Rogue reporter inserts his own agenda into celebrity photo captions (12 photos)

A reporter for Canada's Globe and Mail went rogue in the captions making fun of celebrities and their excessive "1% lifestyles" while the rest of the country eats shit. We were able to get screenshots of the slideshow before they were removed.


  • Brutal Deluxe

    Looks like he'll have a lot of free time in the near future to join the protest in person

    • Catalystika

      Too bad a few of 'em are obvious photoshops. Look at the ones against the "wine wall" where in one there's a shadow and in the other couple, there aren't. Also, I sincerely doubt that a professional writer would post these captions. More like someone completely different trying to just get a laugh.

      • b.o.l

        "champagne wall" not wine… and a professional writer could get fired for publishing "unprofessional" statements

        • Canuckistani

          Hasn't been fired (yet), ended up getting an interview by the Globe editor about the ruckus she caused. She seems to be having a great time with it too, laughing off the whole thing as satire and cynicism.

          • elbruces

            Clever controversy = pageviews = money. I think she'll be doing just fine.

  • EasternCanuck

    I bet those didn't stay up on the site very long…. lol

  • Matthew

    Got to give the guy some respect, some funny captions as well.

    • Paul

      were they? I mean were they really funny?

      • Matthew


        • Honk


    • @myawfulroommate

      I think mostly the guy came off as an asshole, especially for #8 the dude is a professional polo player hosting a polo event, it's his job.

      Like most of the Occupy Wall street protesters he isn't presenting a clear message and is basically just ineffectually complaining. There are some people out there who know what they believe in and stand for it, but the majority of them are just there because they want to protest something.

  • ......

    kind of lame

    • gutterville

      But truth is sometimes

    • Tim

      someone missed the point…


      you're kind of lame.

  • epayne73

    I don't think he'll have much 'free time' with that kind of sarcastic wit. how long before he's working at The Chive?

    • ?????


    • Nomyia

      Some of the remarks were witty and on point. If his employers can't see this they're dumbasses.



    • Shannon Coverdale

      Not even close you tool

      • COOL GUY


        • Guesty

          TOOL GUY fuck off

          • Guesty


            • pinky

              If you ain't first, than you're last.

              • kudos

                kudos for at least using the proper "you're"

                • hMMMM

                  You noticed that but didn't catch the improper use of the word "then"…

          • pinky

            Hey Guesty, I was going to go as you for Halloween but I can't fit seven dicks in my mouth.

            • Undershooter30

              Nice to know you have tried.

              • quite.

                that was my first thought when i saw the comic that pinky is quoting.

            • Truth

              Guesty's a Chivette?

    • Evil Dung Beetle

      Really? This is still a thing?

  • chicago

    #3 agreed

  • Shawn Bell

    #8 Some of his captions are pretty spot on….

    • SARmedic

      That one had me laughing.

      • 16inchzipper

        Me too. Best of the lot.

    • Jay

      I'd like to see him visit my local drinking establishment dressed like that and count the minutes until
      his ascot is shoved up his ascot.

      • Dave

        Sir if you drink at places where people shove things up others' asses, I've got bad news for you.

    • @myawfulroommate

      he's a professional polo player, that's pretty much what they wear.

  • Squishyduckman

    Bravo to him. We need more news coverage of actual events taking place in the world, not more celebrity tabloid garbage.

    • Patches

      But this IS celebrity tabloid garbage, just with insipid attempts at wit included rather than the usual ass-kissing… But make no mistake, this guy is still a celebrity tabloid reporter (who is trying to make it seem like he isn't)

    • gaz

      here is some coverage for you


    • Randall Gallegos, russia today is the only news network really worth following. they report on WORLD news from all over and dont censor anything. and yes, all of their reporters speak very clear english.

      • Eddie

        They are very biased when it comes to matters pertaining to America.

        • douche

          agreed. very.

      • Rick Blaine

        They are government owned and run; 'nuff said.

      • truth

        Put the cup down and step away from the RT coolaid.

  • daveh873

    Well, the guy bought himself 15 minutes to land a better gig. Take advantage while the getting is good.

    • Tim

      Yeah, since his name is published in every slide, he can take full credit for this…

  • Name?

    is he suggesting a redistribution of wealth? i'm sure i could use that camera more than he can, fork it over you profiteering miser.

  • dan

    Best of luck on your future endeavors.

    That said #8 made me laugh out loud.

    • SimonDPieman

      ditto. he does look like a tool though.

  • golucky

    Soooooo not attending a polo match makes up for all of the world's ills?

    • wes

      Its the idea behind it. Prick.

      • mrgutterballs

        Now this is some good, old fashioned, American political discourse!

