Patty F@#ked Up (16 Photos)

A few months ago, Patty ordered a big shipment of direct-to-garment fail, hundreds of defective 'Mislabeled States', Scottsdale/New Jersey and Kentucky/Tennessee T-shirts. Patty Fucked Up.

At a glance the shirts look fine, but don't be fooled. The state designs are 30% smaller than intended and the print quality is all wonkey, no two shirts are alike, it's like a bunch of retarded snowflakes. The Scottsdale/New Jersey print is completely wrong.

Our quality control at theCHIVERY is extremely high and we refused to sell the shirts. I posted a few photos of Patty's big fuckup in the DAR, after which dozens of Chivers emailed me asking for a Patty Fucked Up Tee. We still refused to sell the Patty's Scarlett Letters and they've languished in our office as a stark reminder as to how hard Patty fucked up.

But the email requests have continued to pour in so we figured we'd sell them at a dramatic discount if you really want to purchase these orphaned redheaded tees. The Patty Fucked Up tees are available here for $5 and come complete with an apology. I guess you could call them limited edition, but that's overstating it a bit.

patty bookend Patty F@#ked Up (16 Photos)

Click here
to order an original Patty Fucked Up Mislabled State.

Also, our much-anticipated ‘Vitruvian Panda‘ launches today right here!

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  • Dan

    I just paid $7.99 to get Patty's autograph. I shall give the shirt to the first homeless man i find. If he will even take a fucked up shirt that is.

    • Killer Flange

      What the fuck, why would you want this fat nobody's autograph, let alone pay for it. These tards are nothing special, they just surf finding slightly amusing pics from other sites and lame soft porn. God, people will buy any old crap!

  • dextuuur

    "retarded snowflakes" ? not cool

  • Kevin O'Connell

    So pissed you guys sold out..

  • freakscene

    Man, a lot of haters out today….

  • Logan_the_Chiver

    patty, what a douche

  • paristscp

    The shirts are fine, you are the ones that are fucked up!

  • IronBound19

    A strange coincidence that you pick Scottsdale & New Jersey. Grew up in Jersery now live in Scottsdale.
    If the shirt wasn't fucked up I'd buy a couple!

  • Yes

    You should donate the money made form these shirts.

  • Justin

    Shit. I'm still waiting on my Keep Calm and Logo Tshirt order.

  • Nate

    Oh, patty.

  • Anonymous

    why are all the shirts sold out already……

  • Jimmy

    Patty, we're not angry. We're just disappointed… That the shirts aren't free.

  • SMK

    I am a loyal Chiver In Arizona and have been since day one! All I want is a “Keep Calm and Chives on” tee men’s XL. And maybe a black TheChive shit same size. I’ve been trying since you started selling them with no luck. I work for a surgeon so my hours are jacked up and everytime they go in sale my ass is in surgery! PLEASE HELP! Your loyal Chiver SMK.

  • its_forge

    Do you guys not… uh… proof stuff before you commit it to however many thousand copies printed? You order thousands of dollars of merchandise based on the judgement of ONE guy?

  • Dan

    Who gives a shit? Those shirts suck.

  • @ChuckPersian

    Limited release, these things are going to go for at least $3 on Ebay.

  • McHoward

    You should update this post because you're out of stock. I was very sad I couldn't get a fucked up Patty shirt for my bf:(

  • Mike

    Hey Chive,
    Quit fuckin' around with these stupid wrong state/city, Patty fucked up shirts and get more Chive logo tees and Keep Calm and Chive On tees.
    Give the people what they want!
    A Loyal Chiver

  • Dave

    Should totally still go ahead and come out with the non-patty-fucked-up version of the Jersey shirt so I can wear it to guido bars in Jersey. That way the dirty looks from the orange tan team wont be just because Im not wearing an Ed Hardy shirt!

  • Dude

    #14 i sure don't mind f#cking up

  • Selmy

    Patty seems to fuck up the t-shirts fairly often.

  • Mugz

    I fucking love you boys. Greatest response to a huge dick-up ever.

  • lfsg

    #16 I want to be Patty

  • MooseMoose

    #14 Lovin the rage girl

  • moeshere foxdale

    God patty. They don't let you off for nothing lol…

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