• Challengeaccepted

    Why would she waste all of that damn fanta!

    • Blacky

      WOW. I think I’m in love, she’s hot

  • Simo

    a hot nutcase

  • adam

    She needs a lesson in making sandwiches, cause she's doing it wrong!!

  • Isaiah

    I'm having a hard time understanding why…

    Then, I remembered that she's in the shower and she's still gonna have to clean it all up and make breakfast.


  • bryainiac

    The only thing I got out of this at the end was. She wasted mad good food. A family of pies cried at the end.

  • russell

    does she know she is on camera??

  • Leo

    Can someone please explain what happens, the video has been blocked from viewing in the UK?

  • Jorge V.

    With that title the urges to scroll down where almost irresistable

  • Bobby B.

    2:01 nipple slip if you’re fast enough…

  • krauter

    F***ing GEMA!!!!! Someone should to blast them away! … Blocking the Vid because of the Music

  • Lara


  • Anonymous

    She is wearing a strapless top sad face

  • Sporke

    Is that Lo mein?

  • Always Last


  • well...ugh..well..

    holy shit.

  • Regal Eagle

    The minute Ethiopia gets internet, they are gonna be piiiiiisssssed.

  • Crazy_Jake

    The plumber is about to get rich..

  • gabriel

    really, are you kidding me?!! wtf that was gay!!

  • Spiral

    That's an 9 on the Fucked up scale.

  • Matthew L Summey

    Hell, put her in the oven on 350 and shes good to go. This would be the girl to bring home for a Holiday Dinner!! Yup!

  • DigitalBoyScout

    well…. That escalated quickly…

  • AlBorland

    She's never gonna get the smooth, soft hair using that kind of shampoo.

  • that guy

    wait…. wtf? she was all…. then she just starts….. wtf wtf wtf!?

  • olivia

    i jsut hope she has these things after the video

    1 miraculous shampoo and soap
    2 an amazing shower drain
    3 enough groceries to last her the week
    4 a good psycologist

  • Chris

    With the cheese, hot sauce, and salsa I bet all the beaners are going wild right now fixing a buritto. There is some poor little starving boy right now wishing he had that food.

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