Hot girls in the middle of nowhere (24 Photos)

  • billshakes626

    I like girls. As always, good work Chive.

  • Whiskyb

    #5 please

    • CalculatedRisk

      Is it just me, or does she have very short arms? I why am I strangely aroused by that?

  • Stan_Dalone

    #4 #14 #20 are incredable MOAR! please

    • Dan

      FIND HER!

      • Flicka

        plus #5 and it's all the same girl.

        *sigh* and this is why I have a problem with blondes.

        • zzzz

          pretty sure #5 is not the same girl

          • oiji

            all blondes look alike.

      • dude

        that is Danielle Kn

    • Growl

      Danielle Knudson.

    • Jonathan

      They're the same girl (obviously). Post a find her request and I think I can find her.

    • Gift_Giver

      Chive has a whole gallery of her here –>

      • Stan_Dalone

        thanks how did I miss that?

    • Stan_Dalone
    • troy

      I agree totally hot MOAR plz chive

  • bigcat72

    #4 just wow, left me speachless

    • Red

      good. keep it that way.

  • LazerGunzPewPew

    How is #15 in the middle of nowhere? There are and houses and shit all over the place. Fail. Now, #18 is nice! I like a nice buttikus!


      Cocktail Cove is definitely NOT in the middle of nowhere… nice try.

      • T_money

        Haha.. I've been to the middle of nowhere! fun place..!

    • T_Bag

      I second the notion about #18!

    • GrammerKween

      There are and houses?

    • is this thing on?

      if youre looking at the houses in the background I have some bad news for you…

  • Chivoso

    #5… keep that tongue strong and limber, Darlin, you're gonna need here in just a bit.

    • asshole


    • -0l0

      chirst, you sound like such a damn virgin……

    • patov40

      Not sure if troll or crude Chiver…..

  • Tom

    #14 I dont find this lady that attractive. I mean, shes not ugly by any means, she just seems too perfect, if such a thing can happen.

    • Undershooter30

      How the hell is "too perfect" not attractive. I'm not fallowing your shoddy logic?

    • tomy

      you know how i know your gay…

    • R.C.

      Tom misses his Women of Walmart sweeties…

  • Mike_Hancho

    #24 MORRR she is amazing

    • jimmycrackcorn
    • Morgan Freeman

      That is the beautiful LG. Chivette of the decade.

      • MAX_POW

        i love her too, but…..this decade is just starting my friend….just saying

    • rabblerabble


      • 0998

        not ugly, just not that hot. SKINNY AS HELL.

        • oiji


        • Lotus

          She's really skinny but still looks good, I wouldn't say her face is her best asset though.

          • Josiah Powers


          • mr taste

            really skinny? you sir are a chubby chaser then

          • Ha.Ha.

            pics are getting less and less attractive, I think you should bow out now. You're becoming the michael jordan of the wizards slowly.

  • jimmycrackcorn

    LG #7 #24 You are gorgeous!! I always look for your posts, I love your pics… keep them coming! especially on hump day 😉 from a loyal chiver on the other end of the state (berkshires)

    • LG_

      You live in a GORGEOUS place! Cape Cod may have a beautiful fall season but the Berkshires are truly breathtaking in the fall! Glad to see another MA Chiver! And thank you for the kind words – good to know my sometimes cheesy stuff is fun to look at. 🙂

      • tsulo21

        LG lives on the Cape too? Just another reason to love her

        • Average Chiver

          the fact she shits brown is another reason to lover her! in fact let me count the ways….

          -she's got two hands, legs, eyes, feet, and ears. which means she's perfect.

          -she's got an education higher than grade school. which is unheard of.

          -she doesn't seem to have an ounce of body-fat on her. which perfectly exemplifies the "average girl" type us chivers love

          -she's only had sex with *comment has been deleted by the user/administrator*

          -she can get a chiver's IP address upon request, which goes to show her completely humble and non-exploitative demeanor(not to mention the confidential integrity of the chive itself)

          -can get thumbed up ad nauseam without having anything particularly interesting to say, which is awesome!

          all in all, anything she does is a reason to love her! for when she ventures forth from her humble(because anything associated with her is always "humble", and NEVER egotistical) abode, furry woodland creatures follow in her wake, the sun sprouts a smile, and flowers bloom in perfect replication of her over-exposed hindquarters.

          for she is THE LG. she charitably imparts sage-like wisdom with every sentence, graces us with her beauty befitting a constellation, and farts rainbows. *I JIZZ IN MY PANTS!!*

          • Wayne

            It's not often that a troll post makes me laugh. I applaud you, sir.

            But you're still a douche.

            • The Dude

              Call him a "troll" all you want, nothing he said isn't true(except the last two parts).

          • Average Troll

            Now that I have proven once again what a witty individual I am, TIME TO FAP!! 😀

            Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap……wait a minute. Just remembered no woman, especially one like LG will ever touch my weiner. Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap……:'(

            • AdamBaldick

              Holy shit. Best thread ever!

