Welcome to Hump Day! (58 photos)

  • Verbal_Kint

    Gayest again!!

    • https://www.facebook.com/StevenLazo Steven Lazo

      100th downvote. I win.

  • its time

    awesome as always

    • http://facebook.com/daaneskjold Chazz_B

      The Hump selection is improving a lot , this post is incredible

  • Lady observer

    Start wacking off now boys…. seems like all you "chivers" are good for. Maybe you should be called "wackers" or just plain ol' "jerk offs"? I mean you seem to take such pride in it.

    • Nerfherder

      Thanks for permission. Not that any of us needed it.

      • Oberver of Ladies

        Post your hump and I'll wack to that… Take the dildo our of your ass first honey. Please remember, you are here too!

    • http://www.facebook.com/csmith0203 Clint Smith


      • yep

        Give her a break…she's a bitch, not a spelling expert.

    • Dunny_

      In the words of the late, great Jerome "Curly" Howard.
      "I resemble that remark!"

      btw I think it's *whacking and *whackers

      • patov40

        "Yuck, yuck, yuck….." xD


      "wackers?" how does one wack it? Oh, you mean masturbate. Yes, I masturbate on a daily schedule. It's like shaving or eating bacon for breakfast. I apologize if you're bitter because the gents at theChive didn't post your hump ( or did they? #33) however, don't be such a total cunt and seek out negative attention. next time eat your salad and skip dessert. For the future, every one jerks off, nothing to be ashamed about. If this was a nude site, I'd understand slightly with your argument.

      • truth

        what a douche (directed to you Fins)…. give the "lady" room for an opinion already

        • tomchalm

          if you don't have anything nice to say. Don't say anything at all.

        • WHAT!!

          Really? So she can have an opinion, but fins, can't. hmmm… sounds like monkey shit!!

          • WHAT!!

            Sorry tom, that was directed towards *truth*

        • FINS DELI

          • http://twitter.com/cscarbs @cscarbs


      • Lady observer

        wow… you really are proud that you are reduced to pleasuring yourselves…. astounding

        attack me all you want, but you're the ones putting your "private monkey business" out there for all to see and opine on, you sad little, furry handed excuses for representatives of the male species

        i've observed and I haven't enjoyed the "chivers" so I'm gone. Have a nice day.

        PS – i don't even need to tell you to all go fuck yourselves as you seem to do that quite voluntarily

        • http://twitter.com/cscarbs @cscarbs

          thumbs up for having moxie.

          • bobsky

            Yeah…it takes a lot of moxie to troll doesn't it? Stupid statement of the day award goes to you.

            • http://twitter.com/cscarbs @cscarbs

              Haha. Thank you. I would try and explain my "stupid" statement but then I remembered I don't care what you think. Have a good one!

              • Cabbage

                Moxie is a fantastic beverage.

        • yeo

          caught your hubby fucking a hotter, younger chivette huh?

        • truth


          I'm just not sure who to laugh at more, Lady or the jerk offs

        • suomynona

          Ass pimples suck.

        • http://www.facebook.com/ranDgallegos Randy Gallegos

          this is like gong into the mens lockerroom and not liking what you find. head over to TheBerry if you want a slice of awesome pie without all the testosterone filling.

        • You mad bro?

          Lady observer,

          I get that you have a right to your opinion and all, but to put it simply, fuck off. It's pretty obvious, based on ALL the chivettes, that other ladies are enjoying themselves perfectly fine. Not too mention, theChive posts way more than just chivettes. (Consult the homepage, dumbfuck)

          And last, but certainly not least, I really am terribly sorry you caught your husband "wacking" to a picture of a girl half your age on theChive, which is probably the reason you're here in the first place. I don't find myself "wacking" to pictures on here, but hey I'm not here to judge.

          • another girl

            once again, the chive proves to be full of douche bags

            • ZombieBootParty

              Mirror, mirror on the wall…….

              • Ed Wood

                way to prove her point.

            • You mad bro?

              I'm sorry the joke offended you. Then again, there will always be another girl.
              You catch that?

            • patov40

              Oh wait, found her! B)

          • truth

            way to stay classy "bro"

        • suomynona

          Remember Lady, cucumbers are for eating!

        • patov40

          Dang, I miss the cunt already….. 😥

          • truthie

            if you did, it would undoubtedly be the first that you didn't have to pay for

            you are simply immature, classless and likely full of self-loathing

            • patov40

              The only loathing I have is for internet trolls, and the "truthie" about them is that they are the true attention whores around here. Have a nice day! 🙂

              • truthie

                whatever mr. classy

        • its_forge

          Oh get the fuck over yourself and go somewhere else for Christ's sake.

        • TRON


        • Keith
          • fellow chiver

            best reply ever

            make them work for it

        • http://twitter.com/cscarbs @cscarbs

          It seems more people are here more for the chance to argue with total strangers rather than enjoy the humps. Seriously people, pop a brewsky and sit back and enjoy, there's enough strife in the world already.

      • Nique

        @Fins Deli you just made me bust out laughing at work, i'm literally in tears… boy did I need that

    • Maynard B.