    • Randall Gallegos

      the point was that none of these people CARE about the worlds "ills". they dont care about the lower class of people that are the ones buying the tickets to go see their shitty movies and keep them going to polo matches.

    • Mickael Duncan

      It's satire of the way that the media spends a lot more time reporting on the day to day banality of celebrity lives rather than the things that truly matter, rather than making fun of the celebrities. That being said, if people didn't buy so many gossip mags, then newspapers may not feel the need to do the same to keep subscriptions up

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #6 is starting to look a lot like DonnaTubbs

    • TROY

      Still would. Wouldn't be thinkin' 'bout these tough economic times either.

  • Bubba

    That's the ONLY way to caption celeb fotos!

  • Travis Gremillion

    While kind of funny, this idiot doesnt seem to understand the irony that he makes a(probably a pretty good one) living from these ppl.If they weren’t famous and doing these events what would he be taking pics of? What a jackass.

    • Randall Gallegos

      probably the occupy wall street protest. it seems that's what he wanted to cover but was assigned this BS instead, so he made a statement about it.


      Cause clearly after reading his efforts here we can deduce that he is in love with his job. You'rrrrrre….dumb. Goobye.

  • ryancrockett

    He's not a "rogue reporter", just a funny guy who happens to work for a pretty awesome news agency. Every week The Globe posts celebrity photos with similar commentary. The photos are still up on the site:

    • Mason

      Absolutely right, @ryancrockett. Can we get you to fix that, Leo?

    • Kirby

      Yeah I thought I remembered reading his snarky (and not always funny) captions on other albums G&M posted. This guy isn't getting fired any time soon, relax everyone.

  • EZEE

    Can a liberal every be happy? Just asking – always seem pissed off or crying about something.

    And no, happy when your enemies are hurt in some way doesn't count.

    • MylesofStyles

      Alas, I have only one "thumbs-up" to give.

    • teh dude

      yea, cause the republicans have just been happy and chipper the last 3 years…
      Cheering for death seems to bring ya'll smiles tho.

      • EZEE

        Which death? And, I was not asking about Republicans, just liberals. I don't ask to be mean, but really curious. I just see anger at…well, everything.

        Here watch – Hippies crying at trees, while sitting in a forest:

        Bin Laden's death did make me happy, if that is what you are talking about (good job Obama on that one).

        • teh dude

          If you only see liberals angry and not republicans angry as well, then you are only watching half the country.

          Every one is angry, people with power and money tell you what to be angry at depending on where you live, what demographic raised you etc.

          Truth is the vast majority of the country rather get angry over talking points they hear on tv than read a book (in this case on economics) in order to educate themselves as to the actual issues and problems in this country, or any other country for that matter.

          • Ezee

            I am happy.

      • EZEE

        Tried to reply once but it didn't take…

        Oh well – I wasn't saying that Republicans can't complain – just observing that liberals seem mad ALL the time about something. Here watch – Liberals sitting in a forest crying about trees:

        And, which death? I was happy about Bin Laden dying (good job Obama!).

        • teh dude

          i was referring to the recent debates… .but its irrelevant

        • amanda

          It's too bad that this issue isn't seeing more support from both sides. The things these dudes are protesting aren't the policies of one side or the other, but the systemic problems affecting how policy is made.
          This site (… ) lists the proposed demands of the New York group. And while some of these push a little too far and some of them the experts don't even agree about, I hope you can see that this type of conversation could do some good at least.
          Unfortunately, the fact that a bunch of whack jobs are on board with this makes the entire thing lack respectability.

    • map

      Never have seen a happy liberal. They always seem to be in pain. Want something for nothing off the backs of the hardest workers so they can lay around on their ass and continue complaining about the system. What a waste of human effort….

      • Badfish

        Well, at least they dont sit around making gross generalizations about people…

        *rolls eyes*

        • EZEE

          You mean like those crazy tea party people, the heartless corporations, the greedy wall street people, the racist banks….

    • McBeastie

      I see conservatives bitching and moaning about liberals bitching and moaning more than anything.

      • Flicka

        You can honestly look at the world around you and NOT be pissed the fuck off? Repeat after me: If you aren't disgusted and outraged, then you clearly aren't paying attention.

        • BusterDouglas

          I am disgusted and outraged. I am outraged that mindless morons continue to blame Wall Street for the current economic disaster. If these same morons would put a little effort into actually understanding the problem, they'd find progressive policies ARE the problem. Starting back in 1938, when Fannie Mae was created, housing busts have become predictable. In 1951, there was a housing bust. In 1990, 13 years after the CRA of 1977, there was a housing bust. Bill Clinton and Andrew Cuomo re-wrote the CRA under HUD in 1995, using Janet Reno as the enforcer – mandating banks meet certain goals in regards to loans being given to high-risk borrowers. 2008 saw a massive housing bust – 13 years after the banks HAD BEEN REGULATED. If you pay attention, every time the government steps in and mandates banks loan money to people they wouldn't normally loan to, ie: those who are deemed high risk, 13 years later housing busts happen.