            • Troll's Troll

              Nevermind the fact Lauren looks like she'd be about as unpleasant and rigid to have sex with as a bicycle, all the chicks I get are so ugly they make her look like a dime!

              Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap….LG, WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO MAIL ME YOUR USED PANTIES!?!? 😥

      • MassHole

        Absolutely beautiful, pic's are much appreciated from the other cape. Thanks for properly representing the state!

      • jimmycrackcorn

        LG I'd love to see a "heyyy berkshires" in one of your pics….. maybe Wednesday or any day will do!!
        thanks beautiful!!

    • patov40


    • furnace goon

      # 7 you are simply gorgeous

  • ontherun1989

    #5 Super cute. Now just undo that knot and pull your shirt up a little more.

  • Stan_Dalone

    #13 you are a beautiful chivette who needs her own post

    • l098

      trash. don't pick it up.

    • bud

      you a long way from home gurl

  • LG_

    #4 is holy shit levels of hot.

    • bkfrijoles

      thats probably the best description for this picture B)

    • Maynard B.

      The whole image conjures up a medieval fantasy for some reason.

  • Dan

    #20 Damn!

  • AndrewJ411

    #2 did you mean: Homely girls in Nature?

    • Stan_Dalone

      if you are inferring #2 is homely you are mistaken, she's attractive enough

    • musa

      ya she is also calm… yoga bby.

  • Shorthairlover



    • phydor


  • AssClown

    #7 #24 It's a pity to see lovely LG love a troll so much. Perhaps she's going for the Beauty & The Beast happy ending…

    • LG_

      I think I just find crude humor and wit to be irresistible – it's weird, I know! But are we talking about my boyfriend being the troll, or my friendship with Paula? There's only one man I love and he unfortunately doesn't Chive that much. 😦

      • AssClown

        Paula of course! Unless your BF is also a troll with crude humour and wit somehow :p . Even though theChive is half the time about half naked woman boobies, he doesn't need to Chive…he has a half naked woman boobies Chivette of his own!

        • MAX_POW

          You are absolutely right…not that we envy this guy, no, off course not….no , no, no even close

      • Paula_

        Uhhmmm… what? Let's analyze this:

        But are we talking about my boyfriend being the troll,
        That would be me then (read as: my boyfriend (being the troll)).

        or my friendship with Paula?
        Smee again.

        There's only one man I love
        Yep, c'est moi.

        and he unfortunately doesn't Chive that much.
        Biiiiit of a problem there…. either this isn't about me, OR, do you think I should Chive moar? I'd do that for you, but John is already on my ass about posting too much… it seems he gets more complaints about me than submitted photos nowadays. Choices, choices…
        Ah! I've got it! I'll make it about: Priorities! You're my love, but John can ban me, you can't. Sorry dear Lauren ❤ , this round goes to John.

        Big hugs though!
        – I AM cutting it down John, please don't spank me again!

        • oiji

          in all seriousness, do you have a job?

          • Stan_Dalone

            the only job she has(in her mind) is to troll the chive

          • Paula_

            Seriously: yes, one that allows me to Chive every now and then. The above I wrote late in the evening as I'm in GMT+1

            – the one you love to hate

      • Stan_Dalone

        you could have anyone, why do you want to settle for sub zero

        • Paul

          seriously dude?

    • Stan_Dalone

      beauty and the beast well the beauty is definately LG but the beast is definately paula

      • WOIew

        yes, dumbass, that was the joke.

        • Stan_Dalone

          boy and I mean boy, you mut be proud of yourself pointing that out huh? how many hours did you work at coming uo with the word dumbass when it doesn't pertain to you. which I am sure it normally does thatnks for your participation now GFY

          • WOIew

            "boy and I mean boy, you mut be proud of yourself pointing that out huh? how many hours did you work at coming uo"

            Sorry, I don't make a habit of picking on the illiterate.

            • Stan_Dalone

              not illiterate dumbass just a typo and again if that's all you can come up with you are no challange go back to your special ed class

  • Undershooter30

    #5 no you don't have to tie it, just take it off

  • Tillman

    #5 is a crowd favorite for so many reasons – Beautiful, silly expression and a tummy that should be left to science for cloning purposes.

    • 87oikk

      after i blow my jizz on it.

  • Noice

    #14 Sheer and sexy, not to mention absolutely beautiful

  • Bubba

    #24 Makes me wanna jump!!

    • Bubba

      ….in front of a moving car!!

      • oiji


  • Kodos

    The tongue bite: An order of magnitude beyond the lip bite…

  • beauty&braids

    #6 oh yes!!


    #24 We love you!!

    • Clive

      You need to get your ass off the internets and get a life… getting sad starving for attention.

      • Kent Juan

        THANK YOU!

      • Foosbah

        well said.

      • MAX_POW


  • R2G Fan

    #7 #24 #13

    Need more sexy Chivettes in the middle of nowhere. Good job, ladies…way to blaze a path. Very sexy!


    #18 super remind me of gap:D

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