Patty F@#ked Up (16 Photos)

A few months ago, Patty ordered a big shipment of direct-to-garment fail, hundreds of defective 'Mislabeled States', Scottsdale/New Jersey and Kentucky/Tennessee T-shirts. Patty Fucked Up.

At a glance the shirts look fine, but don't be fooled. The state designs are 30% smaller than intended and the print quality is all wonkey, no two shirts are alike, it's like a bunch of retarded snowflakes. The Scottsdale/New Jersey print is completely wrong.

Our quality control at theCHIVERY is extremely high and we refused to sell the shirts. I posted a few photos of Patty's big fuckup in the DAR, after which dozens of Chivers emailed me asking for a Patty Fucked Up Tee. We still refused to sell the Patty's Scarlett Letters and they've languished in our office as a stark reminder as to how hard Patty fucked up.

But the email requests have continued to pour in so we figured we'd sell them at a dramatic discount if you really want to purchase these orphaned redheaded tees. The Patty Fucked Up tees are available here for $5 and come complete with an apology. I guess you could call them limited edition, but that's overstating it a bit.

patty bookend Patty F@#ked Up (16 Photos)

Click here
to order an original Patty Fucked Up Mislabled State.

Also, our much-anticipated ‘Vitruvian Panda‘ launches today right here!

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