• http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1102047130 Thom Stokman

    She is an idiot…

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1102047130 Thom Stokman

      Oh lol didnt watch the whole thing..

      • Sonoran Desert

        You're an idiot…

    • Mike

      How is SHE the idiot?

      She was enforcing the law, and making sure the good guys don't abuse their power.

      She's awesome! The Chive should send her a T-shirt!

      • Jay

        Somebody needs to police the police. And based on that last statement, this wasn't the first time a MPD car went flying up that road. She's just the first to pursue because she thought the cruiser was stolen.

        She did everything in the right. A cop can't speed. Their lights have to be activated if they're on call, or in pursuit (as she did). And even though cops are allowed to use cruisers as a personal vehicle to and from home (a perk of the job), you can't act as though you're above the law because of it.

        • Legs

          @Jay Agreed mostly, but not true: Many calls are underway under a strict "No Lights" or "No Siren" or "No Lights/Siren". Mostly this is for raids, but still, police can and do speed on legitimate calls with no warning. It's even in the 10 dash in any city, as in 10-4 = affirmative, 10-256 = sirens only, 10-257 = sirens only, etc. The numbers have been changed to protect the innocent.

          • Legs

            edit: 257 = no lights/sirens.

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=507040962 Kieran O'Halloran

      Really ? She is an idiot because she applied the rule of law to a police officer?

    • Jak

      Fuck the police!

      • 8===><===8

        i appreciate the originality of this comment, and the level of thought that went into it.

      • The Queeeen

        "Fuck the police!!!…… UNTIL I GETS MY STUFFS STOLEN, THEN I CALL 9-11 AND TELL THEM TO COME QUICK!!!!!!"

        • thedarksideofthesound

          They would not do anything anyways.

          • McBeastie

            Hey! They fill out a piece of paper and tell you that you will never get your stuff back. That's something.

          • TheQueeeen

            Doesn't keep the POPO-hating victims from calling anyway.

          • Proy

            Obviously, I wouldn't help out an @$$hole either.

    • Mitch

      Agreed. She's a fucking tool.

      • Proy


    • Pauly

      Your mom's a trooper?

      • Pauly

        Oh lol didnt read the whole thing..

  • Bob

    wow…what a moron…only in Merica

    • That Guy...

      she confiscated his man card.

  • Mandalor

    Blatent abuse of power. Nothing Shocking.

    • The_Dood

      In a town near me a few years ago a cop was going down the street and turned his lights on about 25 feet before an intersection to run the red light, and t-boned a civilian car driving through the intersection. Pretty sure he got paid leave for a month… A few of my friends actually witnessed it.

      • Mandalor

        Same thing happened in my state and the trooper killed the occupants of the car.

        • The_Dood

          Yeah, luckily in this case there were no injuries.

  • Bahamo

    I have always said that if I ever became a cop, I would give citations to other cops all the time for all the illegal shit that they pull.

    • SuperDanMan4290

      I agree,
      I would do the same as well, I just can't stand seeing officers abuse of their roles. but yet, can't keep check on other officers. I give this officer Credit where it's due.


    • Final

      Funny thing, in my area cops speed everywhere with the lights off. They are told to by the chief so they don't disturb the city on the way to calls at 3 am. But then again unlike this guy they are on calls. . . if they have to get on the freeway though lights come on so the state troopers mind their own business.

      • CA LE

        The biggest reason why we don't respond with our lights on is because we don't want people knowing we are coming. Plus it would just be asinine to respond to every call with lights/sirens. Kind of hard to apprehend the bad guys if they all know we are coming to get them… Light's and sirens are purely there for civilian safety to say "get the fuck out of my way, I am on my way to a place where someone's life is in danger."

    • b52

      Ever heard of Internal Affairs? Ever wonder why they're so despised by other cops? Cops are trained to watch out for each other, and even put their lives at risk protecting each other. A cop who gives other team members shit for "petty" things such as a speeding ticket (though 120mph is insane) would be seen as a traitor. Would you want to be personally despised by the only professionally trained and equipped group of people you can count on to come get your back when a situation on the street gets hairy? I didn't think so.

