An American Badass (26 Photos)

  • B Line (@asylumstudio)


  • Jeff Dearing

    Oh yeah! Got my T-Shirt.

  • TheDude


  • the other Jen

    umm, thumb me down but idk who this is…a little help here?

    • James E Lawrence

      The greatest tv character on a show called Parks and Recreation… pretty much a badass kinda like Macgyver and Clint Eastwood mixed with a Honey Badger!

    • Jim

      Its Ron Fucking Swanson

      • the other Jen

        honey badger doesnt care! thanks, James.

  • yo yo ma

    People are trying too hard to make Ron Swanson and Bill Murray cool.

    • jeremy

      gtfo ——–>

    • max

      said the guy who's never seen Parks and Rec and feels left out. Sack up, yo yo ma

    • george

      that's such a piss poor statement, I can only assume you're trolling. If you're not, I feel bad for you, your family, whatever horrific youth you had, and the girlfriend you'll never have.

    • Silky Johnson

      I'm with this guy 100%. I love both bros, but you don't suppose theChive is telling you how cool these guys are….so you'll buy shirts from them?

      • Bill

        and what's wrong with that? Last thing I'm going to do is hate on the chive for being successful. it's a smart move and Ron is popular. they're capitalizing on it, good on 'em

        – a capitalist

        • Wayne

          I'm a little older but I'm in agreement. In my day (I know I know) if somebody was successful, we aspired to know what they know, we wanted to learn how it was done.

          Now a successful marketer, businessman, hustler, playboy, entrepreneur, is hated on mostly. It's a scary thing to watch imho. The chive has earned their stripes. From what I've read they were self-funded on credit cards and high-interest personal bank loans. they took massive risks and they earned the reward. sell some t-shirts, boys. Enjoy the American Dream.

          • Silky Johnson

            Hey I can dig it. And I'm with you, I genuinely tip my cap to theChive. They have unbelievable brand-loyalty, not to mention demand for their products – and that type of stuff doesn't happen by accident. When you consider what products/services they actually provide on a daily basis, and how they're able to successfully capitalize and sell merchandise from that, it really is borderline brilliant.

            But with that being said, some of the fanboys need to not geek out everytime theChive tells em they can buy something. I know ragging on fellow Chivers is always frowned upon, but I earned my player hater of the year award.

      • Summersbean

        agreed. wtf with these two?

      • Jak

        If you are stupid enough to buy something that you don't want because someone else has it or tells you to, well then, I've got some land in Florida for sale!

    • Matty Rochelle

      Bill 'Fucking' Murray is a legend!!! Do not dis!!

    • slag

      "People are trying too hard to make Ron Swanson and Bill Murray cool"…….. This from a dude named "yo yo ma"!

      • Anon

        hey man, yo yo ma is fucking awsome…next t-shirt?

    • A BiPolar Guy

      I can't agree. I don't personally think either is as cool as some do, but I don't think anyone is trying to make them cool so much as acknowledge that they are so.

      BTW I think the coolest thing about Bill Murray is the way he seems to show up at random ordinary places around the country and visit with people. Even the most friendly celebrities don't usually join you at your party. He does.

      • Jay

        That's because everyone buys them free drinks and food.

    • flare

      You should have just posted with the name "thumbmethefuckdown"

    • j22

      THANK YOU!

      • Bill Murray


    • quichurbichin

      or not hard enough

    • j09

      THANK YOU!

    • @TheDJ_Llama

      They don't need to try, they already are.

    • bilygote

      Yo Yo Ma, its ok to be gay. But don't let it bleed into your chive postings. It's gays like you that give "gay" a negative connotation.

  • bacon_n_eggs

    #3- TOO chummy; an American BA would never make that mistake

  • jrey81

    #9 confirmation received…and now we wait. THANKS CHIVE!

    • You're a loser

      I bet you wait until payday to spend all of your check on the chive don't you.

  • James E Lawrence

    #22 and buying a chive T isnt that hard either for true chivers! Just got mine!

    • Paul

      unless you have a job

      • Bill Murray

        or a life at all.

  • and your point is

    yo yo ma is really cool as well

  • tom

    This post will fall into two categories:

    The people who watch Parks and Rec and understand how great this man is
    And the people who have never seen it b/c CSI Miami is on

    #9 for life

    • MAX_POW

      Never watched P & R in my life…i guess if is that much of a sensation, i should. Lets see what is all the fuzz about

    • Catalyst

      I've seen it and yes ron swanson is awesome but I don't have a "show" I follow like a midaged woman. I'm guessing you also watch shows about housewives.

