You lost your camera, we found it (44 photos)

  • Shawn

    #27 Couldn't stop staring 😀

    • gamechild

      Why, oh Why, do you destroy such a nice Faportunity???

      • Hey Jew

        because people who still masturbate to pictures need to hop in their time machines and get the fuck back to the 1940s.

    • mca

      I figured if I stared long enough it would turn into a hot girl, boy was I wrong.

      • Nate

        nope…just turns into #41…which might be worse

        • i just chived

          could have at least thrown in the scarlett johansson pics to make up for it
          come'on chive you know you wanted to!

        • steve

          its paula

        • t dangle

          Find her.

          • orbeart

            Then kill her…with fire

            • Captain Ahab

              man the harpoons

    • Daemon

      scroll thru 40 pictures without stopping…suddenly stop on this one…don't lie…you did it too!

      • creance

        cool story bro…

    • jim

      its paula.

      • Jen

        that joke is old.

    • Matt Mansell

      Of all the things good and holy… why??? Por Que!?!?!

    • MacNCheesePro

      Chive. You better make up for this atrocity with a badass Yoga Pants post!

    • miles

      Poor floor. I ain't ever seen a bathroom floor take a whoopin like that.

    • Ken


    • Andrew

      A wild snorlax appears…

    • dingdonger

      i prefer 41

    • CRed

      no way! #41!

  • jam

    First LoL

    • Shawn

      sorry, beat you to the punch 😉

      you shouldn't have stared so long at #41

  • R2G Fan

    #7 #10 I could get lost in that cleavage for a long long time.

    • Shannon Coverdale


      • BIll57

        hey shan, wanna be friends? i think we're about the same age.

    • Obie Slice

      holyyyyyy tits

    • Dapper_Dave

      Would it kill her to clean the mirror before taking a nudie shoot?

      • R2G Fan

        I'd want the video of her cleaning the mirror.

        • its_forge

          the side to side motion OMG

    • jeremy

      chive find them all three!!!

      • MacNCheesePro

        I AGREE!

    • Chris

      #7 and #10 agree 100%. but this whole thread is GREAT., well except for (2)..

      • Catalystika

        Yep… #7, #10, and #36 FTW. Sense the trend here?

    • Bluto

      Pretty sure you can see UPA on #7 if you look close enough…

  • R2G Fan

    #4 Damn what an ass!

    • Kimbaland

      Riley Steel is awesome.

      • Ballistik

        Are you positive thats Riley Steele? I mean it kind of looks like her but this chick looks way hotter than anything I've seen of Riley Steele

    • TheProfessor

      How is an ass like that possible?

    • hMMMM

      this is by far her best pic…her other pics don't even look like her

    • HogtownDaddy

      She's on twitter – Riley Steele – and she has pictures that are way more better than that.

      • Tim

        Riley Steel & Bibi Jones – top 2 twitters to follow!!

      • ...

        way more better…

        • kidn


          you heard the man.

    • Ballistik

      Complete package! She needs to be found!!!

  • last

    bla bla bla

  • nepster

    #41…find her!

    • Lucas84

      Find her a P90X!!

    • TheProfessor

      I know where she lost her phone…but I also know where Chive found it…ew

      • D.j. Droneburg

        you made me lol haha

    • Bantos

      You can find many like her, in the sea..

      • Ambush Steve

        …and pretty well everywhere in North America thanks to Rottin' Ronny and pals.

    • koyf


    • sweeney

      NO MOAR!!! She has had enough!

    • Saint

      Shouldn't be hard, she's got to be visible from space.

      • jouj

        looooolll funny shit

    • shane


    • teight

      find her!?! how can you loose her?

      • ebits21

        *lose….. she's probably loose enough.

    • Graham

      Your got to be joking, nearly choked on my coffee. Please don't find her bloody lose her

    • bob

      Shouldn't be too hard

    • Jimmer

      with the way technology is now a days these so called "smart phones" should self-destruct for attempting to take a picture of this magnitude

    • sean

      shes ugly as fuck

  • bigboybob

    #4 OMG thats hot

    • gary

      And she advertises on backpage as an escort in detroit!

