Girl pours food on herself in shower : theCHIVE
  • Dave

    I have something she can put in her hair…..

  • Ryan B

    Only in 'Merica!!!

  • @draft101

    I told you, I don't care what you put on it, I'm not eating it!

  • Frank Sebastiano

    I can't even explain how fucking lame this was. Not funny for even a half second. Complete shit.

  • Buckethead

    guy appears in vid, don't watch

  • Buckethead

    Ignore previous comment

  • Jean-Sebastien

    For a minute I wondered if I was on ….

  • Matty

    What the fuck did i just watch…

  • jim

    fucking waste !!!!

  • Bird is the Word

    I want to show this to Africa

  • Chris

    she at the very least shows what a great sense of humor she has – I love it!!!

  • jesus

    there are children starving in africa

  • Mykel Panda

    I would totally marry this girl

  • Nick

    I have the weirdest boner right now…

  • Twebb

    Do we stop it..

  • NIronwolf

    Somehow she still seems more sane than the original artist…

  • oz2308

    This is why starving families in Africa hate Americans.

  • Nuckenfutz


  • Keith_D

    I'd eat her.

  • Rob

    Stupid. . .

  • Rob Johnson

    Stupid . . .

  • Travis

    Must feel nice…hot sauce and salsa to the eyes…not to mention everything else…

  • Brett

    she didnt even use conditioner

  • shanzah

    everything is dirty the all are stupid

  • Yumm

    This Made me hungry… Anyone else?

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