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"My name is Imarah Thompson (AE3 (AW), USN) and I am writing this on behalf of a friend of mine. His name is CPL Brian Felber and he is an Infantry Rifleman with 1st Battalion, 6th Marines, Bravo Company. On October 31st, 2011, during combat operations in Sangin, Afghanistan he was wounded by an IED; the results have rendered him as a double amputee. This was his 2nd Afganistan tour. He needs our help! We come from a small Southern town (Florence, AL) and there are quite a few of my childhood friends who are on their way to/currently serving in theater/finally returning home from the Middle East. This could have been any one of us! All I'm asking is that you put up a post asking people to become a fan of the Support Combat Wounded Marine Brian Felber page on Facebook and to visit the CPL Brian Felber Donation Page. We want to help him and his wife get their home ready and accessible for him, be able to afford better prosthetics, pay any medical/admin fees that may come up outside of military care, etc. Please, PLEASE help me get the word out."
Check out the Facebook here
In no way are these stories meant to be a guilt trip. If you happen to have an extra 5 on ya, click here
Thanks everyone and thank you Imarah Thompson for sending this in.

Check out the Facebook here
In no way are these stories meant to be a guilt trip. If you happen to have an extra 5 on ya, click here
Thanks everyone and thank you Imarah Thompson for sending this in.

  • etcrr

    No amount of words can say how he feels about the loss of his legs. I can only pray for Marine CPL Brian Felber . That he maintains a Marine's attitude through out his recovery. OOOHH RAHHH CPL SEMPER FI
    thank you for your service and sacrifice. I know it isn't easy, though nothing in life worth attaining is easy.

  • Imarah

    Nick: The military does cover things listed; however, there’s so much more to it than that. There’s going to be lots of traveling involved in his recovery process. There are things he’s going to need to cover at home to help in the process as well. Ask a family member of a wounded warrior how much of their savings they’ve spent on plans tickets and hotel rooms to be with their warrior and I bet you’ll be in for a shock. We simply want to help him and his family in their time of need because these injuries don’t just affect the warrior. For my email about Brian there’s 10 more stories of warriors just like him happening right now. We’re just a small community banding together to help a brother in need. If there’s anything I want to get across by my user submit is just for people to be aware. This could’ve been anyone… but it was my friend. And I simply want to help him.

    • Rick

      I almost never delete comments, this is a place for discussion (whether I agree or not)…but Nick's comment is not staying.

  • Stan_Dalone

    Imarah. He is lucky to have such a friend. Being there for him throughout his ordeal. Is truly a gift to him. He also has a beautiful woman at his side. I appreciate you and the familes service and sacrifice for our country. God's speed and God Bless you all for the future

  • Marco

    What the hell is 10 bucks… I would have spent that on beer at the mess. I think i'll make it to the next day without a night of some beers…I wish him smooth battle in the days to come.

    • Rick

      thank you

  • Final

    From one Marine to another. *clicks* The rest of you brothers know whats up, don't be a heinous shit. Give the Marine the kill he deserves here and donate a bit. You can handle a little discomfort for a brother right?

  • Jack Spectre

    I clicked, and it didn't hurt at all. Quite the opposite.

  • Chris


  • @psykopengwin

    Definitely more than donated. It doesn't matter if the military pays the basic bills….who pays for the wife to go to and from the hospital and her general sanity. As a son of a wounded vet I can say that a $5.00 take and bake pizza can make all the difference in the world. God bless.


    SEMPER FIdelis…. had donated but the credit card doesn't let me do international deposits =( My respects to the CPL.. all my support back brom Argentina to this brave man. Once again SEMPER FI



  • Kadir

    I’m sure you don’t want to be pregnant foeverr but you would have a future as a model!! Your beauty is absolutely ethereal and the picture with Hudson will stay in my memory foeverr! XO Julie

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