Happy Hump Day Chivers! (52 photos)

  • Bo Near


    • Bo Near

      More whores !

      • tc1

        Not sure if ure not into girls or just a bitter ugly butt-less chick

        • Logan

          nah, he's probably one of the few people on this site with actual taste.

    • hMMMM

      greatest humpday post EVER!!!

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    • biggles

      Look at this, the EXACT almost to the picture hump day. Wonder who's ripping who off?

      http:// uberhumor.com/ best-humps-ever-52-pictures/

  • BMW

    #12 #18 & #25 are really hot.

    • patov40

      Gotta love Melissa Midwest. B)

    • dom

      26 #51 #56 I love hump day………

      • you mean


    • http://www.myspace.com/theamericanmaniacs BentWrenches

      #13 is obviously for the money shot.

    • R2G Fan

      #12 Insert joke about soldier standing at attention.

    • KingDingALing

      Melissa Midwest is on the left in Pic #12 google and be sure you turn safesearch off if you really want to see her full potential 😉

  • Tyler

    #25 Well hello there.

    • The Douche

      #25 if you show it to me… i will………….. never mind i already came

    • Tail-gater

      I love the tease of this one…..but the perfect ass winner is the girl on the left in # 21 ! Who is she???

      • its_forge


  • BrotherMaynard

    I love these slutty girls for doing this for us guys.

    • patov40

      YOU love girls? Hah, good one. U so hilarious Brother Mayberry! :p

      • BrotherMaynard

        The smileys you use in the end give you away Mr.Faggot.

        • patov40

          It's to help with "tone". It's my way of saying to some, "You're a DUMBASS and I don't think you're going to understand that I'm telling you you're a DUMBASS." We'll go without one this time. I think I've made myself clear even for you.

          • chivette

            oh but guuuys he gets to call us chivettes sluts because he thinks hes cool by making his name an overrated band reference.

            I bet you couldnt get ANY of these girls.

            • chiverMike

              +1 Chivette. If you don't like hump day, don't click on the link. Stick to Cat Saturday.

    • AirForceCody

      How dare you call Chivettes slutty!! There just Generous and loyal 🙂

    • BrotherMaynard

      Who am I kidding? I'm as fucking GAY as they come!

      I couldn't care less for fine women … bring me some young boys!

  • http://Homes4Men.com Stafferty

    #45 Push her down the stadium steps. Don't worry, she'll bounce.

    • taylor hod

      Must be sad to never know the touch of a woman. Fun fact – it feels better than reading 'I hope they serve beer in hell' and nodding in appreciative understanding.

      • Logan


    • tome


  • Jbird

    who is #19 ?

    • no go bro

      She's a hip-hop dancer who documented her butt implants, with this as the final pic. I'll find the before if I can. Big ass difference.

      • floscar

        Ahhh, I see what you did there. at the end.

    • .5 man .5 amazing

      an angel

    • meh

      my future wife/rape victim

      • feh


      • OhSomeEvil

        that was funny. *golf clap*

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=505737141 AJ Rantz

      Thats the kind of Asshole worth lickin 😛

      • Birdhaus32

        Prime it up for some porno eff' eh?

    • mooseknuckle907

      your mom

    • Admirer

      Heavy Duty Booty!

    • roundmound
    • http://www.indodreamin.com Avi

      u sure these are implants? if you can find before and after pics, that ass deserves a post of its own. DAMN!!! i cant stop lookin at it.

    • hunter

      will somebody please find her????

    • Fuvis Ducharme

      Yes… Who IS number 19????

  • StuScottsLeft Eye

    #26 will do just fine.

    • meh


  • Dan

    Not that I care, but is Paula dead or something ? Did the sandwhich guy shoot her too ?

    • Dan

      Dumbass! She posted earlier today. And stop using my name!

      • Dan (Sr.)

        Hadn't seen her lately, I don't live on the Chive every minute of the day you hostile fuck. And Dan was my name first,…ask your mom how that all plays out, it's a good story.

