One ring to rule them all, one mouse click to find them (30 Photos)

  • nicky b

    find dat ass #12 #15

    • dbolusaf
      • Greg Lee

        why is that bad

      • 2pumpdump

        awesome link m8. dam that pooper needs a good popin.

      • PoLB

        Warning, she IS naked

      • @B_Abt

        nice landing strip

    • teh dude

      she goes by the name ariel
      lot of stuff on met art

    • paula_pissflap

      hey dirpine #12 wanna come over……..:D

    • SuperDanMan4290



  • McD

    #15 Please.

  • Tuff Guy

    #9 Fuuuuuuuck me. Damn!

    • DoomsDayDub

      Uhhh, I'd prefer her over you Tuff Guy, sorry.

  • Huell

    #7 Dude on the left is trashed. Haha!

    • tyler braunschweig

      that chick is a freshman at university of minnesota

    • Lucas

      What a wise wizard he is.

  • EasternCanuck

    Said it once and i'll say it again… #10 is SUPERHOT

  • Nick702

    #2 I would like to give her a tour of my wine cellar.

    • Firefighter23

      uhh creepy

    • Dutch

      Roberta Murgo. You're welcome

      • Rusty_Dreams

        Just saw her NSFW pics. Wow! One of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen.

    • The_Dood
      • Chazz_B

        good one sir, thanks

  • SatAtHome

    The first picture is of Bella Thorne. She's on Disney Channel and she's 14…

    • Steve

      I was going to say that

      • nate


    • Guse

      Crap. Maybe I should read the responses before I post. I said the same thing below.

    • Htisss

      I would hate it if my daughter looked like that at the age of 14.

    • paulhitchcock

      Yep, born October 8, 1997 according to Wikipedia.

      • ChaseTheWalker

        Cause everything on the internet is true. Especially Wikipedia.

        (Not saying your wrong cause she is only 14)

    • obummer


    • Matt

      Yeah she's too old for me

    • Brutal Deluxe

      Somehow fitting that she's perusing the candy aisle. She looked way young to me, and I don't even know who Bella Thorne is.

    • Rusty_Dreams

      Just 3 more years… Tick tock tick tock…. :p

  • R2GFan

    #15 is Ariel…Piper Fawn…NSFW

    • mike

      shes gross

      • 2pumpdump

        and you sir. have no taste

      • Dan

        im sorry to inform you but your probably gay

        • An Average Chiver

          nah. she's fucking nasty. get some standards.

  • Donna_Romper

    #30 Find him.

  • B Long

    MOAR 9!

    • Hungryhippo

      It's *More for fucks sake!

  • Tarah

    My favorites
    #31 #21

  • Tarah

    lol #30 *

    • Dre

      Alysha Nett is her name. She's a model I was trying to work with but I had to cancel. Fuck me right?

  • Guse

    #5 Skylar Vallo

    Found by going to Google and typing: "ride that spicy chicken girl". It probably took longer to find the screenshot and add the letters.

    • SenorWilson

      To be honest, she scares the shit out of me.

      • northerner

        Me too, SenorWilson. In the first place, it's a disgusting commercial, outdone only by the screaming woman singer on the current Sonic commercial for spicy hot dogs. Secondly, this segment of the commercial makes her look like a total ditz. Which she may very well be, but it's still totally revolting and she's not particularly attractive. That make up makes her mouth look huge and out of proportion. Just my take. When the commercial comes on it's instant mute or channel change.

        • PWT2

          She makes me want to punch her in the throat so she cant make that voice anymore.

    • Machinist

      Geez, with a kisser like that she looks like she could down that burger in one gulp… I'm also getting childhood memories of the girlfriend in "Fright Night" post-bite. Yaowtz!

  • p1babyarm

    #4 She can use my Multi Pass anytime

  • liarliar

    I missed the part where you actually found anyone.

    • echogeo

      I was just thinking the same thing.

    • Dave

      The point is that the chivers find them or recognize them and share in the comments.

      • The_Dood

        That's not the point, but it is what it has become.

