You motorboatin’ sunovabitch (32 photos)

  • jwill


    • Tommy Pickett

      If you're skipping the above pictures above just to comment, "First."… I've got bad news for you.

      • jwill

        Sounds like Tommy Pickles ^ never gets to be first. 😦

    • Coldzilla

      Thats NOT what she said

  • paula

    #3 #12 pooopa

    • cheezebits

      Koopa Troopa.

  • Handfull of heaven

    God I love Tits!

    • Yes


      God I love fake Tits!

      • jjj

        all tits

        • Chairman

          real tits. (and no, just because you can touch them, doesn't make them real. wax food isn't real food)

  • echogeo

    The Chive: Always searching for innovative ways to display cleavage!
    I am grateful.

  • Iam_Dave

    #4 #5 #22
    start my engines… I'm hitting the high seas!

    • bud

      i like the one with the breasteses

    • DirtyArmySpecialist

      lucy, utters, and beautiful….

  • Mike

    Geart Post!!!!

    • Meh....

      Great comnet

      • meh meh

        Great spelling

        • Chip Chipperson

          Oh Literal Jimmy…….

  • Tom

    #29 Gentlemen, start your engines

    • Chris

      seen those tits

      • Birdhaus32

        And dat ass! And let me tell the ones who haven't, it was just amazing

  • paula

    #32 wow

  • Kevin J

    #3 #5
    Oh my…

    • busted

      holy fuck those are real (I think…)

      • Mathias_

        if you can touch them, they're real

    • Tristan

      #5 desiree elyda

  • Cabbagio

    did anyone ever find out who #16 is?

    • Lisa

      Whoever she is, someone, give the girl a sandwich or 10. Please. 😦

      There's gotta be some sort of photoshop going on there. #27 & #13 are just as busty, but look healthy at the waist. Much better. 😉

    • 2moody

      when you find her please give her some food

    • Dolfan0925

      Her eyes look like she's a wax statue. No life. Would still hit it.

    • Headfade

      katarina olendzskaia, you are VERY welcome

      • ChronicUser

        Nice work!

      • Alister

        you, sir, are a fucking gentleman and a scholar. may your weekend be full of free booze and loose, hot women.

      • Alister

        actually, i must take that back. its definitely not the same girl. thank, but not her….keep trying!!!

    • truth

      Totally agree on buying her a sandwich. Someone lied to her about what a beautiful woman should look like.

      • Alister

        you sound like a piece of shit. i'm assuming that a piece of shit has somehow gained sentience and is writing things under the pseudonym 'truth'.

        either that or you're just a really harsh person and have no soul. potato tomato

    • elias

      Doesn't look like she needs a smmich to me…. maybe just a bad angle or pointless shop.
      nips look great here;

    • bill

      wow i love #20.cant stand up right know.need more please

    • Sman

      thats not the same girl! but still thank you for the one you said, she is good too!

    • Stan_Dalone


  • Bathoris

    I was having a bad day. This gallery just cheered me up

    • sheeeeesh

      How hard is it to Google some porn ? Dumbass.

  • pablo_v

    "I can see thru your shirt…..Nice"
    -the 40 yr old virgin

  • paula

    #3 over hang on them top bollocks is amaz just wanna rest inbetwwen that canyon clevage:D

    • sausageroll

      sausageroll will look like _ 😀

    • GlibTongue

      Denise Milani is overdone here.

      • tagbadger

        True, they repost a lot lately, not just Denise

      • glibjab

        she can never be overdone

  • don

    #22 is smokin hot

    • dan

      kelly brook, stunning

    • Randall Gallegos

      kelly brook.

  • Tim Brown

    Just made my day. (smiley face)

    • Shane P Morgan

      Mr Brown, glad to see a fellow Chiver

      • Tim Brown

        How I spend most of my work day!

  • Barry McKokkinner

    I was "done" after looking at #1. I need to work on that. Thanks Chive!

  • random


  • SockMoney17

    A bunch of HOs looking for someone to take over payments

    • itwasme

      = Chivettes

      • Chairman


  • Beer

    Who is #3? And #5?

    • Shannon Coverdale

      Denise Milani, and I wish I knew

    • Ludwig

      #5 is Desirée Elyda Villalobos. Google it.
      You're welcome! 🙂

    • Justin Hall

      Desiree Elyda is #5. Proof that God is a straight man.

      Even nicer, her webpage makes it seem like she's got some Chiver in her:

      And to top it off, her fan page:


      • elias

        Someone spends his days net stalking

    • Ex-St. Paul Resident

      #5 is also a DirtyCelebrity named Udders.

      • Jack_LeMac

        I don't care if it's true or not, that was funny as shit

  • Steve

    #21 Let me help you get those off..

  • Kodos

    I see what she did there…

    • hammer

      Don't thumbs down this because you're too stupid to get what he's referring to…Back to zero for you buddy, I got it!

  • Albert Einstein

    #11 – Tokyo Lift
    #21 – Guess who?

  • Dick Folgers

    I really enjoy boobs. Insert any number here ____.

    • Beer

      7 boobs?

  • Biz02

    #2 – Simply amazing!
    #5 – White Buffalo!

    • Dick Folgers

      why are you whispering?

      great white buffalo…

      • xDV8x

        Great white buffalo . . .

  • Swizz Schu

    putting saran wrap over my keyboard was a great idea

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