      Good on the trooper for pulling over the miami cop. Even hitting a pothole at 120mph could have sent that squad car railing into an innocent car.

      • john connor

        Agree with most, but you're a moron anyway. Hitting a pothole at 120 doesn't do shit but make a bump, if anything less noticeable at 120 than at 60.

    • jack adams

      you would be extremely busy for a while and then dead. They would not like you giving tickets to your bros

    • ChaseTheWalker

      Cause you're perfect, right?

  • Whiskyb

    Throw his ass in jail, they would to me

  • jdfish2279

    I might get crap for this, but kudos to the trooper. A police officer is to enforce the law, not break it. Clearly he was not in a high speed chase and was simply abusing his status.

    • iambigd42

      Anyone who would give you crap for saying what you did would flat out be a moron. Nicely put…

    • Owen Smithers

      Concur. I hope everyone will also apply the same idea to the Constitution of the United States. Please read and consider if the highest law in the land is being followed. Reference first Article 1, Section 8, and then the 10th amendment.

      • Jiv

        Way too much details…. 😉

        • Owen Smithers

          Details are critical to maintaining your liberty, man! Just take a sec and read it. It's really really important. Freedom didn't come free.

          • j22

            This attitude is why we will lose it all. (Jiv) It's the norm here. And socialism is all but inevitable.

  • Lefty8

    Cop on cop crime.

  • Sean

    Fuck the Police! What a punkass…

  • Tomas

    The Miami officer was the jerk by endangering the lives of other drivers because he was late for another job. I hope he gets fired…from both jobs.

  • Erok

    120 MPH!?
    Take away that assholes license. You or me gets caught doing that and we'll never drive again.

    • Final

      I got pulled over doing 181 and got a warning 😀 XD 😛

      • Jay

        Were you a naked supermodel and blew the officer?

    • Trent

      What are you basing that on, moron? I got pulled over doing 126 and was written two tickets. Went to court and plead guilty to one, got a fine, and never paid it. I'm a free man. People have literally dozens of tickets on their record, some multiple dui's, and still have their license. You have no idea what you're talking about, and either do the 56 idiots who thumbed you up.

      • Erok

        Well I hoe you blow a tire next time you're going 126 on a public road and crash your shit into a fucking wall. You and the pig.

    • fool

      they almost always go that fast. ive never actually seen a cop on the highway doing under 100 mph. they always pull shit like this. im glad this guy actually got called out on it. ive seen cops doing 100 in a 50, see a yellow light up ahead, then put on his lights just so he can go right through the red light without having to slow down. its ridiculous.

      • Legs

        The reason being: you can't catch speeders going slower than they do, but nice try.

  • GPwnsauce

    lol specially in miami., i live near miami and this doesnt surprise me at all

  • dan

    The "Being late for something" excuse has NEVER gotten me out of a ticket either.

  • chuck

    she much be on the rag. thats why the officer is so angry with the yelling.

    • Nicnac

      Chase someone for 4+ minutes at 120mph and see how angry you get.

  • Anonymous

    What ever happend to looking after your own???? Even if she thought it was stolen, a gun drawn is way over what any prudent civilian would see as excessive. Then handcuffing him… WTF??? It’s more than evident he is carrying all the relevant items necessary of a cop…. This stupid Sheila is a paranoid psycho that needs an arse kicking from her superiors… If she was to go to a job and needed back up, as a cop, I would let her get shot by stupid crack head!!!

  • Unfkngblvbl

    I say give him a citation…he doesn't need to be cuffed and arrested. He may be a speeder, but he's not a criminal. He's still a cop and highly trained to drive at those speeds. Waste of taxpayer money on both sides.

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=507040962 Kieran O'Halloran

      yes highly trained, but not using his safety equipment i.e. lights and sirens to be able to drive safely at those speeds.

      • ChaseTheWalker

        Lights and siren don't make it safer to drive fast. In fact it makes in more dangerous because you get idiots that freak out when they see red and blue lights. Like slam on their brakes in front of the police car cause their clueless asses don't know what to do and they panic. MOVE TO THE RIGHT, then stop.