        • Captain Pedantic

          What annoys me, but then I am easily annoyed, is when the post says how they get the PHd in Find Her, etc. They don't find anyone. The posts should read 'Help us Find Her' and if one of them gets found, then pat yourself on the back. A bit pedantic perhaps.

          • The_Dood

            I agree completely. We are the ones earning credits towards our PHD's in find her… Now if only that would help us get out of our mothers' basements.

            • Kilgore Trout

              It's the royal "We". You and me, we are the chive.

              • you're a dipshit

                That's not the royal we. The royal we is when a king or queen says "We" instead of "I".

    • Meh

      I wish that ONLY hot Chivettes are predominantly in these links. For instance, some of these girls are SO random there is no possible way to find them. Whereas take Chivettes or those pics from Facebook etc, where SOMEONE has to know their name to actually get MOAR. Does this make sense?

      • PunkRockMohawk

        but if it was JUST chivettes, then there would never be a chance to see them naked…

  • disturbed

    #10 Yes Please!

    • DJDoubleB

      Her Name is Enji Night.

  • Loyal Chiver

    Thats right ,find all the Skanks for more discretionary jerking off !

    • joebilly

      you say it like its a bad thing

    • iLike2BeatIt,BeatIt

      And your point is???

    • Loyal Redditor

      Stop putting the same random girls on your website that we put on ours!!! I only want to abuse myself on MY website!!!

  • Matt Nowak

    #9 is stunning!!!!

    • Master_Rahl

      and hilarious… I'm literally reading the caption in the 2nd pic with an English accent in my head…. "MOOOAAAR???!???!!?"

      • Chas

        Know that moment when you spent some time putting pictures together with funny captions and submit it to Chive, and find that it made the cut. Feels good! Glad you liked my captions! CHIVE ON!!!

    • its_forge

      Stunningly as absolutely close to completely bareass naked as you can get on TheCHIVE. Cute too mind you.

  • Average Chiver


    • Average Troll

      FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP ….. oops, almost forgot to make fun of the normal people here first ….. there, no where was I? Oh yes ….. FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP …..

  • Ken

    #18… Suckee, fuckee, smoke cigarette in the pussy, she give you everything you want. Long time.

    • whrareurmanners

      How dare you say such stuff on a website full of semi nude pics of boobs and butts and desperate losers ,have some decency !!

      • Ken

        I do my best damn you! I knew the "thumbs down" would come a pouring in from all the nerds who have already married someone in their simple minds from this site!

        • Phil

          Yeah, who doesn't like a good racial stereotype joke? Nazi's, that's who.

    • Navy guy

      i thought that shit was funny

  • paulhitchcock

    #2 Roberta Murgo. NSFW

    • Mike

      Gawd dayam!! Thanks! 😀

  • Pete_Rock


    • C.L. Smooth

      I concur.

  • Htisss

    #19 jail-worthy

    • dorkfish

      worth it

    • Ed Fehr

      Yes Find them!

  • Guse

    Also, #1 looks remarkably like Bella Thorne from Disney's "Shake it Up." Which would make her 14. I could be wrong, but the similarity is strong. Also, having daughters is strange.

    • John LeTard

      I think you are right. The curse of being a father.

    • Phil

      That's exactly what I thought as well. Pedo Bear lurking around!

    • rich

      that is her and …… 14

    • paula_pissflap

      how do u know … u can't explain that

    • cubanitagirl

      i was gona say the same about #1

    • StaticFX

      yep.. definitely her

    • TheBAMFinater

      We had that conversation last week in the Tight Dress post. Not that I am complaining.

      Why should I have a seat over there?

      • thechevron

        it was red head post she was in. but yeah, deffo her

    • seann1382

      It is in fact Bella Throne –

    • mr. E

      yea i think that is her… an that is definitely no bueno chive…

    • mike

      I think The Chive need to take her off that post, it's wrong to have minors up there.

      • McSmart-Ass

        Well technically, as with the Angie Varona case, it is only illegal have minors be in nude pictures. There is nothing wrong here, legally.

        As for morally, that is up to the person. Personally, "ya blew it" Chive.

  • imyourhuckleberry

    You can find #14 at her junior high school

    • justaguy

      Which school? Can you give me directions? She would be worth it

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