Lingerie can cure the common cold (36 photos)

  • Steverino

    Bless you !

    • Average Chiver

      thank god they post these pictures so i can FAP and forget about not being able to get laid. Chive on!

      • Averagetroll

        Thank god there is a website I can come to where I don't have to suppress my natural tendency to be a douche nozzle. Everything is stolen from everywhere!

        • Ghost in the Machine

          Get back in your mother's basement, troll and I'm not talking about the one in your house.

    • raks

      hot pics B)

    • johny

      She is worth a stiff one onto that nice rack

  • Afghanistan2011

    #29 is steamy hot!

    • xDV8x

      and 3D!

    • ...

      is that picture in 3d?

    • JAS

      Melanie Inglasias is so hot, and it's not just her bod. She has a phenomenal sense of humor.

  • please

    who the hell is #18?!?!?! pretty please tell me someone

    • EdE

      Stacy Kiebler

    • Type

      Stacy Kiebler

    • Clooney

      Kiebler, Stacy

    • Anjin-San



    • MAX_POW

      The one who George clooney is ….you know…..fucking

      • Bruno

        Psh. Chivettes are hotter. Chive on!

        (And The Chivers are cooler than George Clooney too)

        • Anjin-San

          and what if George Clooney is a Chiver?

          He becomes cooler than himself?

          • penis


        • WOIew

          kill yourself.

        • Picaso

          There are more celebs visiting theChive than most people on here realize. Fact of the matter, a couple have even posted and 1 I know of has trolled a little.

          • the other Jen

            cool story, douche.

            stacy keibler has an insane fucking ass.

    • IsEveryoneAsian

      She'd be hot ass hell if she wasn't asian

    • CaptainInsano

      I just wanna sleep in her buttcrack

      • @HarlemsFinest7

        Her ass is huge. I'm in love!

    • rossy

      #15 is stacey kiebler

    • johny

      I came onto the nice bum

    • cbr

      Stacy Keibler, George Clooney's lady friend. Look it up online…

    • Alfikesh

      That would be George colony's girlfriend

  • Pat


    • T Juice

      haha her name is jessica jane clement from the UK, she's done many photoshoots with Nuts, look it up! you'll be very happy

  • Azrrael

    #34 oh my!

  • Dirk Diggler

    #2 and #12 are faptastic.

    • ISU Birds

      #2 Thumb in front of the lens on purpose????

      • Lex

        Carla Ossa is known for here bad-looking right elbow.

      • its_forge

        Makes it look more candid.

    • caseyskrib

      12 is unbelievably!

  • disturbed

    #14 Just made my eyes water

    • t juice

      jessica jane clement, google her, you'll be so happy

  • Trainer

    my request would be if you guys are going to do lingerie…. it needs to be with chivettes

    • JEFF L


    • ;l[-p,

      fuck those cum-dumpsters.

    • Paul Baumeister


      I can go anywhere on the internet and find models I'd never have a shot with… Gimme some real women I'd never have a shot with.

      • patov40

        HAH!! So sad and so true. DAMN that smarts! xD

    • Average Chiver


      • Averagetroll

        *ACTUAL attention whore* y'know, seeing as I make multiple posts on multiple threads every day.

  • Tim Brown

    #25 Simply Stunning

    • Justin Hall

      Carla Ossa

    • ????

      have to agree. mini skirt with thigh highs is rediculous if you ask me.

      • its_forge

        That's not a mini skirt, it's a slip.

  • R2G Fan

    #7 #13 #24

    Sexiest in the list. Proud of you ladies.

  • ISU Birds

    #3 Stupid flower, why you want to cover boob.

    • Anjin-San

      almost nipple…

    • RAS

      That was my question also.

    • Pauly

      I have never hated a flower so much in my life

  • EdE


    • the bobs

      i was thinking the same thing

    • Paul Baumeister

      Yup, that be her…

    • Dolfan0925
      • mtella88

        and thank you for that!!! 😀

    • nicart

      Yep !!!!!!

      • Lucas Matias Martinez

        Yep to Robin

    • Andy


  • Çreep

    #18 oh my, now that is epic ass.

    • acoustrix

      why the eff would someone thumbs down your comment?! :\

    • Paul Baumeister

      I think her name's Stacey Something……. Anyone?

      • Pat

        Stacy Keibler. I believe… (WWF)

        • the other Jen

          im a straight female and that is an ass i can appreciate. she is amazing. and the lucky bitch is dating george clooney, though she will probably get her heart broken. but, WORTH IT!

          • JamesEarl

            Clooney's gay – keibler's just a beard so no chance at heartache

  • Holy Hell

    Doubletake ?

  • EasternCanuck

    didn't get my "Keep Calm" shirt (fuckers) but this kinda makes up for it…

    • the other Jen

      those shirts are fucking gay. do you see me wearing a Facebook shirt bc i live to visit facebook? yea, i said it.

      • JPV310

        no but I believe they have 'thumbs up'/'like' shirts, and you can name a number of movies that they they say something about facebook, and there was even a movie about it's creation
        your argument=not valid

  • North Carolina

    #1 never gets enough attention. Very hot.

  • Iam_Dave

    #14 #18
    They can make me a sandwich anytime!

    • t juice

      jessica jane clement and stacy keibler, GREAT choice amigo

      • Iam_Dave

        thanks. they r stunning!

    • its_forge

      Yup, they can make me (into) a Forge sammich.

      • Brother M.

        you, her, and andy dick?

        • its_forge

          ::snerk:: C'mon, not even gay men can get it up with Andy Dick anywhere in a 90-mile radius.

  • MrMagicFingers

    I think lingerie can cure everything, not just common colds…

  • Shannon Coverdale

    I will take one of each. And finally got my Chive T-shirt after months of trying. Thanks Chive

    • ...

      Dear Chive,

      You may want to screw up his shipment.

    • WOIew

      OMG get a life…..

      • Shannon Coverdale

        OMG Suck a bag of dicks

        • WOIew

          stop hogging all of them, and i will.

          • JPV310

            stop being a TROLL

            • WOIew

              NO U

    • caseyskrib

      Why do they not order eneough shirts everytime..thats frickin ridiculous

  • cubicman

    #7 is Paula,my sweetie…

    • Lobbin

      Paula Who?

  • Kenai

    #1 in the post never gets enough attention. Very hot.

  • jrey81

    #18, Stacy Keibler, perfect hump and legs for daaaaaayyyze… damn u clooney!

  • chicago

    #24 and #13 …incredible

  • Lingerie...

    Man I love this one. Good post since I don't have a VS catalog at work.

    • Daniel Robertson

      i believe a few more pics with this girl in them wouldn't hurt at all… what can you do for us chive?

      • Lulatsch

        is that Rosie Jones?
        Her face looks kinda similar

  • soda pop

    #1….I love you with all my heart….

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