    • Livewire

      riley steel. awesome

    • ChronicUser

      Never wears undies either…Total Win!

    • B dub

      i'm def in lust with her. smokin hot!!!

    • Lucas84

      I'd empty my bank account…

      • Jed

        Sperm bank account?

    • david

      fuck me whot more cold i say you know allraedy xx your the bom

  • tylrd67

    #27 and #41 You fuckers! Why you gotta harsh my mellow?!?

    • Jay Bell

      "harsh my mellow?!?" ????

      never go full retard.

    • Mike

      I just threw up in my mouth… A LOT!!!

    • ROK247

      they mix a couple of those in there to keep the awkward work boners to a minimum.

      • BentWrenches

        Worked for me haha

      • the elusive

        turns an outtie into an innie…

    • Red

      We all knew sooner or later that we would get pics of Paula….

    • joe

      its paula.

    • Kevin Hulett

      With the way America's going, this'll soon become the norm….

    • giggitygiggitygoo

      got me back to work thats for sure

      • giggitygiggitygoo

        but i'd still hit it

    • Eric Walker

      find her and her

    • jouj

      This is some nasty shit, why post these ? :S fat chicks should cover theirselves, no one wants to see their ugly landscape

    • josh

      I'm surprised the mirrors didn't shatter when those whales stepped into the room

    • Zucca

      Did you say Marshmellow? Now you got me all hungry.

  • R2G Fan

    #36 All around perfect

    #39 Super outfit.

    • hMMMM

      #39 is the hottest girl on here. Perfect face + body.

      • Gooner29

        I will throw this out there, probably one of the best looking girls I've seen on The Chive. Just my personal opinion.

        • thomf

          Absolutely agree!

        • The Pict

          Sure wish I knew who she was taking the picture for so I could congratulate him/her on being the luckiest person alive.

          • ...

            Face palm*

            • AJ Rantz

              #39 is amazing!!!!!!!! but im just gonna have to FAP again in an hour!

      • LZY

        Found her 😀
        CHIVE ON

        • LZY

          probably a bit NSFW, tho

      • Jjj

        Nana Ogura

    • duder

      36 is perfect except the fake tits

  • Major_Rocker

    #13 = severe "butterface" on the left.

    • Mike

      Forget her…I want to see MOAR of the one on the right, with less clothes on!

    • ROK247

      buttertits make up for it!

    • indifference

      She has a face?

      • sac town

        i 120% agree with indifference!!! WTF you doing looking at the face?!?!?! you trying to fall in love???? hahaha

    • Yep!

      This is AIM and MapQuest from

    • Yes

      on the right is Aylen Alvarez

  • mclover

    Fat bitches need love too…

    • mca

      They just have to pay for it.

  • soda pop

    Awesome….all of them….even 27 and 41.

  • efrainoscar

    #36 I was going to ask for Scarlet's pics in this gallery, but no need, too much hotness.

    • Da_Boz

      If you can touch them, they are real enough…

    • Chris

      gotta luv side view

    • Rad-Balls


  • Mandalor


    • Ha.Ha.

      this girl is maybe 7th in line to find…so many hotties in this post!

      • Joe Shmo

        She needs to be found first

        • Ha.Ha.

          #39 needs to be found wayyyy ahead this girl

    • Tim Brown

      Lovin the full nude. I agree, Her first.

    • Ben


      • tralfaz

        They match her nail polish.

      • Randall Gallegos

        i find your typo even funnier.

    • Wow

      I wouldn't mind seeing the chive do a post about boob-veins.

    • Amused

      Full frontal = WIN.

    • nudity and fluids

      Does she need to come over and show her what windex can do? Maybe after I clean her mirror she will "reward" me.

      • PKOW

        by fucking you in the ass with her penis?

    • patov40

      Peter Griffin is not a fan, "Does she have that big vein running across it?" :p

    • Chris

      yes, please find her FIRST.

    • Matt

      Am I going crazy? She's one of the least attractive in this whole post. That vain is too much. Find #18

    • revski87

      find her or that nasty blue vein on her titties?

  • billshakes626

    #12 I very much enjoy pretty women (not the book).