          Educate yourself, and never, ever have the fucking gall to say, "The rich tell you who to hate." When you say something that arrogant and ignorant, you let people know you are a mindless fucking sheep.

          Have fun, happy Friday!

          • quintus

            That mandate increased under conservative George Bush.

            There is a difference between actual regulation and then socialist minded legislation. The latter doesn't work too well most of the time, I agree, though the intention is good. Regulation isn't a bad thing either, it makes sure the people in power don't abuse said power. Too much regulation can be counter-intuitive. That is why we should use our words to describe exactly what we want instead of shotgunning everything implying such things like, "regulation is bad." That helps no one. Teddy Roosevelt, conservative progressive, was a huge proponent for trust busting but didn't like it when Taft went overboard with it. His speeches were long and descriptive, so he could tell us what needs to be done. Let's follow his example. Let's not be vague.

            The rewriting of the CRA helped more people afford housing which led to more jobs which led to a better economy that affected everyone's job and living, no one here excluded. While it did contribute to a housing bust in 2008, so did a myriad of other factors, including ill-incentivised finance sector (did you see all the LBO's going on) focusing on short-term growth.

            I don't understand why it's bad to be liberal? Or why it's bad to be conservative? They are both a mindset that contribute to progression. When you brand a whole side saying liberals are this or that, you're discounting a whole group of people and making them defend themselves instead of trying to create a conversation to address a problem. In such a situation, you are more concerned about winning than actually solving anything. And that's sad. Because it seems that's all everyone wants to do nowadays, win. I'm liberal and I'm in finance (wall st.) and I'm not angry, i'm just sad. Then I read John Mauldin and become even more sad.

            • BusterDouglas

              Bush and Greenspan warned of an impending housing collapse, as did anyone who had a bit of common sense. No way could a housing market, whose historical gain has been 2-3%/year, continue on its path of growing by 25-30%/year. No way. It was Chris Dodd and Barney Frank, who stood before Congress, and assured everyone that everything was fine with the housing market.

              Yes, making houses easier to qualify for no doubt helped create more jobs, but it was artificial growth. Creating better incentives for people to invest their money helped spurred job growth as well. That created actual growth, something that could last. When there were fears that Obama would allow the Bush tax codes to expire, the economy suffered. Hell, if you looked closely at the polls during the 2008 Presidential Election, you would've noticed a spike/fall in the DOW according to when Obama or McCain surged in the polls. When support for Obama grew, the DOW decreased.

            • Guest

              W was not is NOT a conservative, niether was his father.

        • Ezee

          Fine. Be born angry, live angry, die angry. You will have made no change in the world and you will have wasted your life.

          Tonight, I am going to see a live band play, to which, since I am that cool, they have already told me they will call me up to sing.

          I just finished my P90x.

          Tomorrow, I will take my boat out, and eff a girl who will come visit me. Then again Sunday morning.

          On Sunday, I will work on refinishing an antique work bench.

          Life is good, sorry about yours.

      • Estée

        And your point is?

    • Guesty

      I love the debate going on here. Especially since the smartest thing any of you have probably ever commented was "MOAR" "FIND HER" "CHIVE ON"….
      Hell in a handbasket

      • Ha.Ha.

        can't wait until your identity is revealed so i can snuff you


      I love how every butt puppet out there is turning this protest into fucking party hacker. Grow some brain cells. Distrubition of wealth, as well as distribution of debt burden does NOT EQUAL PARTISAN POLITICS. Those of you still pretending it does have the exact amount of understanding of wtf is actually going on that the people pulling the strings want you to HAVE. DERP. Keeping idiots fighting between themselves makes it all the easier for the troll instigating it to kite money out of the lot of us. Good job, keep up the job of being cattle.

      • EZEE

        I can go with all that.

        That being said, can a liberal ever be happy? My original question…

    • SneakyPete

      "Die reinste freude ist die Schadenfreude"-Germany

  • Sneaky Pete

    This is awesome.

  • Deez Nutz

    This clown makes his money off these ppl. And he’s calling them out for an “excessive” lifestyle. What a loser. Go down to wall street and start protesting with the rest of the do nothing, life’s not fair bums.

