Scary, this is just one warehouse of salvaged weapons from a Gaddafi compound (19 Photos)


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    Wonderful read..

  • BIll57

    I am sure the rebels could use them against Gaddafi now as long as Al qaeda doesn't get a hold of them it will be good

  • NeoDra

    so many guns….

  • goForth


    BNIB FALs…nice!

    • Alex

      Dear Santa…

  • barry

    all the money in the world cannot buy you a true army. that is the lesson of Libya. he had to bring in mercs from Africa and possibly Europe to defend himself from his own people. on paper, his army rivaled Egypt or Israel. in reality, it was nothing.

  • Ryan

    #18. Damnit where did I put that pistol?

  • flunkis

    #2. I spot an old German MP 44 center/right. a rare one!

    • No You

      good eye lol

    • dugong_rakista

      nice…its a antique now men..hope i can have one of this thousand of guns!!

  • GentPc

    Granted some of those (especially the FALs which are BNIB) look new but the majority of them look beat to shit to me.

  • Nameless

    Looks like someone needs to fire (or shoot) their unit armorer.

  • Dad

    I'm jealous now. But that's no way to store guns.

  • CB919

    The small arms are not the problem. What else has he got tucked away in there? Now THERE is where you'll probably find some W M Ds.

  • zwoof

    Thinking of changes that will eventually come from the Gunwalker mess, I'm looking forward to an influx of inexpensive FAL parts kits down the road a ways…..happy happy joy joy! :o)

  • Franklin1138

    I think if I had to pick one rifle to carry into battle, it'd be the FAL.

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    […] god look how many there are Photos of one warehouse of salvaged weapons from a Gaddafi compound : theBRIGADE My truck 1996 Chevrolet 1500 Z71-mt classic 16×8 wheels-flowmasters My guns Savage MKII .22 lr […]

  • dugong_rakista

    .hope i can have one of this thousand of guns!!

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