Awesome athlete houses (26 Photos)

  • bribri


    • Cologne

      would love to sleep in that bed

  • The_Stif


    • PeterVenkman


      • meh

        crap, now I just miss your old profile pic

  • BoJengels


  • SAT

    Wait, what? Mark Teixeira and Sean Peyton are "roommates"?!?! Nohomo

    • Adam

      "Mansionmates" is the proper nomenclature.

    • texjosh

      Mark Teixeira owns the house and has been renting it to Sean Peyton ever since he was traded to a few years back.

      • glenlogie

        Yeah, and apparently the rent is only $15,000 per month. Such a deal.

  • Adam

    #26 Schumacher FTW!

    • Unfkngblvbl

      yep…have your own fucking island….BOSS!

    • TeSpecialChiver

      So Schumacher can not drive a car to his house?!?! These Germans!!!!

    • Optimus

      And that's only his holiday home. His actual house is a £28m Swiss castle…

    • dak75104

      Schumacher FTW Indeed. Thats BOSS.

    • Anonymous

      Not much room for a garage… But still BOSS

  • Boom

    First one is not owned by pacquiao

    • dutchie

      we can read

      • dutchie

        first one is 'not' owned, obviously i cant read…nevermind

  • Mark

    Jordan is a baller…

    • ToonSquad

      I remember his house in Space Jam being significantly smaller

    • ChaseTheWalker

      I see what you did there

  • Siv

    For people who play games for our amusement, I really think they are being exploited and taken advantage of.
    We should start a relief foundation to help all those poor starving athletes!

  • ssj drittz

    Peyton mannings looks like every other rich house in Indiana what a modest guy

    • drew

      Gained a bit of respect for him, actually; ostentatious doesn't begin to describe most of these.

    • jay

      Compared to the other houses here his house looks like a shack….

  • Will Porter

    Where's Bill fucking Murray's house?

    • lynch

      not an athlete

      • tara

        bfm's house would have its own post

    • Ryan

      You're right, he would count as an athlete because of Space Jam

    • Wet_tosti

      Go and see Zombieland! Fast! Run boy!

  • Mike

    #8 I would a damn GPS in the house not to get lost. Eff me, that is crazy.

  • os99

    They only let you see inside the houses just to show off which rooms they bang their wives. Don't tell me it doesn't happen in the indoor basketball court.

    • Nohomo


  • Super Pear

    #14 Peyton Manning's house lots tiny in comparison to these other folks

    • WSU

      That's because he's busy actually being good at what he does.

  • Intensemasterdebater

    Awesome athlete houses (or, A Few Places Kim Kardashian Has Been Fucked In)

  • anon

    #6 Arod's is pretty stupid looking. #14 peyton manning is the only one who isn't a douche based on their house. Private #26 island would be sick though…

  • tara

    some time I don't understand society I mean really no wonder every one else in the world is broke because their getting paid that much to play a sport…… I mean come on they are awesome but what to they do keep buying things and adding on to there houses to keep them selves happy and not bored get a real job and see wat its like im not trying to bash any of these people but it's just crazy I mean what do you need a house like #8 for I bet there are rooms in there they never use lol

    • Silly American

      But just think of how many people are employed to maintain these places. By the way, Jordon is king douche bag with that resort. Seriously?

      • tara

        tthat is true

    • Paul

      you are the 99%

      Occupy Shaq's House!!!

      • meme

        I see a meme being conceived from this…

        • itsmemario

          oh god, i hope not……

    • Bloody Eyes

      Educate yourself before you write a message like this. Until you properly punctuate your comments and use the correct "there" (or sometimes, themselves, and what), no one will take you seriously. Good luck finding a real job of your own.

      • tara

        sorry im not a grammar person im a cook so i really dont care if i punctuate a comment perfect im not typing a term paper and i have a real job just so you know pays my bills and my rent so im good

    • Jared

      People pay them. That money doesn't come from nowhere. If nobody watched the sports, nobody would get paid. Educated.

  • techno_viking

    I heard Lebron's house sits on 3 quarters of an acre…

    • Alberto Martin

      Damn, I'm a HEAT fan and that was funny.

    • texjosh

      This is the best comment I have ever read on theChive.

    • coloradogirl

      His head sits on 3/4 of an acre. We are suppose to fill sorry for them rejecting 51% revenue sharing today. While America is in the state it is, and the more they get paid the more the tickets go up. Sorry, I don't feel sorry for you.

  • Verbal_Kint

    Nah, they're not making too much money… I'm gonna start a new movement called occupy NFL (or MLB or NBA)…

  • Takingbackcider

    #3 Ugly just like Rooney himself!

    • gutterville

      Nah its just a british mansion. Shitty and I bet it costs more then most of this Basket ball players houses

  • Brother Maynard

    #26 SHUMI!!!!!

  • CalAb13

    #16 As featured almost every night on Letterman

  • Buford_Justice

    # 26 Of all the people you would expect to have a mega garage attached to their house Schumacher would be the one. I guess he is just hiding it some where ells.

  • Linda

    That's actually is old house when he played for Man U. The one in Madrid is even more ridiculous.

  • Mo'Phat

    It's "Dwyane"

  • Rdrash

    #15. Jordan, where is the racetrack?

    • hMMMM

      Did you just throw a subtle gambling jab at MJ??? If you did…FUCK YOU!

      • Chase Patt

        keep calm, michael jordan owns a motorcycle race team.

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