirrels' make out with anybody.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Just grab their nuts and they'll do anything.

  • katerina zoi

    #22 haters gona hate

  • Steamboat Willie

    Fun fact Nolan Ryan was the Snow Monkey Ambassador for the State of Texas.

  • Dashete

    #3 Must be cool seeing everything in 3D

    • gUY

      everything is 3D, bro. 0_0

  • SushiMutilator

    #21 death from above fail

    • altair

      Not fail…assassin cat times it perfectly

  • Logan

    I was all like #10
    and she was all like #15

  • NebraskaGuy

    #13 "Haha Bob, that was a great one!"

  • Taylor

    #22 – Bitch im Faaabbbulooouuss

  • krazyki

    #19 I wanna hang out with

    • Capt Obvious

      That dog would hence forth be known as Nugget around here. Or BUDdy.

      • hMMMM

        Yorkies are not dogs, they are rats.

  • bkfrijoles

    #16 Poor Doogy

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