Chivette of the Week: Meet Ellen Monohan (40 HQ Photos)

Ellen Monohan is a Kentucky girl with a wicked sense of humor. She's been submitting photos to the Chive for a year now and I always enjoy a sexy girl with a warped sense of humor. She's a massive Green Bay Packer and Michigan football fan.

So when Ellen told me she was moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting, bringing her in as the COTW was a no-brainer. The girl can smile to say the very least and she was beyond enchanting with that southern charm she exudes.

Mac the Intern usually cries when Chivettes leave, but he cried extra hard, like an infant on a plane, when Ellen departed.

Say hi to Ellen on her Facebook page.

Say hi to Ellen here.

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  • Matt Nowak


  • Anonymous

    Absolutely stunning! CHIVETTE OF THE YEAR!

  • David

    I think I fell in love… great pics – especially like #10 and #25

  • Nerfherder

    Chive……. Hands down, the best spread so far! She looks like a lot of fun on her worst day, but I loved the variety in the shots! Your other spreads were just different angles of the same shot over and over again….this one was awesome. Thanks!

  • Dano

    Loves me my Chivettes. Thank you ladies.



  • Stern281

    Wow… this chick is amazing. Beautiful!

  • Bless1

    #2,#39- beautiful chic, great ass.

  • thatwasfun

    there needs to be one more pic in between #21 and #22 …what a tease.

  • Rusty_Dreams

    #10 #25 #29 #38 Stunning!!! Ellen is sexy as hell inside and out. Please move to my home town!!

  • Da Sandman


  • Jesse L. Parks IV


  • notimpressed

    um nope not impressed, i guess when your banging an editor you get to be on chive..

    • morebeer

      why is it when I see comments like these I automatically think of comic book guy

      • .[p';

        'cause you're a chubby chaser.

  • Sissy

    Kentucky isn’t a southern state. And TX girls are the best!!

  • SDC


  • Michael

    Will you marry me?

  • intmid8or

    dark hair more better

  • Shawn

    Everything about this girl is gorgeous. One should consider themselves very lucky to have a girl like this. And she looks like she is a lot fun. Sexy Chiver Indeed!

  • no one cares

    #37 reppin the KY

  • Patski

    #1 #9 #38

  • Goodluck

    She is going to make an awesome porn star! Welcome to Hollywood!

  • Erick H

    Challenge Accepted

  • bkfrijoles

    #6 lol so lovely #8 Dinosaur?? #40 yes please

  • Ryan

    Simply Gorgeous Ellen!!!! Great pick for Chivette of the Week!!!

  • mith

    #10 Got Damn that's an awesome ass….

  • Daniel

    you dont need by any chance someone with a german (industrial) engineering diploma? 😉

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