    • Rob

      I've watched both show and to be honest they both suck and are highly over rated.

  • jason strut

    #1, #2

    this man… this is the man

    • The Dude

      I See what you did there…

  • will


    “The less I know about other people’s affairs, the happier I am. I’m not interested in caring about people. I once worked with a guy for three years and never learned his name. Best friend I ever had. We still never talk sometimes.”

    • jrey81

      one of his best!

  • JRenee

    I want one!!! Can you please make them for girls too?? 😦

    • Robert Romeril


      • JRenee

        douche…bag… 😛 haha

  • Grahamapotomus

    Hells Yeah! Got the shirt! It will go well with the Chive T-Shirt collection I've got going!

  • SuperDanMan4290

    #22 – Legit


  • dustin

    #22, #17

    I love Ron (man love). Got my shirt. thanks, Chive

  • Dan

    Ron Swanson, a true legend. I have a picture of him in my cube. At the bottom, it simply says, "Hero."

  • Seán Nutley

    Look up Nick Offerman canoes building. Ron Swanson must be based off of the actor who plays him. He's got an instructional line of videos teaching you how to build a canoe. No moustache though.

  • Shawn

    just ordered my Ron Swanson, got my Bill Fucking Murray last week, cannot wait to wear them

    • Ivoidwarranties

      Congrats. I don't understand the negative votes. Appearently no one can be happy for a fellow Chiver.

      • Shawn

        maybe people dont like that I was able to nab both shirts, I sat around waiting for them to be released this time

  • togas

    Let me know when you actually have stock of your shirts so I can get more than one and avoid paying over $9 in shipping per shirt.

    • whodat

      $9 in shipping, it better be next day fedx

      • togas

        UPS Ground

        UPS Overnight ~ $50

  • Coldzilla

    #13 "An hour ago an entire fireball consumed my entire face and it was far preferable to spending another second with you."

  • Jim

    I'm A little disappointed there wasn't a picture of the Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness. Google it if you don't know it.

    • Brian


      • Jim

        Yeah I realize that picture it there, but can you read what is on the pyramid of greatness? I guess I could have been more specific: I the picture of the pyramid of greatness where everyone can easily read what is so great about the pyramid of greatness

  • Catalystika

    #2 looks like it would definitely give you the meat sweats… but… wouldn't it still be worth it?

    • jrey81

      i applaud you for knowing and using the term "meat sweats"!

      • Catalystika

        Personal experience, unfortunately. The Quadruple Bypass. Here's a link that tells you all about it. Finished about 3/4ths of it, and then was done. Figured I'd save the rest for later.

        • jrey81

          wow, if i ever make it out to michigan, i gotta check this! You my friend must try a CHURRASCARIA if you haven't already. Choice meats, cooked however you want in an unlimited supply. Brazillian bbq spots are the best but ALWAYS result in the meat sweats.

          • Catalystika

            Churrascaria… not familiar, but I want to be. I'll see if there's anything like that around where I live. Here's hoping.

  • Tuff Guy

    Bill Murray is cool. Ron Swanson is gay. Parks & Recreation is an unfunny ripoff of The Office, which isn't that funny either. Gimme some Curb your Enthusiasm. Chive should make a Larry David shirt instead.

    • Dan

      Curb your enthusiasm is the exact same fucking thing as Seinfeld, except there's no Kramer. The black guy is pretty funny but still, no kramer no funny. Seinfeld was the least funny character on the show. Larry David is just writing Seinfeld episodes that swear and he tries to act out himself. The show sucks ass.

      • Bill

        you are out of your fucking mind! Curb is the shit. Running up the stairs and mocking someone in a wheel chair because they can't climb them is comedy gold.

      • Tuff Guy

        @Dan- You sir are a fool…. Parks & Rec still sucks donkey dick.

    • Ivoidwarranties

      You don't like Ron Swanson. You don't like Parks & Rec. You don't like the Office.
      Why are you on here?

      • laugher

        tits and ass.. :p

    • TDP

      Tuff Guy… Noone likes you… really no one…I just wanted you to know…. Parks blows the office out of the water… your obviously jewish… and thats cool… but your opinions are ignorant… they tend to go hand and hand… now go and complain about something else, because its obviously what you do best….and since your jewish… tuff guy is obviously an oxymoron…

  • mvbats

    My first Chive shirt. Pumped.

    • Ivoidwarranties

      I'm happy for you. Sad for me.

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