Future lower back problems are a cause worth fighting for (39 Photos)

  • http://www.theChive.com Mack318

    #25 We're gonna need a bigger boat…to motor boat these

    • Andy Valentine

      I'd poke her hontas…

      • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

        Stop stealing my lines!

        Anyway, anything more than a mouthful is wasted.

        – the one you love to hate


          heyyyy wanna come over……..

          • 4806903

            fuck off, Stan.

            • Sleep_Salone

              He now goes by etcrr…and he's just as big a douche.

        • Underbaker

          Yeah but we are American's and like to be wasteful.

    • carl

      Kevin and Bean (LA radio) Miss Double D-Cember Christine

      • James

        Christine Marie LeMaster

  • Giggity


    • Bruce LeeRoy

      #11 'Ma, i got everything ready, come on to tha crib….ya dig?'

  • Mel Gibson

    #38 that is one big fish

    • Mick

      What fish?

      • Ferret

        I would like to grouper

      • COCO

        The one next to her. If you can't see it, I have some glasses for you……………

      • Jen

        HAHAHAHAHAH! that joke is STILL SO FUNNY after being told a billion times!

    • Bad911

      Must be an old photo,now it's illegal to remove Goliath Grouper from the water. (protected species) Then again, with those double D's it probably just jumped in the boat!

      • hMMMM

        aka the Jewfish. Anti-Semitism…runs deep, even in the Atlantic.

    • http://www.facebook.com/bear.seemann Bear Seemann

      thats a goliath grouper and highy illegal to catch. watch out for the fish and wildlife po-po. she might be able to distract them though

    • MMMmmm

      She's a good catch.

  • hater

    #16. Never gets old.

    • xileus

      But this is one is photoshopped,,, the real one was on http://thechive.com/2011/03/13/let-some-girls-wit

      • its_forge

        Christ, like she wasn't busty enough already, some micropenis had to go "larger! must make boobies laaaaarrrrgerrrr!!!"

        • An Average Chiver

          fuck you forge! you promised you'd never tell anyone about my micropeen! i thought you loved me!

        • Franklin1138

          And not only that, but they did a shitty job of it, too. I mean, you can see they just used the "smudge" tool to push that shit out more. Like Walter says, "They're just a buncha FUCKIN' amateurs…"

      • JHL1

        Ah yes, I remember that post…. good times… good times….

    • capo

      I prefer the original one…

    • http://www.ihateyou.com suckmy_semen

      FUCK NO .. a sexy hot ass girl cooking in the kitchen for you. THAT'S CALLED wifey material ..

      YUMMY YUM! (both the food and the bewbs!)

  • Nick

    #23 Red mushrooms make everything bigger…

    • Jen

      except that looks more like Toadstool. The mushrooms you're talking about have a pointier top.

      On a side note, I was in Japan just a few months after they made trippy mushrooms illegal, I guess the whole time up until 2003 people could trip legally if they wanted to. Sort of explains a lot about the video games, etc….

      • http://www.tube8.com SimonPhoenix

        Sort of explains a lot about the video games, etc…. "

        YOU MEAN SORT OF EXPLAINS .. the whoel fuckin Japanese culture.

        LMAO …

        • FatPete

          Girl on the right is Ashlee Adams, an Aussie Penthouse Pet.

          • ...

            that wears clown makeup

  • Ptesla

    #1 is sooooooooooo hot.

  • Ander

    #22 those eyes…. cant… stop… staring at them….

    • Kiron

      Looks like Alexandra Daddario O_o

      • Maynard B.

        That is correct sir.

      • its_forge


    • Negron69

      dont know whether id rather be lost in her eyes or her boobs

      • Not first

        Both. You don't have to choose.

        • 4806903

          yeah, you don't have to choose, because you don't have either option. lulz.

    • MMM

      yup, madly in love again.

  • Rollout25

    #4 I can think of two reasons why she got that jewelery

    • notrealtoosureyet

      Find her!!!

    • Stly

      That pic actually shows 5 reasons why she could have gotten that jewelry

      • JHL1

        Four… she never uses her left hand.

  • Anonymous

    Booooobs!!!!! Hella Coooool!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/asylumstudio B Line (@asylumstudio)

    Personal favourite #1… but all these gets are freaking sexy!!!!

  • The Bandit

    #1 and #33 are my favs…but there's so many other hotties here…
    #31 …wish that would be me (that one that's giving the massage)

    • Ha.Ha.

      is it me or does it seem like Asian titties are so much softer….

      • Bluto

        That's because unlike all the plastic in the US, they are real…. either that or teh far east has advanced breast augmentation technology that has not arrived here yet, just like all the do-everything-cell-phones that they have had for more than 10 years already.

