Chivette of the Week: Meet Ellen Monohan (40 HQ Photos)

Ellen Monohan is a Kentucky girl with a wicked sense of humor. She's been submitting photos to the Chive for a year now and I always enjoy a sexy girl with a warped sense of humor. She's a massive Green Bay Packer and Michigan football fan.

So when Ellen told me she was moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting, bringing her in as the COTW was a no-brainer. The girl can smile to say the very least and she was beyond enchanting with that southern charm she exudes.

Mac the Intern usually cries when Chivettes leave, but he cried extra hard, like an infant on a plane, when Ellen departed.

Say hi to Ellen on her Facebook page.

Say hi to Ellen here.

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  • Bucknutt

    Michigan can suck it……go Buckeyes!

  • Cool story bro

    WOW. Just… wow.

  • Anthony Sanchez

    wow, amazing

  • Alex

    #25 mac: soon…

  • Kristen Rose

    #17 lol'd so much. 😀

  • Micks

    #31 thats what im talking about.. chive on!

  • Sir_Pierre

    WONDERFUL! Especialy as a ginger

  • @TegHardinAlvin

    God Bless G.R.I.T.S.!!!
    Those that know what that means will back me up on that. Those that don't know what it means…….you poor, poor, poor bastards.

  • Thoridin58

    To quote a Rolling Stones song, "she could make a dead man c?m".

    Chive On Girl

  • KyleGamgee

    #17 #18 #19 It's like, a really great story.

  • its_forge

    This woman's beautiful all over from every angle but that bottom, oh my, such a bottom. Thanks Ellen, you look terrific.

    • its_forge

      Specifically #8 = )

  • Ben Mugford

    Mac in #21


  • its_forge

    Also: Started out forty pics ended up thirty, I feel VERY ripped off.

  • Nathan

    I fapped

  • Mike

    shes a solid 6 at best

  • Brad

    #20 AWESOME and #14 #15 such a goofball and an amazing smile #21.

    Does this mean Ellen is the final spot for the Chivette calendar?

  • islander

    Damn…. in love

  • king me

    #20 it's great to be a (chivette) wolverine!

    go blue!

  • @DJCrazyEyes

    Can we please for the love of Bill Murray have a photo shoot with ALL of the Chivettes!? That would be awesomesauce!!!

  • bull1123

    what happened to the other 10?

  • Throwout

    I think I got cheated–only 30 pics…

  • torainca

    #3 Love the dimples

  • Chris

    Will you marry me lol

  • Henry Ward

    #12 im scaredroused,.loved it, just holy s%$t she is…just damn

  • Michael

    #6 #7 #12 #14 #15 The faces Ellen makes in these 5 photos are fucking hilarious.

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