Some of the best art in the world is on the streets (30 Photos)

  • Jesse

    That's how I roll #19

    • Chesty Laroo

      they see me rollin', they hatin'.

  • dave

    Well f-me in the arse and call me Josie. That's some fine art!

    • Poontangler

      #29 – You know how I know you're gay?

  • Stafferty

    Vandalism, since it is not done for profit or recognition, is the purest form of art in the world.

    This about that the next time you are taking a shit in a public restroom.

    • Fuhrer Montag

      "Vandalism"..nothing more then such

    • Ha.Ha.

      Vandalism IS done for recognition…

      • Stafferty

        For the most part it isn't. Otherwise everything would have a signature, and we would know Banksy's real identity.

        • Hammer_Pants

          And yet we seem to know Banksy's work when we see it, despite not knowing his "real identity." Artists have long used pen names, or stage names, or what have you, and we still know them and their work.

          • vegeta

            banksy rarely signs his work, you can just tell it is his by the style

          • walt

            Banksy is a team of people that "keep his identity secret"

        • That Guy

          10 Most Overrated Artists of the Decade, # 6 Banksy

          Yes, Robin Gunningham's provocations are hilarious visual one-liners. No, when Banksy has an army of publicists constantly working the media to reinforce his rebel stret cred, he is not a rebel, he is a cog in the machine, but hey, manufacturing rebellion is as American as apple pie and doing it on the streets of Blighty with a camera crew is practically Hollywood, so keep that pose as long as you can, you harmless middle-aged pseudohooligan you.

    • ZachBob

      this about that = think about that?

      • Spelling Police Capt

        Good work rookie

  • ......

    #13 would geek me out

    • Master_Rahl

      along with #11 & #12
      awesome optical illusions.

  • will

    Imagination is more important than knowledge ….. perfect.

    • MAX_POW

      I am soryy will, but that is BS.

      • Jules

        Original quote by Albert Einstein…
        Knowledge could not exist without imagination, and imagination could not exist without knowledge.

        • MAX_POW

          i agreed with Albert, but not with will….there is a difference in what he said….you see it right?

          • Jules

            (Facepalm)…Might help to fully read the comment before defending it :p Void previous comment… Derp.

            • will

              yeah ment the art itself was perfect not the butchered quote

  • Nick_FTW

    #9 is awesome

    • Jim


  • theAdventuresOfJim

    #2 is pretty genius

  • jrey81

    any idea where #5 ?

    • Ha.Ha.


  • bill bill

    #15 Sweet Jesus!

  • doublemeat


  • AssClown

    #25 Mmmm, yeah, I wouldn't consider this one as "art". A blind midget on a skateboard busy humping his own hand could've made better "art"…

    • timmy

      For the record, AssClown- It was a blind midget on a Razor. Everyone knows sk8bdrs can't paint.

    • MAX_POW

      Yeah, but none of those had the idea to do it.

    • Poontangler

      Don't be so bitter Ronald. Some of your minimum wage executives will clean it up, no worries.

  • MacNCheesePro

    #28 Is that Tupac?

    • Radu Răducu


    • Amanda

      It's Troy Anthony Davis. He is scheduled to be executed Sept 21 despite overwhelming evidence of his innocence. Please read into his story and sign this petition to stay his execution!!

    • Amanda

      It's Troy Anthony Davis. He is scheduled to be executed Sept 21 despite overwhelming evidence of his innocence. Please read into his story and sign this petition to stay his execution!!

  • ComeAtMeBro

    #1 should be a t-shirt.

    • gulfvet

      Art, huh? Three of the men in the original photo by Rosenthal never made it home to see their families or friends. The Battle on Sulfur Island claimed the lives of 26,000 brave men, and the iconic photo represents their courage and sacrifice. The accounts by the men who survived often tell of their friends, Americans, in their final moments screaming for their mothers; to quote Flags of Our Fathers (which you should read, judging by your comment) "they're killing me, mom!"
      Not cool at all, bro.. But hell, who knows? Maybe in 65 years it will be "cool" to depict 9/11 in the same light.

