A powerful user submit: meet Landon Carpenter (13 Photos)

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"Please meet Landon.. his dad Marine LCPL Andrew Carpenter made the ultimate sacrifice while serving on his second deployment with the 3/8 in Afghanistan earlier this year.. a month before his son was born. In the picture, to the right, Andrew Paul Carpenter's dog tags dangle from his dusty boots. A small Bible, bookmarked with his wedding announcement, rests on the floor beside them."
Thank you Paul for sending this in. Paul took the time to contact Crissie Carpenter (widow and mother) to run this post. Words on a web site will never do justice, thank you to the Carpenter family and fallen Andrew Carpenter.
Source of art by Marine Combat Artist Rob Bates and additional photos here
Source 2
Source of lead photo by Marcia Truitt

Source of art by Marine Combat Artist Rob Bates and additional photos here
Source 2
Source of lead photo by Marcia Truitt

  • K Hitchcock

    My Heart is so proud of your Dad and at the same time It hurts for you.Stay close to God and Your mommie.

  • Jennifer T.

    Such a lovely and beautiful picture! It really brings a tear to my eyes and a warmth to my heart. I hope your friends and family find peace! Blessed Be!

  • J. T. GUNN

    My heart and prayers go out to you and your son, and my heart goes out to your husband for serving and protecting our country and freedom. God bless you and landon.

  • Tina

    Thank You to all service men and women who have served our country, GOD BLESS YOU ALL and Our hearts go out to you and Landon Thank You both for sharing your loved one with all of uf!!!!

  • Barbara

    All I can Say is your dad gave his life for a reason in which he stood for. You and yor mom are not alone I feel perhaps you have a guardian angel who watches over the both of you. I do however kind of understand your moms pain although I have never lost a husband to this stupid thing we call war. I have lost a brother. Not the same war as you lost your dad but a war as you grow older you will read about in your history books. It was called viet nam. And unlike your dad he had never fallen in love, or had a son to carry on his name. he was 19 when he was killed. So carry your dads name prowdly and know that he never wanted to leave you or your mother. God just needed a special Angel so he took your dad.

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