• Hunter X

    I'd hate to hear her moan in bed….

    • Artie

      You know how I know your gay…

    • ProfessorDumbledore

      Something tells me that if you were in bed with her you'd be nowhere near making her moan. Just sayin'.

  • harry

    that's one big kitchen!

    • BleedC&B

      enough with the kitchen BS. Harry my friend, you will never have a girl in your kitchen bro

      • harry

        hahahahaha nice try, my friend

        • SimonDPieman

          I don't believe you guys are friends.

          • J_Dub

            I'm not your friend buddy

            • SimonDPieman

              im not your buddy, brah

              • Paul


              • frypod

                I'm not your brah, pal

              • J_Dub

                "guy" the phrase we were looking for was "I'm not your buddy, guy" To which I would have replied "I'm not your guy, friend" and the cycle would continue…

                • SimonDPieman

                  aaaaaah shit. See i went down the zoolander root. I feel a little ashamed.

      • leoncorleone

        Getting in touch with your feminine side?

    • J.D.

      That joke's getting real old, harry.

      • Jason

        What joke?

    • fasterthanu

      Forever alone.

  • Ouboet

    I'll give that bitch some singing lessons. Bitches love singing lessons.

    • El_Hefe

      what was that lady saying… or trying to say before the mic was in her face?

      • analisbest

        She was begging NOT to be forced to sing. And I'd do her.

  • dalesq

    heh heh heh..she sucks…and not in a good way…

  • femtrooper

    There's a Shakira video like that, she gives the mic to a fan and it sounds like a walrus dying.

    • Natureboy

      she matched her voice perfectly

      • blub_glub

        link or it didn't happen

      • 2cool4skool

        Lol, nice.

  • Dan

    Wow, I'd expect that from a 14 year old, not a 40 year old.

  • Hammer_Pants

    Sounds like that lady was on a field trip from a Deaf and Blind School.

    • WhatHappened?

      I'm going with a brain aneurysm.

  • Iam_Dave

    her 15 seconds…wasn't even 15 seconds. Go make me a sandwich or learn to steal the spotlight! lol

    • ThatGuy

      I'd say she stole the spotlight. Would we even be watching a clip from that concert if it wasn't for her?

  • http://www.reposted.us/2011/10/beyonce-fan-provides-the-funniest-15-seconds-of-my-week-video/ Beyonce fan provides the funniest 15 seconds of my week (Video) : Reposted

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  • http://twitter.com/thetaletwister @thetaletwister

    She would regret it her entire life..trust me…

  • Moogli

    Girl: I will sing you the song of my people.
    Beyonce: Uhhhh, no you won't.

  • GarlicInYourEye

    There's 14 seconds I'll never have back….

    • Craigery

      How'd you get the other second back?!

    • RamRod

      This was indeed retarded.

  • Htisss

    lmao…that is some good shit.

  • DrLeppiwinks

    wow…. just wow

  • medtxpack


  • DMAC

    Sounds like she has been stomping grapes…

    • Jas

      Thanks DMAC, was banging my head trying to recall where I heard that exact same tone. All we need now is a mix of the two side by side…

  • Tuff Guy

    Find her!

  • MammyNun3

    surprise anal sex.

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    oH SHit that was BAD

  • SpacemanSpiff_

    There! I sang, now take my picture

  • Jimmy Bags

    Sounds like a goat getting slaughtered.

  • Anonymous

    Hope her cooking skills are better

  • MylesofStyles

    I find it immensely gratifying to know there's someone out there with a much worse voice than I.

  • Mr. H


    • Mr. H

      that sounded like a tiger being pulled by its balls-fur/hair….

      • somegirl

        nop, its like…. dicks!!!!

  • dan

    How many people were grabbing Beyonce's tit as she was walking by? I lost count.

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