      No one is making you stay here. Go find something to do with your life.

    • HumanDynamo

      Sweetie-When's the last time you got some?

      • 0192837465

        wow i cant believe i just read 23 replies to that comment, wow

    • http://twitter.com/cscarbs @cscarbs

      jealous much?

      • wow

        you sir, are proving yourself to be an dick… well played

    • Molteninjabob

      Sounds like somebody who needs a good orgasm herself.

    • Lady response

      As a lady that frequents the chive I have nothing against hump day or any of the sexy lady pics. The chive is a community of people that are openly sexual but are also interested in the many other posts you see on the chive. If you have no appreciation for that culture then you might want to find another site that suits your lifestyle.

      • You mad bro?

        Fuck you too whore.

        if you aren't showing your tits or ass, who needs you?

        • Lady response

          Cussing at someone sticking up for you, you are officially a jack ass

          • Guesty

            Some might say he's just a chiver….

            • truth

              preach on! you haven't gotten more backlash probably because the jerks are all jerking! haha

              • You mad bro?

                Fuckin' bitch stole my name! Trying to make me look bad. At least try and make a joke you dumb fuck. Lame

                • JHarris

                  hey "bro" – sounds like you got owned dbag (or more likely you're making up excuses)

      • Nique

        @Lady response… thats why I love all my chivettes, beautiful and educated!!!

    • Ed Wood

      post of the day.

    • Socrates

      To the original poster. If women had a site full of naked men, and self pleasured while looking at it I wouldn't have a problem with that. Being attracted to the opposite sex and the feeling of arousal we get from it, is one of the joys of being alive. There's nothing sinister about it as long as it isn't degrading, which none of these pictures are. They're pretty tasteful actually. What is sinister is all the sexism comments that came out of the woodwork. There's no reason to call someone a cunt because they have a difference of opinion. If you secretly hate women maybe you need to see a shrink and talk about your mother.

      • Chick

        So well said. Many of these post just say true to the original comments that many are assholes. It gives other people enjoying this site a bad reputation as if they are all sexist pigs. If you only look at woman as sex symbols and nothing else then I agree you need help. I guess having sites that woman volunteer to show themselves doesn't help foster against the hyper-sexualization of woman in our society. However to each their own.

      • Norm Abram

        You are AWESOME. Thanks Socrates for the wisdom you have bestrode on us this evening. However, Fins was right on calling "her" a cunt. She was being one. We all found her extremely disagreeable. I doubt he should take to a shrink or talk to his mommy for calling a women a cunt. You sir, are a fucking retard. However your opinions are your own, and you have ever right to say what you will. Same goes for everyone, keep that in mind. We don't need you're Intro to Psych 101 freshman know it all opinions on life and people you dont know. You can sit behind your computer, sucking the life out of everyone around you with your bullshit ideas, but we can all assume you don't have the balls to be someone other than a guy who scrolls down these pages and spouts bullshit. Get a life, man. Really. Did you read that cun.. oops, I mean lady's post? She was bound to get called a name or two. She is a negative person, who is pry just like your sorry sackless ass. You two cunts should hook up and bump ugly's. Anyway, you are a fucking tool.

        • truthie

          you mad bro?

        • Chick

          Fuck you. Such an asshole. You just proved the point of all who say chive is a haven for dicks, trolls , and remarkably unhappy people. Fuck you fuck you fuck you. Another "chivette" lost.

          • LOST & FOUND

            Until DAR at least….

          • Norm Abram


            • THE WORLD

              ENOUGH ALREADY. Norm, you ARE a douche. Stop proving her point and just stop.

              • Norm Abram

                Cunt rag.

                • Zach Morris

                  Awesome! You da maaan.

  • DemonDan

    #13 made me thirsty

    • truth

      mighty nice

    • R2G Fan

      Made my day.

    • _alex

      the ASS CRACKen was released!

      • gus

        #13 made me want to slip her one

    • Perrvert

      I wanna smell her left pinkie

  • Nerfherder

    Epic post Chive. Thank you.

    • MAX_POW

      I'm gonna have to disagree…I've seen better Hump Days…This one started supreme, but was falling like a castle of cards….Its Ok, but not Epic…sorry

      • The_Dood

        Yeah, if they'd cut it off at 33 (I intentionally left the number out so you didn't have to look at the picture) and included #34 in it's place, this would've been the best hump day post I've ever seen.

        • MAX_POW

          agreed sir

  • JHarris

    Whew. I was worried it might be a Thursday post.

  • anon

    #22 Holy shit

    • NaNaNaMatmaN

      TOP SHELF!

    • R2G Fan

      A+++++ Would lick again.

    • Lev

      I have the [most perfectly normal] boner right now.

    • MrButterworth


      • http://www.facebook.com/ranDgallegos Randy Gallegos

        not dylan sorry. her pics are a little more original usually.

        • Dylan

          Mr Butterworth is correct – it is me.

