Hot Right Now: I didn’t choose the tug life, the tug life chose me (45 Photos)

Eyes way up close are just insane (18 Photos)

If you ask me, eyes up close look like sky views of vast landscapes/terrains, or even universes in some cases. I know, mind blown. More amazing eye photography by Suren Manvelyan at his site HERE.


  • Commando00


  • Michael Alen Pugh

    #1 VAGINA, #2 PENIS. Mind blown… lol

  • mickey

    i couldn't stop staring, they all look like they are constantly dilating. its probably from a ll the acid i did in high school…

  • whorehouse

    Am I the only who was grossed right out when it came to the human eyes?

  • Random_Things

    #11 a lake with cliffs either side. #12 an impact crater, also with a lake. They're all amazingly beautiful though.

  • Rob

    #1 is Sauron teen yearw

  • dragon30

    some scary shit but cool

  • browneyedgirl

    i am highly disturbed by picture #15 and whatever comes after, i feel sick look at 15, human eyes are creepy, my stomach lurched when i saw them, mind shedding some light on why we are so disturbing??

  • jbomb

    to bad no goat or cuttlefish. they are REALLY wierd.

  • Freedom Jackson

    eye know eye know its creepy

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