Twins, Basil, twins (26 Photos)

  • AngryBrownAsianMan

    I'm seeing doubles. I must be high from theChive.

    • Tyrone Shulaces

      I would + I would = wood

  • Todd_A

    #15 – This could easily be the name of the whole post.

    • dan

      Did these women even have faces? I couldn't tell.

      • XAV

        Hey Chivers, #14, here is a SFW gallery of the hottest twins out there, the Davalos Twins:

        • Texasks

          SFW? Going to go ahead and not look that up

        • its_forge

          The CHIVE had a whole post dedicated to the Most Awesome And Unbelievably Stupefyingly Gorgeous Davalos Sisters a while back.

  • Todd_A

    #16 & #17 – Not sure if these are the same girls in each pic, but LOVE those outfits. Very nice!

    • Sid

      It looks like it to me too, but It really doesn't matter if they aren't either.

      • BIll57

        double your pleasure double your fun Twins Basil Twins, King of all Fantasies

    • JJ2

      They are the babysitter twins from Death Proof and Planet Terror

    • Cyberfunker

      Robert Rodriguez is their uncle.

    • newscot

      Same girls. Electra and Elise Avellan. Very hot, but am I the only one who thinks that pic #16 is a little too sexual considering they're sisters?

      • upy3rz

        Fuck you…

      • Sick

        Your point?

      • J_Dub

        WTF?! "a little too sexual considering they're sisters" ???? yes you're the ONLY one who thinks that… I agree with upy3rz

      • qwert

        thats their problem (and probably their parent's fault)… for the rest of us it's fair game

        don't feel guilty for fapping to that…

      • its_forge

        ::shrug:: if the girls want to rub their chests together who am I to stand in their way? Unless they want me to stand in their way that is. Of course.

  • ontherun1989

    #21 well thanks for the invite, don't mind if I do!

    • NotPaula

      thats not an invite

      • Stan_Dalone

        Its show and tell

  • theonehodge

    #17… I wish I still had two penises

    • Sid

      electra and elise avellan

    • YUP


    • Zedhere

      How many do you have now?

    • trololol


    • Poopsie

      so you could suck one while shoving the other up some guy's ass?

  • tommybhoy

    #5 Is so stunning, God had to make another….

    • Anon

      I appreciate both but the one on the right is just amazing.

      • its_forge

        It's mostly the facial expression.

    • AssClown

      Anne & Kate Twins – google that shit SFW

      #14 – Davalos Twins – google this shit also SFW

    • sandi

      super shopped.

  • Luis Luciano

    My favorite color has always been blue, but Thanks to #5 and #6 I'm really starting to like yellow 🙂

  • denleendeko

    Double is always better

  • @ItsMeMvpJonny

    #18 repping the Sun Devils, Asu FTW

    • Doubles

      Bella Twins

      • Ha!

        Ha! Lived with them in the dorms at San Diego State.

  • Iam_Dave

    Gimme Gimme

  • Stunt_R

    threesome dreaming….. :Q___

  • mcsgwigga

    Tremendous post – thoroughly enjoyed this one.

  • Rod

    I don't want to sound like a party pooper but the thought of sleeping with two sisters at the same time seems awkward and awful.

    • PartyJew

      Rod – WTF is wrong with you?

    • DaBears

      And the award for most non heterosexual comments goes to….

    • haaaasssssssss

      seriously its fucking incest

      • The_Dood

        It's not incest unless they do things with each other. That mean's if they don't want it to be awkward they have to do everything to you. Seems like a win-win.

      • its_forge

        And why exactly do I care what some church says is wrong? Churches are for idiots. Have your own individual dialog with God and forget fucking ignorant asshole men and their ignorant asshole churches.

    • patov40

      Well, technically it is incest. My clone should be able to relate! :p

      • its_forge

        Mostly incest is only outlawed because it doesn't produce good babies. I don't think that's a problem if it's the two women who are the ones who are related.

    • Scott

      Why are they your sisters? If not who the fuck cares. You must be gay.

    • Çreep

      who cares, had sex.

    • LeonardoB

      Fuck off out of the gene pool

  • patov40

    No gay twins ? I am disappointed .

    • DaBears

      Check out John's posts

  • enough

    Rejoice nerds…more slutty pics for you to fap too.

    • FuckinFeminist

      Go fuck yourself slut

  • thehonestone

    theChive USED to be about funny/interesting pics. Now its just soft porn.

    • indifference

      You know how I know you're gay?

      • thehonestone

        Coz i let you suck my cock.

        • the

          got pawned

    • Kcruz09

      Doesn't matter, had sex

    • PanchoPanoch

      yet you still make it to the bottom of the post to leave a comment. Stop complaining and GTFO

    • JerkFace

      Looking at hot girls is never a bad thing and you bring this up when the hottness is doubled. You are either gay or have an IQ around freezing.

    • Scott Walsh


  • Diego Colafabio

    #2 Beautiful!

  • Swarley

    #5 #6 #11 #21 #25

    • Escher

      #25 is Nicole and Jessica Oaks. And that's a terrible picture of them.

  • Jeff

    Chive should come to the twins festival in Twinsburg, OH.

  • Lars

    Holy attack of the clones!

  • CasperSack

    #17 Awesome

  • Chesty Laroo

    #3 Two girls, one bikini.

  • bigcat72

    #15 says it all
    #17 um forgive me, I have something to do….

  • Ben

    ooh behave

  • Meh

    #18 Was on board until I realized one of them was a Dukie.

    Chive on and fuck Duke.

    • XAV

      perfect disguise to sneak in women's washroom, hehehehe

    • d00kSux

      correction: d00kie :p

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