We haven’t done an Asian girl post long time (32 Photos)

  • Brian


    There's a little something other than Asian in there, just a little bit. Not that I'm complaining, 'cause Wow!

    • Ha.Ha.

      obviously lives in North Dakota

      • Brian

        More like Sweden, with the Ikea desk and all.

        • Drak

          Looks korean to me. Korean girls sometimes look a bit less asian than others. Alot of girls that look mixed white/asian are just korean.

          • Ha.Ha.

            Hi. I'm Korean, and your statement is totally off-base.

            • LuvH8fulChix

              You don't look Korean.

    • Skyhigh

      Google Mikie Hara

    • Hdxpres

      Actually she is an Japanese AV. porn star: Sora Aoi

  • @bunkerpunkk

    Sketchy or not, all damn day…

  • AssClown

    #3 #17 #18 #28 #31
    I Rove you rong trime!!

    • Dick Salad

      Are you feering ronry right now?

    • PANCHO

      too scared to say which ones i rove. not sure if hot woman or scary man

    • Dick Salad

      I always get my hair cut at the asian place because those bitches give good massages after it's done… that's about it though… sorry asian girls annoy me and the porn is only good when it's muted.

      • The Tick

        i agree. besides, they probably have THE flattest ass/boob combination of all the chicks. but it seems that people on this site love flat asses, so…..

    • http://thechive.com um_yeah

      ROR = Raff Out Roud

      • McBeastie

        Thanks for spellin' that one out for me. Would have never got that fucking gem without your road map.

    • Videologic

      Replacing Ls with Rs = Hilarious! Actually, no its an old unfunny joke

  • goForth


    Prob a nice sized knee dent in that board now…

    • Craig

      Sorry to inform you, but you might be a gay.

      • goForth

        That's up for debate considering I knocked the bottom out of your mom the other day. Sorry if she woke you with all that screaming…

        • Bucky Jones

          A gay joke and a your mom joke. Way to be original.

    • Craig

      At least I hope you are. I give some mean head. Any takers?

      • Douchebag

        Sorry I don't take blowjobs from faggots.

        • LuvH8fulChix

          Yeah, I only take blowjobs from straight guys.

      • goForth

        Like I said, if you're curious to see what my cock tastes like, go down on your mom.

  • soda pop

    #2…..we have a winner!

    • hMMMM


      • hMMMM

        may be tucked in penis EWWWWWWW

        • ritual

          don't care, still would

          • Truth

            gay much??

          • Tioii

            2nded. an ass is still an ass.

            • r@f

              nozomi sazaki. she's legit.

    • Truth

      seriously hot sushi

    • Master_Rahl

      super, EXTRA hot. lovin' the slim body. usually I'm into the thicker ladies, but this works on many levels

      • Dick Salad


        "super, EXTRA hot. lovin' the slim body. usually I'm into the younger kiddies, but this works on many levels"

    • gnocco

      gotta love those ladyboys…

    • DaFaq

      did you know that she is under 15?

    • DaFaq

      did you know that she is under 15?

      • Johnniringo

        And that somecrazyhow makes her less hot?

  • Hammer_Pants

    Holy hell.

    • Douchebag

      Fucking blasphemous…youre going to hell

  • TRAP

    they are all boys

    • AsciiAdam

      I find myself looking for an adam's apple first in every pic.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=686232240 Jvee Veneracion

        You can trust the Japanese posts. But #24? I don't think so…

        • Tits McGee

          if you can't tell that's a chick by the slender/curvacious frame, you've probably accidentally fucked quite a few dudes in your time……

    • gnocco

      ladyboys everywhere!

  • dreamkiller

    won't work this time. tsk tsk

    • hMMMM

      Seriously! After that post with the dude's wallpaper being the most famous ladyboy in Thailand…

    • ChiversareFaggots

      Typical chiver's close-mindedness – saw one post of trannies – assume all Asian girls are trannies.
      Typical chiver's humor and creativity – one joke, beat it to death

      • The Dude

        100% agree.

  • Tuff Guy

    #17 Definitely half white, but 100% amazing

    • cmannn

      Grace Park from Hawaii 5-0, definitely all asian

      • Dick Salad

        I find this offensive! I demand to be called by my true race german, irish, french american!

        • McBeastie

          You forgot the dominant culture in your family lineage….asshole.

      • Tuff Guy

        I stand corrected…. Thanks for the name though!

    • quickr

      hawaii 5-0?!? U mean battlestar galactica?

    • Average_Joe123

      Grace Park of Battlestar Galactica fame is all Asian. BSG 4ever.

  • Flicka


  • MissChris

    These girls really walk the line between sexy and adorable. And I like it!
    #1 Jaime Chung is so damn cute!

    • Booya Mcgee

      #1 isn't Jamie Chung.

      • Bucky Jones

        Wow! You're cool.

    • hMMMM

      that's not Jaime Chung that's the Victoria Secret model

      • MissChris

        Wow, you're right, my bad. I had to research that cuz they look a lot alike! Yes, it was hard work searching images of VS models. 😉

    • Master_Rahl

      Chung or not, you can't deny how attractive this woman is.