    • Officer Handley

      She believed the car was stolen and had no idea what to expect from the person. She followed correct protocal.

      • JerkFace

        Also, he was mexican

        • ChrisHouston

          And how do you know that? In that area, more likely Cuban but I guess it's all the same to you.

        • dan

          There's no Mexicans in Miami. He's Puerto Rican.

          • Der_Takken_Ar_Jowbs

            Puerto rican's are just mexicans that can swim

    • Sully

      120mph? no idea what happens in florida but if you get pulled over in massachusetts going that fast you get cuffed and have to go to court, not just given a citation… plus it look him almost 5 minutes to pull over, i can understand him not pulling over right away thinking theres no way shes pulling him over but after a full minute of following right behind you going in-between lanes with you, then he knew she was trying to pull him over

    • Maytrix

      He is a criminal.

      1) He was off duty
      2) He was speeding without his lights going
      3) He was speeding for no lawful reason

      I believe until a police car puts its lights on and has reason to speed, that they have to obey all the laws just as the rest of us do. If a civilian would be arrested at 120mph, then he should be too.

      • Legs

        This. ^ ^

    • Saaabin

      I have gotten caught going 125mph on a completely vacant road. I have my SCCA license and am also trained to drive at those speeds. and I was doing it in a car way better equipped to do it in than any crown vick in the world. I was cuffed and spent the night in jail.

      Good for her, although I bet she lost her good ol'boys club card.

      • heyo

        Who gives a shit if you are physically able to drive that fast? Even if you are licensed to race and have a 'well equipped' car. That's not what matters. The fact is, you're breaking the law. Secondly, you may have excellent control over what you do with the car, but you have no control over the possibility of an animal, human, another car, or any kind of debris popping up on the road right in front of you. It's just not safe. Same exact argument applies to the video, and I congratulate the trooper. However, I'm not saying you, the cop in the video, or anyone else who speeds are evil. Just gotta get your head straight.

        • Saaabin

          I forgot to add, I totally deserved what I got.

          I just think that ass hole cop deserved the same.

    • jack adams

      you must be a cop

      • Killinem

        Defiantly a cop………a big douchbottle cop at that

  • Leon

    what a chode, throw his ass in genpop

    • Geaux Tigers

      I have to disagree with Genpop. Ive worked in a prison for years and have seen what happens to people who used to be cops. It is very ugly. This guy may need to be reprimanded, but he would be beaten within an inch of his life in general population. That is quite a high price to pay for speeding, regardless of how fast.

      • Legs

        "On the streets this cop and his pig friend broke my legs, my rib, and my jaw. Tsk Tsk Tsk"

        "You broke THAT jaw?"

        "Cuz I was having a bad day!"
        "Like now?"
        "Like NOW!"

  • Anonymous

    I love that lady. She should get promoted. Cops are not above the law so they shouldn’t break the same laws they enforce. No need to do 120 mph cause your going to be late. TW

  • Ryan

    My GF saw a cop put on his lights to cross a red, forced someone already crossing the intersection to slam on his brakes, cop turns off his lights as soon as he is across the intersection. Chicago PD, none finer. Doesn't deserve to be fired, but I'm glad she pulled him over.

    • Mike

      I see this in Toronto all the time as well.

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=674694606 Danny Daly

      Happens everywhere. My dad owned a bar on a busy road with no way to turn into from the other side unless u made a u-turn. Unfortunately the light had no u-turn posted and cops wrote tickets all the time. The same cops always made u-turns to get to the gas station next door. A lot of cops are just assholes and hypocrites, some are good but the majority are pricks!

    • Akiko

      see this all the time in Houston and Katy Texas, so i say justice finnaly served.

    • Error-u-Id10t

      They do that when on calls and need to get across quickly. Its normal and I applaud them for quickly going form one cal to the next, ya know so that rapist can be caught(or robber, murder, etc etc.)

      • uh...

        EXACTLY what i was going to stay. and sometimes they need to arrive as announced as possible.

      • Phil

        Then why not leave them on all the time when "on calls?" Also, if they didn't "want to be announced," then they shouldn't show up in a police car or a uniform. If you're hoping the person can't see you, then just make the lights separate from the siren (they do) so they can't hear you.