    • mja1485

      #12 is simply stunning. She needs her own post.

    • billshakes626

      Aww fuck me. I just realized that didn't make any sense. Little Women is the book. Not pretty women. So….fuck me?

  • yipee

    #6 who is she? please find her!!!

  • Nanook

    #40 Sweet Jesus. Those be some bodacious tata's and tiny shorts.

    • aleXTC

      yeah its #40 and #23 for me

  • misschris

    I think I'm gonna call #6 my winner. But really, we're all winners here 🙂

    • BIll57

      except for the tat I agree

    • BIll57

      oh, and i thnk YOU'RE the winner misschris

  • asdf

    throw in #27 and #41 and I'll buy 'em all!

    • D.j. Droneburg

      im with ya bro, take a hit in the beggining and knock those two out first, then its heaven from there

    • sureman123

      i really dont think you could lift them…let alone try and throw

    • mike

      I hope you got alot of money

  • ChiverBU

    I'll say this again. The Chive should sell "Keep Calm and Chive On" or "Chivette" thongs/underwears for the Chivettes to submit pictures in. What do you guys think?

    • Mike

      Great idea…"Mind the Chivette Gap" and "Keep Calm…Cameltoe" would be awesome posts!

    • D.j. Droneburg


    • Daniel Deafep

      yah but what sizes would they sell

      • maybe large

        XS, S and M

    • go for it

      totally agree. they would sell faster than the shirts do.

  • Lucas84

    #13 I'd rather have the chair than the 2 butterfaces #29 Win-ah!!

    • Nate

      #29….Please chive….Please find her. Thanks

      • Stefan Hartman

        Pretty sure it's Vida Guerra…if not, it really looks like her.

      • schmiellson

        Janessa Brazil…give it a google

    • techno_viking

      The two butterfaces are Map Quest and AIM. You can find more of them on

      • Randall Gallegos

        what's with all the post lately on here about "thedirty" that site is SHIT! bunch of fags complaining about women they will never touch.

        • Yep!

          That's where a lot of this pictures or some of these girls can be seen on.

        • captainobvious

          and the difference between there and here is what?

          • Randall Gallegos

            here its not a bunch of douche bags posting pics of some club rat that wouldnt blow them in the bathroom so they jump on a website to talk shit about how she's a total whore.

            also not run by a guy that claims no woman is perfect and finds flaws to try and point out on them.
            actually this site is quite the opposite of all that, minus the trolls….

    • Yes

      on the right is Aylen Alvarez

  • Dino

    #27 #41

    I have the weirdest boner right now

    • D.j. Droneburg

      you too made me lol sir

    • Zac Judkins

      Back-up squad! "Big bitches need love too!"-Next Friday

    • Daniel Deafep

      this should be the basis of a new gallery

      • Daniel Deafep

        the camera adds ten pounds

    • Voski


    • sureman123

      you sir are a sick bastard…..

  • BSS

    #39 Couldn't take my eyes off this one. MOAR please

    • Steve Lee


      • Steve Lee

        I mean FTW

    • Konichiwaaaaaaaa

      thats so hot I'm going to cry…when God WHEN will I have my 1st Asian?

      • Jah King

        Said the same thing lol. So damn hot

    • Kike

      I've read that her name is Nana Ogura… not sure… check it…

      • hMMMM

        that would be terrible…hate it when ridiculously hot girls turn out to be pornstars. major turnoff.

    • james


  • Matt

    #40 is Angie Varone

    • Jen

      really? her face changed.

      • moose daddy

        she has a face?

    • nope

      wrong and wrong. it is not angie varona

      • YES

        Yes and Yes. It IS Angie Varona

        • Randall Gallegos

          all you did by posting that gallery was make it more clear its NOT her. the body may be similar, and really thats a blessing in itself that there are TWO of these running around, but it is not Angie.

    • david

      i would love to play with you all of you x

  • drew

    Find #36 please

    • Dlaka
      • Sid

        so sad

        • king me

          still amazing

          • Randall Gallegos

            she was amazing before the `shop.

      • Randall Gallegos

        yet another case of DONT FIX WHAT AINT BROKEN!!!!

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