F-15 new "Splinter" paint scheme is similar to Russia's T-50 PAK FA (5 Photos)

  • Stan_Dalone

    #3 #4 love to see as well as the F-15 new paint

  • Matt

    That's because this particular F-15 is part of the 65th Aggressor Squadron based at Nellis AFB. It's painted like a Russian jet because it plays the role of one in training exercises.

    • sot

      Nice, but nowhere as evil looking as the russian birds.

      • downUnder

        Considering the F-15 has been around since '76, it holds pretty well on the "evil" looking list

      • Anna

        Yes Jerri come on and join us.. A swap usually has a 3 month dealdine and it does not take but a couple of days to make the cards. They are usually no theme.. So you can pick what you want to and with your creative talents that would be an awesome card. It is fun to receive cards all over the world.Chris

  • etcrr

    I had a feeling that is where it would be thank you Matt for the info

  • fred

    Couldn't even tell #3 and #4 were flying but sure could feel the heat

  • Brad

    Flanker AMU at Nellis has two 15s painted this scheme now. 78-509 (shown) and 78-528 just got painted. They're a pain in the ass to keep clean, I'll tell you that much.

  • dan van hout

    I worked on F15 78-509 when i was stationed on Kadena AB back in 1989-91 with a ZZ tail. how did this plane end up with a WA tail? did a squadron get transferred or something?

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