Hot girls in the middle nowhere (28 Photos)

  • asdf

    #28 please

    • SimonPhoenix

      seriously … that is VS model. I am pretty sure Legolos (Orlanda Bloom) is banging the shit out of her.

      • Smitty

        Agreed, this is Miranda Kerr. But, for all we know, maybe she CHIVES too!

  • BaJezzus

    #5 Can I get an AMEN!!! Who in God's good name is that?

    • L2Google
      • mouchette

        wow,if that's her-win.

      • fed

        actually her first name is darija, that was all i could find.
        more here, but i don't speak serbian:

    • JAS

      amazing body, but her head looks tiny for some reason.

      • vinnyz

        Your head would look tiny next to her two friends!

    • Filip J. Cindric
      • JHL1

        I've found references of her as both Darija Sreckovic and as Tamara Nikolić

        • JHL1

          However, for googling use Darija Sreckovic

    • Matty Rochelle

      yep very nice

    • MacNCheesePro


    • DoomsDayDub

      #5 & #23 = DAMN!, FIND HER!, and MOAR!

  • SimonPhoenix

    FUCKIN LG .. posting on this one!

    • SimonPhoenix

      #27 .. Speaking of which .. LG, you have THAT good of weather right now? Must be nice …

      • LG_

        That was taken about 3 weeks ago when you could walk outside and not get frostbite within 30 seconds (slight exaggeration on that one). It's still just as sunny – today at least – but my arms would be a nice shade of purple if I was wearing that dress out there today! 😉

        Massatwoshits is in for a nasty winter this year so hopefully you're not in this state too!

        • tomchalm

          I lost power for almost a full week where i live in MA, not nice weather so far. And before halloween too!!

          • LG_

            Before the Halloween snow storm? Seriously? Damn that sucks. Sorry to hear that you had to deal with the winter BS so early this year. I really have absolutely nothing to complain about then..Cape usually has a pretty pansy winter season compared to the rest of the state.

            Hope you're staying warm tonight, btw!

        • Paula_

          Your eyes still look kind of weird there dear, next time wait for the roofie to wear off completely, OK? I don't want you to swerve on the road and get run over or anything as I'd have to find a new muse and I'm very fond of this one.

          – there's no such thing as "too much LG"

          • LG_

            This definitely isn't my best picture, probably because of the roofies and all, but it was gorgeous out that day and it made for a sunny/happy photo. Also, not to sound cocky but I'm the world's best female driver (so not an oxymoron) and it'd take a lot for me to lose my control on the road. I'll be extra careful for you though. I'll make sure that all of your hidden roofies have left my system before I hit the road. 😉

            • Paula_

              Oh girl you give one hell of a ride at night, but your driving skills…? hMMMM, wasn't it you who lost a bumper on a fence post recently? I suppose the fence post came from the left then?

              – the one you love to ride

        • SimonPhoenix

          Nope .. in New Mexico .. BRUTAL winter planned. But I bet purple would look good on you either way! ha

          Keep Calm, Chive On!

          • LG_

            New Mexico has cold summer nights so I can't even imagine what kind of winters you guys must go through!! I will never speak negatively about my winter in MA again, because it's always worse somewhere else! Stay close to your heater, Chive on and keep calm (and warm)!

  • Ian.

    #12 that is all

    • Aiden


  • jwpcwrd

    I love being on the site, refreshing, and finding a new awesome post. Thanks Chive!

  • tomchalm

    #10 is waaaaaaay cute.

  • caleb

    #27 High noon on my sundial. No really, it's noon. And, I have a boner.

    • Its420somewhere

      hmm. I think this kinda looks like a man

      • )($@i


    • etcrr

      looks like LG pretty woman

    • basementvirgin

      very pretty girl, but paint your damn nails properly for gods sake, what is this 7th grade?

      • rabble

        I've got some bad news for you…

        • the other Jen

          STFU. so a chick shouldn't show proper nail care beyond the 7th grade? good luck rubbing one out in your mome's basement loser.

      • Foosbah


      • LG_

        I'm not a girly girl by any means – as noted by my lack of caring about how manicured my nails are – but some nail polishes chip faster than others when you spend most of your days working with your hands. The crappier the polish, the shorter its lifespan.

        Nails are nicely painted now. 🙂

        • basementvirgin

          all I'm saying is, it looks sloppy. If you're going to take a picture to have posted, put some effort into it. That amount of chipping is far beyond the "I had a rough day or two at work" scenario.

          • Kit9

            EXACTLY! too many people confuse "casual" with "downright sloppy".

    • marco

      eh…over this

  • bud

    #2 no sprashing prease

  • ermal

    find and MOAR immediately

    • strangeperson

      I do believe that is my future wife.. Why yes, yes it is.

    • paula_pissflap


  • helloworld

    # 23 That better not be a duck face!

    Also, How do you place a pic in the comments?

    • mooseknuckle907

      no space between the number sign and number. not good (# 23) Good (#23)

      • mooseknuckle907

        Chive on

    • SimonPhoenix

      No space bewteen the "#" and the number

    • T_Bag

      She's so hot that a duckface is almost forgiveable!

      • SimonPhoenix


  • mooseknuckle907

    #6 and #14
    These two make anywhere look peaceful and beautiful

  • B Line (@asylumstudio)

    #5 #21 If I had to choose 2…..

  • chivingchiver

    #28 I love Miranda Kerr

  • notpaula

    #22 Ewwww icky seaweed titties

    • fesfssf

      Yeah, they smell like fish.

      • Bubba

        1) No such thing as 'icky titties'! Tits rock, no matter!
        2) Seaweed smells like seaweed, dumb ass, what else!
        3) All I see is a hot body, all you bitch about is seaweed. Either you guys are freakin sushi chefs or just not that into women…

        • Anon

          Agreed, you know you know he's gay

    • Chesty Laroo

      First hairy arms, now hairy chests? WHERE WILL IT END???

  • AlexJ225

    #2 asians!

  • Anonymous

    MOAR of # 21 please.

  • LG_

    #21 is sexy beyond belief.

    • etcrr

      She is sexy, but I could argue to beyond belief part. We see Chivettes on here all the time that compare, like you for instance The latest Erin, I can't remember he name, No offeence to Erin Willet, it was the new one

      • mouchette


      • A Chivette

        Kiss that ass, kiss that ass!

    • Kyle White

      #27 is, also. 😉

    • disturbed

      Maybe. But that can be said about you without question.

  • Carnoculus

    <– big fan of #5!

  • Jay

    Good Lord!

    • ebits21

      my exact words

  • Kodos

    yes, I did stand on my head to look at this pic.
    And so did you.

    • Bubba

      Yes I did. Twice!

  • Nick

    #28 is miranda kerr, orlando bloom's babe 🙂

  • SuperDanMan4290

    #13 – Beautiful ❤
    #25 – I think it says Chive on the small part of her bikini bottom. 😀
    #27 – LG Keeps me coming back. 😉 ❤


  • Patrick

    #23 needs to found!

  • Michael B. Rawski

    #5!!! OMG

  • humblemonkey42

    #23 and #24, thank you Chive!

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