      • The Great Denial


        • Master_Rahl


    • Guest

      It's Jarah Mariano, She's straight Hawaiian

      • the more you know

        50% of hawaiians do have asian decent (from Filipinos) not exactly sure if she has a lil in her but there's a chance

    • McBeastie

      you walk the line between annoying and intolerable.

      • Guest

        You must be looking at a mirror, cause I can't think of a better way to describe you.

  • LOL

    first…to ejaculate :S

    • 2pumpdump

      dam…late again

  • Raymond

    I may have missed a few galleries. Can someone tell me if Patty lost enough weight for that one girl to take off all her clothes yet?

    • Verbal_Kint

      It was getting too close so she mailed him a cake….

    • Freddy Mercury

      don't lie, you just wanted to see more pictures of Patty sweaty and with his shirt off.

    • eo2

      He is packin it back on now

  • Dick Salad


    …because she looks the least Asian

    • truth

      You mean "he" looks the least Asian

      • Do0zer

        "She" is lizz electric.

      • BigMike

        man, it sound like you are dying for these to be men, lol

  • R2G Fan

    #22 That is a crazy looking urinal.

    • Master_Rahl

      you kiddin' me, that's a big ole ice box to offset the scorching sexiness she's emitting. WHEW!!

      • truth

        I think he was hinting at it being a dude pissing in the ice.

        • Master_Rahl

          yeah, got that. was trying to keep the mental image that this is a chick, I know the folks at the Chive are sick & twisted. It COULD be a dude… I just don't want it to be o_O

  • guestyguest

    And please don't do another asian girl post for a long time.

    • Blacktip

      Do you by chance have a rib removed??

      • sup

        ay ay – i second this.

    • dork

      Is it really that hard to just skip the post if you don't like it?

  • Tom

    Still not wanting to trust The Chive on this one…

    • http://www.tube8.com Simon Phoenix

      – Hate to say it. But I have to agree. I still go into a feedle position and rock and back and forth when I think about the last Asian posting and what REALLY happened after I fapped to it.

      • Nah

        Pic or the "feedle" position never happend!

      • McBeastie

        If you "hated to say it" you wouldn't have posted something that makes you look like a complete ignorant, bigoted jerkoff. But you did.

  • nicky b

    One picture or 100. doesn't matter, they all look the same.

    • Jen

      …said the suburban superstar from Oklahoma. Way to be a retard, Nicky!

      • nicky b

        Actually I live just outside San Francisco. So I KNOW about Asians, trust me. They're everywhere. They can't drive for shit. All the women work in Mani-Pedi shops. Oklahoma my ass…

        • Jen

          read what you wrote again. Do you not realize you sound like an absolute bigot when you say things like "all the women work in mani-pedi shops"?

          • the other Jen

            not his fault that they do…..

            • non-racist guy here

              Yep and Pam Anderson and Madonna look identical too. After all, they're both blonde and white. Idiotic statements by nicky and toj.

          • nicky b

            I'm just saying that's what I see. Bigots and racist people feel hatred toward other races. I don't have any feelings like that inside of me. I just observe and call it like i see it. The latino community works mostly hard labor like gardening or at car washes… That's what I see. So, long story short, suck my balls you skank for calling me a bigot and a retard.

        • paweeze

          goes to tell u how much you know about middleclass asians…..

    • JOHN

      Thank you for reminding us how not hot asian women are. Its impossible to trust that they are not all Thai ladyboys. Gross

      • BigMike

        I can only imagine the ugly bitches that let you bang them. Gross

    • BigMike

      you must be blind or stupid, none of them look alike

      • sup

        they all look a like a man.

        not cool chive.

        • dork

          yeah, 2 billion Asians… Ya think maybe some of them are women? Plenty of white trannies in the world too. Maybe you should just avoid everyone that dresses like a woman to be safe.

  • Rick

    #7 oooh Hero dere i ruv u hoch mama

    • Allen

      Who is this girl?



    • Dirty Dingus

      A crotch shot is not a GAP shot. Stay in your lane.

    • 098409

      that's not a gap, you moron.

  • CaracasChiver

    #3 #12 and #17 FTW


  • https://www.facebook.com/pctechjunkie429 Kyle White

    #28 Maureen Chen ftw!

    Find #6 and #7. MOAR!

    • Skyhigh

      #6 is Sayaka Ando while #7 is Ai Shinozaki

      • wombatsavior

        Ah, but the movie that picture #7 is from is a gravure movie called "Milk Colored Love."

  • Truthie truth truth

    wanna lick the babymaker of #17

    • baam

      That's Grace Park 🙂

      • hybridmx5

        she was kinda a bitch. i was on set since they wanted my bike in a scene. i was trying to take a picture with my cell phone and she called security on me. the rest of the guys were cool especially Alex O'Loughlin. he came up to us to talk story and try out my bike. then he wanted to take group pictures. but i would still bang grace

  • Rick

    I love them all we should have an asian sensation thursdays or fridays

  • Meh.....

    They all look the same?

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