Like Finding Nemo, only chicks (31 Photos)

  • Mr. H

    moooaaaaaaaaaaaarrr!!! …..please.

    • biggles

      Okay, if your going to request a find her. MAKE SURE she's farking hot. Not this "find ANY girl" bs.

  • McBluffin


    • Mr. H

      haaaaaaaaaa!!! in your face firstard!!!

    • Kyle Swets

      you sure werent

    • desertsteel

      You keep disappointing your Mom like this and she's going to kick you out of the house.

  • CaptainStag

    #10 is Rosie Huntington-Whitely. Duh. Good god Chive, you suck. Oh well, at least you aren't posting Iga Wyrwal for the fiftieth time…

    • Saul A.

      Suck it! Iga is way hot.

      • CaptainStag

        I think you missed the point. Posting her in "find her" is dumb because everybody should know who she is…

    • hMMMM

      =O OMG he said something bad about you guys…you should ban his IP

    • poop

      its iryna shayk….

    • kvg

      its iryna shayk…

  • Random Screen

    Dear God…so many…where does one even begin?

  • The_Stif

    I love women. That is all.

    • meh

      put on a shirt ya homo

      • The_Stif

        I actually have on a gray undershirt, a black vintage fit button up and a black zip up nike track jacket at the moment. Don't be mad I worked my ass off to be fit.

        • meh

          lol dude, I am way more shredded, having a 4 pac doesn't impress me. You have no shirt on in your pic, and took a pic of yoruself using a mirror, you lose.

          • The_Stif

            Oh my fault. Forgot it was a competition and all. Pretty sure I have a 6 pack though, and I guess if I didn't impress you, I have no point in living. And I guess I did lose, being a 26 year old IT manager with a 5 bedroom house, a new truck, playing semi-pro football and getting more ass than this gallery has in it. I lost really badly. My fault. You are the King. Let's all bow before meh because he rules all.

            • meh

              lol!!!! look again, Thats a 4 pac. You realize this site consistently makes fun of guys like you who take self shirtless pics in the mirror right? Go back to myspace bruh. You must live in some shithole part of the country, because where I live, an IT managers salary barely gets you a small 1 bed apartment.

              • Jen

                oooooh….penis measuring contest. Both of you should email your pics to me so I can judge which one of you is the bigger douche.

                • meh

                  Lol Jen, I need to go find my ed hardy t shirt first and get to the nearest mirror like The_Stif.

                  • meh

                    wait a minute, I looked at his pic again… I can't stop laughing, Is he doing the serious look away photo??? He is acting like he doesn't know the pic is being taken! lulz! Its either genius humor, or 99% sure he really meant to do that without being funny. I think he sends that pic to girls on myspace

                    • The_Stif

                      What's with myspace? Everyone knows its all about facebook, and sometimse twitter.

                  • The_Stif

                    I have never worn Ed Hardy, or affliction or tap out or whatever other brand you want to name. I was going along with it until this. low blow.

                • The_Stif

                  Jen, I need to remain faceless and pick out people in comment forums to blast on for no reason.

                • The_Stif

                  what was that email address?

              • The_Stif

                Don't take it out me, you're really mad at your dad. (Big Daddy if you thought I was serious)

                • meh

                  (shakes head)

                  • The_Stif

                    Me too.

                    • meh

                      your pic just about sums up my argument

                    • The_Stif

                      alright man. Take it easy.

                    • meh

                      Chive on, and don't forget to do Cardio bro… that 4 pac will never turn into a 6 pac without it. Watch how Patrick Bateman in American Psycho does his crunches, thats all that I do for abs, but lots of them, and lots of cardio. Youll get those two waistline veins in no time.

                    • PeZ

                      are you gay?
                      why are you hating on peoples profile pictures?? Its not like The Stif wanted you to say anything at all about it.
                      oh and by the way your retarded saying that he is a homo, when in the initial comment he said he likes women?
                      Say no more.

                    • 032

                      Shut the fuck up Stif.

                    • The_Stif

                      Man. I have hypothyroidism. I really am doing fine. I honestly dont need work out tips from you. How big are you? 5'6" 160? I cant afford to do that playing WR and Safety. I'm 6'3" 225. So really, I am fine. but to be honest… I dont think you know what chive on means. It means to be chill and not let shit bother you and basically fuck what other people think and say. So you need to eat your words. I am not sure why you are still mad, because I'm not. For real man, take it easy.

                    • meh

                      Pez, is this your first time on the chive? I was never mad, This site makes fun of dudes who take shirtless pics in the mirror. There are galleries from way back when filed under D-bag..
                      Hey Good for you you play football. Believe it or not I am taller than you by an inch, but 20 lbs lighter and I don't see how that matters. You still have a d-bag myspace style profile pic, and its clearly a 4 pac.

                    • no shirt only

                      hahaha that was awesome.

                    • beasty

                      You two need to get a room.

                    • Lulz at thestif

                      Stupid and all but the dude's pic, and name does scream douche. We all know what type of guy does that, but if he needs internet acceptence from chicks, I hope he gets it, and more power to him. Funny shit tho

                    • meh

                      Thank you "lulz at thestif" that was my point all along.

  • Brian


    Words fail to describe……

    • The_Stif

      agreed. I actually find that tat to be really hot.

    • AC_Mex

      Lindsay Perry

      • Bubba

        Oh yes! Thank you kindly!

    • Phox

      how about the word "speechless?"

    • its_forge

      I think "hominahomina" is a start.

    • northerner

      Agreed. Gorgeous is inadequate.

  • Christian

    #25 and #28 for the love of everything holy need to be found.

    • @li

      Don't know what her name is, but here are some more pictures:….