          Someone else sent it in though (from tumblr), because I didn't –

          not sure if they are claiming credit for it.. but here is original: http://i.imgur.com/lyOcI.jpg =/

          • james

            first post – I think I speak for the world when I say 'holy shit'

          • http://facebook.com/daaneskjold Chazz_B

            Dylan, i take my hat off for that incredible tush. I won't stand up and applaud, because… no lol

          • Jsmooth

            WILL YOU MARRY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is yours? That is the most perfect thing I have ever seen!

          • PianoFingers

            Thank you very much! Even better in HQ

    • The_Dood

      Quite possibly the most perfect ass I've ever seen. This is the only thong pic I've ever seen that I didn't think would look better with a different cut of panties. I just wanna lie down and use this for a pillow.

      • Spyder_V

        My thoughts exactly!

    • its_forge

      Dear This Woman's Parents,

      Thank you for having excellent chromosomes.

      Love, TheChive

      • This Woman's Parents

        who asked you??? fuck off troll

        • its_forge

          Please oh mighty powers that be let this person get terminal crotch rot.

  • Bob

    #23 #31 Please!

    • afd


    • TXn


    • Birdhaus32

      Thank you for posting #23 bc that is perfect in all the right places. Love me them corn fed girls.
      And did anyone else think #28 should have been in FLBP and not Hump Day?

      • heypal

        28 is what is known as a "win/win"

    • freak

      you got good taste men

    • PianoFingers

      #23 is Catherine Deee. Yes, that's a triple e. You're welcome.

      • hMMMM

        that's not even fair…WOW WHAT BUTT

  • truth

    #2 #47 yummy

  • Vantastic


    • NebraskaGuy


    • EasternCanuck

      Now that's an EPIC ass…

      • giggitygiggitygoo

        Agreed! FIND HER NOW

        • Barry McKokkinner

          I've been on holidays and therefore binge chiving but OH…MY…GOD…that is a fantastic ass. MOAR please! I third the motion.

        • anon

          catherine deee

    • santia

      kari sweet?

    • http://twitter.com/HarlemsFinest7 @HarlemsFinest7

      That arse is Boss!!!

  • http://thechive.com um_yeah

    #13… Lil lower… just a lil bit plz!!

    • itswasobvious

      Google Porn dumbass.

  • JHarris

    #23 God Bless the Navy!

  • sheriff

    if i had to choose 1 i'd go for #12, but(t) they're all awesome. especially the ones submitted by our chivettes

    • The Dutch

      Why u choose this skinny girl and no chivette?

      • truth

        Why can't you write proper English?

        By the way, the "skinny girl" is hot, if that answers your question.

      • sheriff

        got a thing for long skinny legs… and those (thanks to photoshop) are close to perfection, incl the bit of gap that is left

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    "#9, number 9, number 9, number 9…"

    -John Lennon

    • TheWalrus

      !!! I was going to post something very much the same! Excellent choice sir!

    • jpp407

      we have a winner indeed.

    • Will13

      hell yes

    • http://twitter.com/HarlemsFinest7 @HarlemsFinest7

      She definitely killed it.

  • Kyle

    I love hump day! #35

  • theonehodge

    #4 Don't worry you don't have to beg…

    • Orch

      Worst Tattoo ever

      • Hammer_Pants

        Agreed, Orch. Especially because in ten years, it will have gone from "pretty please" to "pretty terrible."

    • R2G Fan

      Yes…yes I will.

    • Chaco

      I think it's supposed to be 'Pretty Please' … with the sugar on top. 😉

  • http://www.facebook.com/schepenssam Sam Schepens

    #23 can never have enough reposts!

  • Ziplab

    i feel better already….

  • wkdfrog

    #4 Tramp Stamp has been out Tramped

    • The_Dood

      I don't know, if the tramp stamp said insert penis here with an arrow downward, it might qualify for a tramp-off.

  • misschris

    Wow a lot of favorites here. #8 has curves like a figure 8

    • truth

      looks kinda fat to me

    • JDB

      You should put up a post on some chivettes if that is your pic…

    • chiverMike

      That's a great hump….that booty a freak.

    • 83jisa898

      show your tits misschris!

    • León Felipe

      That's a fine piece of dominican tush right there!

  • http://theberry.com/ walkingtheriver

    #22 Perfection!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=526770996 Jay Hernandez

      #22 always love me some g strings on the booty makes it a challenge taking them off with my teeth grrrrrr

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    #13 #14 #15
    Nice trifecta!

    • been Sweden'd

      you nailed it, these 3 are TOP pics. Just perfect humps.

  • Dane

    #33 … FIND HER!!!!

    • giggitygiggitygoo

      the one on the left of coures

    • Master_Rahl

      THAT kind of jiggly = bad

    • Rukus

      She's just getting a glimpse of her future.

    • Tired Chive is tired

      Now, where's all those idiots who like chicks who eat cheeseburgers? "a little extra cushion" they say. Well there you go. There's your wet dream.

      • Dodith

        Don't be daft guys. She's clearly an older woman!

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #23 best upskirt of the season. ships ahoy!
    #31 sweet jesus shes hot!

    • Master_Rahl

      dammit, I thought that was a nurses outfit. ah, clearly I was distracted.

  • daved

    #22 dat ass! I like it!

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