        They do this to avoid waiting in traffic. Don't try to justify or excuse it. If they're doing it for the reasons you say then its still not a good enough reason. Use them the whole time while on call or not at all.

        • ChaseTheWalker

          If the cop didn't actually have anywhere he was going what would be the advantage of turning on lights to "avoid waiting in traffic?" What would be the purpose of going through a red light just to keep driving in circles like they do when not going to calls. Think before you speak.

    • ChaseTheWalker

      It's called responding to an emergency. You don't always want sirens blazing. How are you going to catch anyone if they hear you coming and run away before you get there. This is a completely justified procedure by law and most agency policies.

    • Rob

      the camera on the dashboard is turned on and a record is made everytime the the lights are activated. You cant get away with doing that, Ive heard of cops getting caught doing things like that.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=77100504 Kyle Bartley

      Sometimes they have to get somewhere fast but don't want to arrive with lights and sirens blaring so that everyone knows. Or they dont want to force everyone driving along the road to pull over. Logic, it can be your friend.

    • rip

      I once saw a cruiser turn on his lights and turn in front of a chevy suburban almost causing an accident, just so he could go to Dunkin Donuts. Seriously…. Fuck the police.

  • felix43

    This seems like an abuse of power on both sides. But having her gun drawn and keeping it on him and cuffing him? Thats too much

    • rewatch

      listen to the video, she wasn't sure if the car was stolen.

      • b52

        Even if she didn't really think the car was stolen (although she had every reason to believe it was) going 120mph without lights and sirens on is stupid at least, and in at least 4 other states constitutes criminal speeding (doesn't get you a ticket, gets you handcuffs and a date with a judge). That in and of itself is enough to justify drawing her weapon and cuffing him.

      • uh...

        still doesnt give her reason to pull a gun (or possibly taser, cant really tell) on him. Theres a specific order of operations for that shit.
        1) police presence
        2) Verbal commands
        3)Open hand tactics
        4)Closed hand
        5)Non-lethal weapons (taser, mace)
        6) lethal weapons

        looks to me like she skipped a few of those…

        • SirSparkz

          Having a weapon drawn is considered "Officer Presence". Lethal weapons, as you call it, is actually "Deadly Force" in the force continuum, and would require her to pull the trigger. She was well within level one of the force continuum by having her weapon drawn.

      • ChaseTheWalker

        There is not a cop in the country that would not notice their cop car stolen within seconds. Which would in result in at a minimum statewide alert of a stolen police car to everyone on duty.

        • Jay

          Yeah, but if the cop was incapacitated or dead, there wouldn't be an APB out for a stolen cruiser. For all she knew, the driver could've taken the clothes off a dead officer's body.

          The fact he wasn't using his lights at that speed is a big indicator for illegal activity. Maybe the carjacker doesn't know which switch activates the lights. Or is too afraid to use them. Who know. But, until he is subdued (cuffed) and in the back of her cruiser he should be treated as what he appeared to be, a criminal.

      • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=648605615 Philippe Isnard

        I heard her say that, but you know thats why they have radios in their cars. Because if a cop car is stolen its probably going to be reported as such.

        • Legs

          You should open your ears a little wider when you listen. Jay specifically said:

          "Yeah, but if the cop was incapacitated or dead, there wouldn't be an APB out for a stolen cruiser. For all she knew, the driver could've taken the clothes off a dead officer's body."


  • logan UofL

    just shows that police abuse their power

  • Anonymous

    What a waste of time, power tripping, granted arrest him, but te handcuffs and everything else, silly bitch

  • Fercho

    2 cops 1 girl anyone?

  • David

    I live in miami and abuse of power with cops is such a normal occurrence that this wouldn't even make the news here, trust me lol

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=674694606 Danny Daly

    Finally, some of these cops need to realize that they are not above the law. Yes they may be trained to drive at those speeds but so are race car drivers and they cant drive at 120mph on a highway and not get ticketed.

  • vindi

    My tax dollars at work!

    • McBeastie

      It's your tax dollars actually doing some good for a change.

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