      • Bud Lee

        Next time perhaps you should mention that people are getting their holes filled on that site…k…thanks

    • Ike
    • greazzlybear

      I believe #25 is Misa Campo

      • greazzlybear

        Even if it's not, I would still recommend looking up Misa Campo

      • Sean

        You're right, Tabitha Lopez

    • northerner

      Personal perspective, I didn't find either particularly attractive.25 was just a strange unflattering pose I guess and 28, her boobs are too big.

  • Screwdriver


    • Sean

      Her name is Darija Sreckovic.

    • devilotion

      Darija Sreckovic

    • DoomsDayDub

      Yeah, and her Google image search is actually very disappointing compared to this photo.

      • Sluttypanda

        you're kidding, right? She's fucking gorgeous

        • DoomsDayDub

          Uhh no not kidding at all. Just stating the obvious fact that the rest of her images that pop up pale in comparison to this one. I was expecting to see tons of hot pictures of her, but they were mostly "meh".

          • YO MAMMA

            I agree, very disappointing.

  • Wicked

    I wanna go home and play COD 😦

    • Awesome

      not cod anymore…just mw3…that is all

      • Kinger

        LOL … Priceless!

    • Sean

      So I can get my ass kicked by all the little kids that skipped school to learn the maps

    • Bob

      Winner: Skyrim

      • robbi


  • GetUpHill

    #30 is Nikki Fanning… went to high school with her

    • Brian

      You're one lucky guy.

    • ChronicUser

      Yearbook photo or it's bullshit!

      • frank

        tits or gtfo?

      • Tuff Guy

        He's not lying. It is Nikki Fanning. I had sex with her.

        • ROK247

          remember frank ? you were there!

      • BSS

        He's right. I had sex with her and her mother at the same time.

    • jack

      cool story bro

    • Hebrewhammer

      Sounds legit

    • Ha.Ha.
      • Gerbil

        Thank you.

    • conair24

      so did i?
      she graduated 2006

  • RangerW

    #3 Oh pretty please!!! We need her!

    • dorkfish

      drag her into the sun

      • Tuff Guy

        With a cheeseburger

        • .Krookz

          Keep to your fat ass chicks. Leave our skinny ones alone

        • Smuggler

          She has a corset on, you fucking idiot. They're supposed to make you look thin.

    • Ronin2004

      I believe that is a model known by Apnea APNEATIC.COM is her webage

      • Stokes

        No its Sara X.

    • Trey

      That's Sara X, she used to be in Richmond Va. Did some photo shoots with my friend Isobel Wren. Her old Myspace page is easy to find.

      • Cornwall

        Actually I believe it's Katie B former front woman for the band Jakalope.

  • Hero Status

    #31 outrageous.

    • jdp

      She is on on the right

    • Grant

      Her name is Claire Goodill.

    • HUNGRY


    • jim

      Google "Claire Tulane" and you'll get a shitload of Claire — she's a hot flexible coed. R Rated, but hot.

  • Zizzo

    #12 looks like the girl that was on a recent Epic Meal Time episode on youtube.

    • SimonPhoenix

      I was thinking the same thing .. do you think it actually is the same chic?

      • Jimmy

        Her name is Lauren Francesca. Youtube star. You can find her on Barely Political's Key Of Awesome and she has her own channel.

      • theAdventuresOfJim

        and she was in both of those things

        • SimonPhoenix

          Thanks Jim!

  • bless1

    #31- a must find!!!!!!!!!!! Spitz chic is super hot!

    • anony

      claire from barstoolsports, shes unreal

    • bruins121

      her name is Claire, she goes to Tulane U. She was featured on barstool awhile back.

  • Joe


    • JHL1

      That's Norma Stintz
      Amazing pics on google, right Paula?

  • nnn

    now i have a boner

  • Nathan Hart

    #4 is wearing a nametag, you find her.

    • jacked off

      zoomed in, adjusted the sharpness…..her name is Laura Keystone

      • @pezatsea

        Good job. When I zoomed in it looked like Less Myspace

  • Do0zer

    #29 I love all 4 of them. Find them all!!

    • Craigery

      Even the midget?

      • Do0zer

        If you are referring to the one that is bent over so it looks as if she is significantly smaller then the rest, then yes, her also. The small ones are best. Lift them up with one arm and have your way with them.

        • its_forge

          "Sit and spin" I believe was the phrase we used back in college.

      • .Krookz

        Ill take the midget

    • bollyver

      wait one more year and then find them, until then you can repost them on cat saturday.

    • Scott

      I agree find them all, holy shit

    • teh dude

      are you serious? god damn this is like an episode of to catch a predator on the chive. Look like boring highschool girls


    #1 AND #28 find them ASAP

  • McFly

    #1 #25 Need MOAR, yes please find!

  • ChronicUser

    #5 Who is this FRECKLED GODDESS! PLEASE!!!

    • TexRex

      Lindsay Perry

  • Tuttified

    #11 AGREED. That girl is a smoke show. Find the fck out of her.


    • none

      she looks like alanah rae (pornstar)

      • SweetBabyJesus

        it's pretty clear that you don't know who alanah rae is.

        this girl is the titz

    • Ballistik

      Dated her….Kelly Bakke- Portland, OR

  • Jim Doe

    #5 is that Faye Reagan (or however it's spelled).

    • SimonPhoenix

      No.. it is not. This is not the porn star .. Faye Reagan or Faye Valentine

    • LTW

      No it isn't

    • joe chiver


  • Anonymous

    31 is from Tulane.

  • corekshun


    Lindsay Perry. She apparently has a tumblr.

    Thank you google images for finally not suggesting that the identity of the subject is "boobs". Seems like there are a lot of girls with that name on google.

    • spoon chest

      Nice Find!

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