• creance


    • Troll of Truth

      Maverick would have done it without wires!

    • somedude

      First dork

  • http://www.facebook.com/conor.hickie Conor Hickie

    Dunno if i'd be able for that carry on.

  • YNoMe?

    I hate my job..

  • KiTT



    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1574538852 Harm Harmsen

      Are you that slow in typing..?

    • Charlie

      you are not…

    • Tyler Durden


    • chuck

      just chuck testa

  • Jimmy2Shoes

    The aliens would have saved him if he fell…

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1064188593 Josh Gorter

    Not sure why but anytime I see the name "Viddler" I laugh a little.

    • Mission possible

      Viddler rhymes with Diddler

  • Pinche Manny

    I would Pee the moment i regained my consciousness…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/evelyn.ponce Evelyn Ponce Quintero

    he's still a weirdo…

    • mouchette

      Who cares; his movies, for the most part, are great.

  • Pokepoke

    Hes still a douche tho…

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1064188593 Josh Gorter

    Now that the vid is working it's pretty cool, even though he is a border line midget.

    • The Peoples champ

      haters gonna hate

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1064188593 Josh Gorter

      Midgets only count as 1/4 of a person

  • Cogburn

    How many times does Tom Cruise have to jump out of a building before he gets it right…? Somebody get me the cartoon scissors.

  • USMC8654Justice

    if that was me it would take me about two weeks for my butt hole to unpucker so i could shit again.

    • Stan_Dalone

      I know that seal and swat teams do this all the time, but damn

    • rossy

      lol very good

  • Troy1007

    Fuck that!


    im just watchin it for the batman clip before the movie

  • theyellowfever

    I'd rather see Incredibles 2.

    • Craig

      THAT'S what I am talkin' about! Yes! That director needs to get back to making a the sequel to one of the best movies of all time! The Incredibles was AWESOME!

  • Dan

    I'd still rather be afraid of heights than afraid of pu$$y.

    • SARmedic


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1292984176 Brett Messenger

    how can someone so awesome believe scientology? the world is a mysterious place

    • Katoun

      Everyone has the right to chose in what to believe.
      The equivalent of what you said is:
      How can you believe in what you believe and why don't you believe in what I believe.
      Looking at it from this new perspective it is not that cool, right?
      PS I will not give you a thumbs down as what I have written is just a statement and I do not hate you 😀

      • houtini

        He never said he believed in anything. Thumns down to you.

    • Passerby

      How can some people so smart and awesome believe in god? It’s the same thing…
      Neither is more right than the other.

      • Aaron

        So true…how is Zombie Jesus and God and Moses and all of that stuff(resurrection, immaculate conception, etc) any more ridiculous than volcano aliens and all the other scientology stuff? If you are religious and it works for you thats great, but it cracks me up when one religion shits on the other one for being "crazy" or "ridiculous". Sorry, not trying to flame anyone..it's just a pet peeve.

        That being said this stunt that Tom Cruise is doing is awesome. Most hollywood actors won't take a fall out of a chair without a stunt double and Tom is doing this crazy shit!

      • houtini

        How about the only sane choice : atheism ?

      • diehardcard

        Most scientific explanations for the origins of the universe start something like "In the beginning there was nothing and then out of this nothing came (energy or whatever) that resulted in the Big Bang." The problem is that you just made something come out of your nothing, which means that your nothing was something. Nothing means nothing (no matter, no light, no energy, NO THING). If something can't come from nothing, and the universe is obviously filled with a lot of "something," then something has to be eternal (outside of time). Most people call that something that is eternal "god."

    • Fez

      I literally just had this conversation with someone an hour ago

    • http://www.facebook.com/happykyd Brett Garrett

      au contraire, it could be that though it appears mysterious, it is the work that he has done as a result of his beliefs that gives him the focus and courage to do these sorts of things, btw i have serious misgivings about scientology but also recognise there's a little truth at least in everything

  • JOHN

    remember the guy who climbed this building without any safety harnesses? remember how tom cruise is gay?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1174860146 Shawn Bell

      Remember how that gay guy would kick the dog shit out of you rather than talk shit on you…?

    • Holmespump

      Rebecca DeMornay, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, Katie Holmes… How do you define "gay?"

      • Kris

        I'm glad someone said it!

  • Jim

    I'd love to do that!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002059474696 Vince Weaver

    What does his personal beliefs have to do with the amount of BALLS it takes to do that? Did ya notice there were no cameramen or directors strapped to a harness to get the shots?

    • WallStreetPro

      It's honestly not that bad. I hate snakes but I rock climb and skydive and base jump. I am the 1%

      • facts please

        STFU……the 1% are the millionaires+. I don't the validity of your statement. Crawl back into your momma's basement.

        • TheRealSnowman

          And you, sonny, get the fuck back to school and learn some propper English, FFS!

          • Good point

            Like "propper"

        • facts please


          I don't accept the validity of your statement.

  • rabblerabble

    he just pretended he was climbing a giant cock…..it was the best day of his life

    • Busternut


    • myc

      i literally just laughed out loud

  • SkyVader

    "Oh my Xenu….Oh my Xenu…..Oh my Xenu…."

  • DanielB

    Ok WOW

  • 'berto

    Since you sent out the invitation:

    He’s an arrogant, overpaid, overinflated, undertalented dirtbag who isn’t worth any more to me than the neighbor’s dogshit-filled lawn, and the only thing with his name tagged on that I would pay to see is him falling and bouncing off the pavement like the sack he is.

    • Hundee

      How do you really feel?

      • stephen

        but yet you still watched the video…for someone who doesn't care why watch it??

    • Coldzilla

      Wow – to dislike someone is fine but to wish death upon them?


    • Rooster

      I would say what I want about Tom Cruise, but then $cientology lawyers would be all up in my ass. You know, like how all those dudes are up in Tom's ass.

    • Wolf

      So, you're in love with him then?

    • jpadawan

      Haters Gonna Hate. I would LOVE 2 see YOU try that… I'll count the seconds till you pee yourself.

    • too funny!

      LMAO @ 'berto, rabblerabble Dan, and Cogburn!! awesome posts…
      Cogburn and 'berto, i will hold those visuals close to my heart! lolololol.
      anyone who defends his "religion" knows little to nothing about it.

      oh! and 'berto…you forgot "suppressive" and a "psycho-hypocritical, self-loathing, midget, homophobe with a napoleon complex."

    • mokash

      Get a life dude. You seem like a bitter douche to feel that way about someone just b/c you disagree with his beliefs.

      His personal beliefs have zero impact on that awesome stunt and yea, his movies are pretty good too.

  • katie

    There is no way I could do that

    • Guesty

      that's b/c you're a fatass

      • Regular

        He should know he is also a fatass.

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