• Franklin1138

    British L96A1 rifle?

    • Stan_Dalone

      you and my son both have incredable knowledge of weapons. I have no clue how you can tell what it is as it looks to me like a sniper rifle with a suppressor DUH

      • Franklin1138

        Ha ha. Thanks. It's just that I've been fascinated with firearms and all things military since I was 13 (which, incidentally was when the first Gulf War happened…I collected all manner of articles and pictures on the different services from ours and other countries). They're an art form to me, and I find many of them to be beautiful.

        • Stan_Dalone

          btw I hope you don't mind I chose to follow you. I give you thumbs up and if some puts you down I try to over come that for you. gotta stick together, it helps lol

          • FuckoffStan

            Wow so you sit there an pontificate (have someone look up that word for you dumbass) about how Paula gets so many thumbs up and you get so many thumbs down because of her "minions" and youre doing the exact same fucking thing! You give thumbs up or down for the comment moron, not for the person whos saying it.

            Once a fucking hypocrite, always a fucking hypocrite

  • etcrr

    sweet picture thanks for the info Franklin

  • Franklin1138

    You got it! I'm always happy to share knowledge. It may look familiar to you if you've ever played CounterStrike…the L96 is in the same family as the AWP/AWM sniper rifle from that game. Just that the L96A1 is chambered for the standard NATO 7.62mm round and the AWP/AWM is chambered for some crazy .338 Lapua or something like that. Pretty cool website. They have a nice gallery of pics from the rifles being used, most of which are British Army pics. Plus they have a feature where you can build your own rifle, but it doesn't look like it'll print a picture…just the specs.

  • Anonymous

    It’s pic’s like this I use as motivation.

  • Susann

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