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  • Brandy

    Someone must tell me the breed of the first puppy… He is soooo cutesy.

  • William Teach

    #21 Soon…..

  • skylarrr

    My boyfriend's dog of 17 years passed away last week. Were getting another one soon, like #20. What breed is this BTW?

    • cj

      welsh corgi 🙂

    • Anonymous

      It’s a corgi


    i said i wouldnt masterbate.

    evidentally im a sicko AND a liar

  • Nick

    Anybody know what kind of dog #1 is??

  • kindlin

    @27 is just some fat fuck baby dog. I think it needs help.

  •Мирприродыонлайн MirPrirodi

    #7 like a family

  • cubanitagirl

    what kind of dog is #1?

  • FartFace

    Dogs are the freaking best, man.

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  • Babygurrl

    Dog #1 is a poodle. The Pomeranian is too cute!

  • roro

    #1 isn’t a poodle. Way too short of a muzzle.

  • beaner

    What kind of dog is #31

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  • Carlos SLB

    (brain explodes)

  • Brandy

    I think that number 1 is a half poodle designer dog. I just can’t figure out what it is mixed with.

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