      • listenlady

        You know this is a comedy sight, right? I'm sure the dude you're repremanding wasn't aware of any of that so ne need to be an arrogant jerk.

  • reme

    #2 Soooo, if I IMAGINE a salary raise…..

    • TitoRigatoni

      It would do as much good as THINKING about one.

    • Bill57

      he said imagination, not fantasy lol

  • Coldzilla

    People with talent piss me off

    (And once again, note to deleted4371007 and kidc – Im being SARCASTIC 😉 )

    • Bill57

      we are all talented in one way or another, just we have to search for it more then others

  • Semper Fi

    #1 is a complete disrespect of our Marine Corps and the person who did it should be shot. TAKE IT DOWN!!

    • TiminPhx

      No,it's what the typical gutless type who wants to appear "edgy" and chic wants to wear.

      And it's so fashionable to hate McDonalds of course. And this from the same people who love their beer, their drugs, their pizza, and you know eat the hell out a Big Mac as well.


    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Must try harder.


      It is commenting on the United States commercialization of the entire world. It is in no way disrespectful to me or anyone else I am serving with.

      • Semper Fi

        U must be in the army, marines dont like to be fucked with this way. We dont react well to such.

        • Vlad

          Do all marines get offended at every irrelevant thing, and demand it's removal, Or is it just you?

          • Semper Fi

            It's just me

            • Average Chiver


    • BOBBO

      All the military has done on foreign ground for the last 60 years is build up third world countries to the point of being able to build a McDonalds in every city.

      Seems pretty accurate to me.

      • Semper Fi

        Oo and give you the right to say such on the internet "in english"…..your welcome.

        • Military supporter

          Although I respect the military and everything they have done, your comments alone are an insult to you and "your" Marines. This is one of the reasons you go and fight for. It is a freedom of expression. If you don't believe in what you fight for, then why enlist?

          • Semper Fi

            It definitly was not to be derespected. I enlisted to help those in need and to protect you but come on, how is this saying thanks. It is just plain wrong no matter how you look at it. You are just as ignoite as most of the youth in America. If you are such a supporter than join.

            • Vlad

              Most of the marines who fought at Iwo Jima, didn't enlist. I just thought you should know.

              • Semper Fi

                Teens lied about their age to enlist during that time, where are you getting your info wikipedia.

                • Altair

                  Semper Fi…….hmmmm…….Can't tell if trolling……Or just stupid

                • Vlad

                  Yeah…Uh, no…. While some lied about their age to enlist, the majority of military members who served in WWII were drafted…..most people know this…..but…then again….seeing as how you enlisted in the marines, I can't say I'd expect you were " edjukated too good back in skool"

            • OIJW

              Jimi Hendrix pretended he was gay to get out of military service. must not be all that.

    • Semper Fi

      It has been taken down and I have no other issues. I always Keep Calm and Chive On except when it comes to my brothers and sisters who have died defending our great nation. Semper Fi

      • Vlad

        I demand it be put back up. Just because your retarded ass got offended, doesn't mean it shouldn't be displayed.

        • The Impaler


      • BOBBO

        Removing Chive from my bookmarks bar because this picture was removed.

    • Michael JT Knox

      Freedom of speech huh… Dissapointed in Chive for taking this down, as soon as a fucking soldier gets offended you take shit down, come on be real….

  • hMMMM

    #10 one of these does not belong

  • NebraskaGuy

    #28 Still the most clever – I like this one a lot 🙂


    forgot to post the source again chive.

  • Reverend Truck

    #11 I don't get it… is it the words "Stunt City" written on the building? I guess that's kinda cool, but it doesn't really — OH GOD

  • Kwaker76

    A large proportion of them are obviously photoshopped….

  • Wolfpack

    #30 NC State campus??

    • Ranorian

      I think it might be, near the Free Expression Tunnel. Looks familiar, anyway.

      • Wolfpack

        It's got to be it. Those blue recycling trash cans were all over the place when I was there.

  • Andrew

    #24 is amazing! Anyone know where it’s at??

  • Quentin

    #18 So that's where I lost my watch

  • John

    J Beevs is a true pioneer…. where's banksy and space invader?

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