    • MAX_POW

      who the fuck cares!!!???

  • chivette

    so sick of this flagrant glamorizing of boys jerking off… enjoy the pics with out the fap images…. get a girl, there are options

    • Dan

      You're either a Left-whiny college guy or a fat chick.

      • Logan

        don't worry Dan, when you finish going through puberty and actually learn how to talk to girls who AREN'T face to face with you like a smarmy asshole, who can move on to ACTUALLY talking to one cordially in real life, and MAYBE even get laid. no one said you can't dream, Dan.

    • Dick Salad

      your hand is always an option and it doesn't bitch

      • The Chivery

        Or in the Chiver's cases, the ONLY option.

        Chive on!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=713796627 Spencer Rome

      Are you referring to #57, or just Chivers in general? It's all in good fun… lighten up would ya?

      • chivette

        Mainly 57. There is always something like this included. Rather disgusting

        • SweetAwesomeness

          your so dumb… #57 is obviously just a guy sleeping outside and shivering because its cold!!!

          B) deal with it

          • chivette

            says the guy who can't spell "you're". haha

        • Hooka

          Um…. why are you hear again??? I'm sure there are plenty of sites that will allow you to look at fashion and talk to your other girlfriends.

          Let the Fapping commence…

          • JIWOej

            wow. you all are a bunch of assholes.

          • SpellCheck


        • The Chivster

          post your pick so I can spank to you

        • BIll57

          you need to get a sense of humor

    • A Sense of Humor

      Get one…

    • Oprah
    • ZombieBootParty

      Not a real Chivette………just saying.

    • trustmeiknw

      theChive itself makes fun of the sluts who send pics for the losers here…they know they are whores hence they always disrespect them by including a fapping gif in the end. Wake up and smell the cum chivettes coz you are nothing but fap material.

      • 843w4f


      • 123go

        umm, thechive wouldnt have nearly as many viewers if these "sluts" didnt send in pictures. tasteful pictures might i add, no nudity remember?

        oh and good job calling yourself a loser, because you typed in this website, viewed the photos and THEN took the time to comment.

      • Navy guy

        a lot of thumbs down apparently they can't handle reality. every time i look at this site my friends are like oh look at that slut, scroll up look at dirty little whore lmao .

    • meh

      fact: guys jerk off whether they have a gf or not, deal with it.

    • Lucas

      You're no real chivette. And you're pretty fail-tacular at trolling. Why don't you go ahead and just leave teh internetz alone.

    • onecalledsam

      Gotta agree with chivette as her point is a valid one. She's not commenting on those who do or how often but more about those who would rather just fap than getting a girl.

      • oiaknm


      • Gilla mutt

        Who needs a gf, i have prostitutes! 😀

    • jag

      I'm guessing a picture that you submitted did not get put on the site?? or if it did.. no comments about it!?

  • http://www.thechive.com ChronicUser

    #25 Find Her Immediately and GET MORE!

    • tommy vercetti

      you know this girl is down for whatever

    • R2G Fan

      Bless her.

    • au naturale

      that is some grade A(+) ass…well done, fkn well done-

  • SweetAwesomeness

    #25 #52

    damn…..this is the sexiest thing i have seen in a long time!!!!

    • au naturale

      fkn #52 is so toned…lord help me…


    Yay! it's magic wand day…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1558055948 Harry Lynn

    Keep scrolling up and down to figure out which one I like the best…Not working.

    • Birdhaus32

      I strongly urge you to look some more at #44 & #48

      • Lucas

        I second #44

  • http://allinbayarea.com Twon

    #26 it cant get any better then that!

    • BIll57

      unless you could see all of her

      • isawoj

        Gabriela Stockler

  • Truthhurts

    #52 – home run, then pinch hitter – than home run again.

    • BIll57

      #52 #46 hump day and mind the gap at the same time gotta love that

  • orangewhip

    stop everything. #20 & #25

    • kodakkid

      WHAT DO MEAN STOP you should be telling them to keep going.