    • EZEE


  • Jeff Martincic

    cool story bro

  • Tyrone Jones

    Celebrities make me want to vomit, but then again so does the aroma from the trust fund hipsters whining about how life isn't fair… and how it sucks to have to work for a job instead of having one handed to you.

    • Hooka

      Do you actually know anyone involved in the making of this or are you just aping what you hear on the news????

      • Badfish

        Fox news, no doubt

    • ImpressMe

      Bitter much? Or is that the aroma of jealousy in the air? Quit yer whining …. if you spent less time worrying about what other people have…and more time working to get what you want…you might have more than you do.

      • Ha!

        Well said… (slow clap)…

    • McBeastie

      Yeah, why should people be so upset about corporate lobbying, bailouts and recession. Sure, those things only effect "trust fund hipsters"?? I'm sure Fox & Friends tells you everything you need to know about everything, but nobody is whining about not having a job handed to them.

      • MikeTyson

        So it all comes down to Fox News and them telling people how to think? Why don't you actually try to think for yourself? An education is not limited to school – you can go out, pick up a book and read. If you took the time to do something like that, you could possibly educate yourself as to why the recession is around.

        Go back in time, to when the government didn't step in when recessions happened. When the government doesn't step in, the recession corrects itself in a quarter or two. A quarter being 3 months, in case a teacher hadn't explained that to you. Now, conversely, when the government steps in and says "I know what is best" by intervening in the economy, recessions last longer, sometimes even becoming depressions.

        Educate yourself. And don't assume those who have an opposing view point tune into Fox News on a regular basis.

        BTW, I don't watch cable news, I just read shit. A lot of shit. Shit about what is going on and why it is going on. I consider myself an American Political History buff. Thomas Sowell is one of my favorite writers/authors.

        • McBeastie

          I'm sorry that me telling someone else that they get their news from fox & friends upset you. Unless you are also Tyrone, I wasn't directing my comment at you. That being said, other than your quickness to insert your knowledge into conversations you're not a part of…what part of my saying people should be upset at bailouts and corporate lobbying doesn't coincide with your viewpoint? Where did I say I get all my knowledge from cable? My beef is with people automatically dismissing protesters because they think they are "trust fund hipsters" and that they are "whining" when all they are doing is exercising their rights.

          • MikeTyson

            You're beef is with people who automatically dismiss protestors because they think they are "trust fund hipsters", yet you dismiss people who have a differing opinion and assume they get their news from Fox & Friends.

            People can be upset about a number of things, but it doesn't mean their frustration or temper is justified. If they took the time to educate themselves, they'd find that progressive policies (which stem from the political party who is currently backing their efforts) are the root of the problem.

            Can you not …wait, it is obvious that you lack comprehension. I didn't say you get all your news from cable, I stated that I did not watch cable news (this way you couldn't say that I get my news from Fox News). And it appears you have no knowledge. Sorry.

  • dashete

    Stupid cool!

    #10 for the win though

  • kigero

    Isn't "the sport of kings" horse racing? Not a major point but since he clearly wanted to undermine the event he should get these things right.

    • Flicka

      Nope. It's Polo. A king would know that.

  • Calvin

    He makes it sound like people care about the occupy wall street losers. Bad enough that they don't work or pay taxes like the rest of us, but we feed them, clothe them, and now pay millions so they can camp out and whine. They're not the 99%. The 99% worked for what they have. We all started with sh!tty jobs and are working or getting more educated.

    • teh dude

      Actually its more like the 90.9% of people who work, not 99%.
      around 15% live below the poverty rate

      • Brutal Deluxe

        I like those odds

      • RoyJonesJunior

        What is poverty in this country? A new car, meals 3x's a day, a roof over your head, access to jobs, a cell phone, cable or satellite tv, a/c or a heater in your home, FAFSA (financial aid so that you can go to college) ?

        If you brought a person living in a fevela to America and told him/her that was poverty, do you think they'd laugh at you or share your pain?

        Yeah, relativity is a motherfucker, ain't it?!

        • Aaron Root

          Poverty in this country is not at all what you describe. And your other question is completely irrelevant to the first. Your argument is poor.


      I work for what I have, I don't have a lot, and I've educated my way through college- Educated enough to read the works of people like Jacques Fresco. Educated enough to have come to understand that this system is delibrately designed to keep the masses down so a select portion can live off that. Some people aren't just "Whining", SOME people are just harder to decieve, SOME people have read into the Lives of Abraham Lincoln, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, just THREE of the names right off the top of my head who by the sheer similitude of their actions against big banking and using debt as leverage, would be down there at the occupation if they were alive today. COUNT ON IT. Go read a book man.

      • Michael Crimmins

        You do realize the system that is deliberately designed to keep the masses down was designed by the men you said would be protesting right?

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