        • Nunjo

          Exactly. Women are too plastic over here in the States.

          • Chile Dawg

            also agree.

  • http://twitter.com/asylumstudio B Line (@asylumstudio)


  • Rollout25

    #27 Those are reasons to be motivated at the gym

    • http://twitter.com/Cenobitic @Cenobitic

      Super fine. And you can tell she's no spring chicken. But still rocking it.

    • Dick_Hammer

      Agreed…careful what you say, your gonna get all the chubby chasers upset.

  • Will

    #35 what's going on with her right leg?

    • real talk

      he nutsack fell out

    • http://www.facebook.com/zebulonmiller Zebulon Miller

      I, personally, LOVE that angle, when you can see the bottom of a butt cheek between their legs; I think it's sexy as hell!

    • its_forge

      There's a tendon there. Usually concealed by a proper pose.

    • steve

      Who is that?

      • Fat

        penny mathis, probably no a good one to google at work

  • Anon

    #5 leaves me wanting more.

  • AssClown

    MILF – Man I Love Fishing.

    • http://www.facebook.com/dorianv Dorian Valente


  • PianoFingers

    #30 Marie-Claude Bourbonnais (NSFW)

    • NateTheBroker

      Nasty fake boobies

    • McBeastie

      I hate that Bob keeps posting pics of this nasty broad every FLBP. Kate Goslin hair and volleyball sized fake titties are not attractive.

      • GlibTongue

        What about the incessant posting of Denise Milani?

        • pop.

          and that attention whore Lauren.

          • http://www.tube8.com Guesty


            Tell you mother to go and burn her vagina beef flaps together until they are melted together so she can't any more little shitbags like you to the gene pool.

            Then go tell your father to sodomize himself with a hot poker stick until it comes out of his penus whole nad HE DIES

            Talking shit about the LG you are scum

            • Mike

              That seems reasonable.

            • frankysins

              you know LG? maybe you shouldnt obsess over someone youve only seen pictures of over the internet.. its not healthy

          • PianoFingers

            Hi pop.
            I meant to thumb your comment DOWN, but accidentally I clicked the wrong thumb. You should therefore add a -2 to your thumb count to get the true value. I apologize for the inconvenience.

            And for the record: I kinda like LG.

    • Mike

      Her tits are obnoxiously fake.

  • Dan

    #1 #3 #36 are all amazing!

    • Dan

      The hell? #3 changed! You swapped in a different pic!

      • Do0zer

        Makes me interested to know what it was because the replacement is might fine also!

        • Do0zer


  • Jay

    please get a shot of #13 from the back!

    • hMMMM

      Please don't. Just concentrate on finding females who are actually hot.

      • 4806903

        agreed. not hot.

        • Yessirr

          Who the fuck are you people?

          • the truth

            people who actually have standards.

    • itsmemario

      Don't you understand Yessir? These people don't like hot bodies.

      • itsmemario

        I'm guessing. I don't know, I'm into dudes personally……

        • Itsmemario

          I'm guessing. I don't know, You should stop stealing usernames faggot.

    • JHL1
  • jay

    27 as well

  • jay

    #27 as well. back shots!!!

  • jay

    #21 MOAR!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/matej.marijanovic.11 Matej Marijanović

      i know her 😉

    • Tony

      Dorotea Zoric from Croatia

    • Spence

      i wanna know her

  • Andy Valentine

    #23 The Mario mushrooms give this girl the edge over the rest. Love 'em. I have the star tattooed myself.

    • Guesty


      • Andy Valentine

        If I'd wanted a comeback I would have wiped it off your mum's chin

        • ssstoopid

          With star tattoos, you were beggin for it. Shoulda just gotten rainbows or twilight.

          • Andy Valentine

            It's not some silly bullshit cliche star tattoo, it's the freaking Mario star of invinciblity that I have as part of a sleeve inspired by 80s and 90s video game art.

            • Brother M.

              sorry dude. that's still really damn lame. "I LIEK MARIO, SO I'M GONNA GET IT TATTOOED ON ME CUZ IT'S DEEPLY PERSONAL AND TOTALLY UNIQUE!! DERP!

            • Kite-Man

              Really? It's a videogame. Why don't you just get a tattoo of "Nintendo" across your forehead.

        • Guesty

          sooo….you want cum? as i said: fag.

          • AWK

            haters gonna hate, especially on people with tattoos that they don't understand.

  • ICUP

    #26. Holy hell I think I'm in love.

    • Jen

      is this the same girl who has been featured in recent posts with that wifebeater on?

    • Xsoldier2000

      me too, for 30 seconds at least. FAP FAP FAP.

  • Marcis

    #6 #35…….. #17 #27 show your faces

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