    • Bryan

      Agree with you 100%!!!!!

    • SDC

      #20 is Jelena Jensen
      You're welcome!

  • wowza

    #37 LG is so god damn hot. Lucky guy that gets to be with her.

    • chivette

      not lg

      • love her

        No, it's definitely the beautiful LG. She had this photo and a bunch of others from the same series on her blog and it was posted in last week's hump dar where she (number 44): http://thechive.com/2011/09/14/daily-afternoon-ra

        Nice to see a chivette up there and not just some random model.

    • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

      Yeah, LG in B&W. Color version of this post in the archives.

    • itsmeagain

      Its amazing how her worshipers can smell the cum in her butts and recognize her everytime. Whore on !

      • Trollhunter

        Jealous fat girl. Get some self esteem!

        • Lucas

          Well said

          • Logan


    • Terry Burke

      My Love my Goddess my reason for Living is here again…..am bout to cry. ❤

      • Paul

        Jesus, get a hobby or do some charity work or something buddy.

    • newguy


  • https://www.facebook.com/jason.ciotti Jason Ciotti

    Even Hypno-toad can't resist.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=713796627 Spencer Rome

    #13 don't question it #41 oh sweet! cupcakes! #38 ummmm what?

    • Red

      #13 Uh yeah, I'd hit it for $150.

    • 2cool4skool

      #41 is from a gallery of this chick, and there are much more than cupcakes (NSFW). Search from Tripson the Great.

      • Mick

        What cupcakes?

  • 0192837465


    • Birdhaus32

      I still can't pick a favorite but this one and #48 are definitely fandamntastic

    • J_Dub

      FTMFW!!! and it took me looking through this post three times. #26 #52 #55 are all very close competition… hell, all but one is great!

    • BasS808

      jizzed in my pants…. for 30 minutes continuously

  • Sterling Archer

    I am rock hard right now and i don't care who knows

    • Birdhaus32

      Sterling Dutchess Archer! Isis is not your personal bank account so you can go off gallivanting after women on Whore Island!

      • abcdefg

        His middle name is Mallory

        • Birdhaus32

          But it is his code name.

    • Arwinning

      Classic you

  • http://allinbayarea.com Twon

    Hey #48 Packers r going down this week! GO BEARS…Chive On

    • http://allinbayarea.com Twon

      Ps thank you

    • Big_Curt


    • ZombieBootParty

      N. F. C. Champions. Oh and Superbowl champions. You may now take your ball and go home.

    • Birdhaus32

      That ass just shot your Bears down! GO PACK GO!

      • Anon

        Bears wont even be 2nd in their div 😉 I need to find my gf those pants………

    • Tall Boy

      Yeah they sure handled the Saints last game….??

    • http://allinbayarea.com Twon

      Wow isnt thechive a chicago site no love for the Bears here…whatever I know we are the third best team in the NFC North but i do hate the Pack!

    • Red

      Da Bersh suck. Cry baby Cutler, loser.

      • anon

        from a Packers fan I personally dont think cutler is weak.. dude got sacked like 6 to 8 times last week alone lol

    • Horseface

      Jay Cutler will sprain his vagina again…..out of the game by halftime. His backup will once again play better than him, but in a losing effort.

    • flydenrict


  • Dan

    Wish I was standing behind #12!

    • T_Bag

      Agreed, two candidates I could truly get behind! FYI…the one on the left is Melissa Midwest (nsfw)

    • DudeBro

      It would be the best 30 seconds of my life.

      • au naturale

        that was hilarious…but I question how long I would last with those pigtails…so hot

  • turbodude

    Perfection …

  • DementedGeek

    #36 MOAR! in HQ please!

    • Not Paula

      Oh my, I do love Hump day! How do we add a picture to support my lovings…. yummy!

    • Chris

      Sweet! A corgi pup!

    • flydenrict

      Haha i noticed the corgi first. Then i was like "oh shit"!

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