That’s one clever way to build a bridge (11 Photos)

  • Philip Kiers

    Awesome, do want.

  • Robozombiejesus

    What if it rains?

    • Paula_

      It gets wet.
      OMFG Chivers are so stupid.

      – the one you love to hate

      • GP111

        And you're the stupidest Chiver there is Slutface.

        • Paula_

          Also: I've seen a transparent version of this, WAY cooler.

          – the one you love to hate

      • iAm

        i know you just want to try and encourage people to argue with you and such.. but seriously, don't you think they've taken such things into consideration before building structures like this?

        it's not rocket science

        and for the record, i love to love you :p

        • Paula_

          Damn you're stupid too. _I_ _KNOW_ they keep shit like rain in mind. Robozombiefictionalcharacter didn't, obviously.

          – the one you love to hate

          • amplidudes

            Paula_ , why does it always rain on you? Well … i don't care.

            • SimonPhoenix

              … da fuck?

          • You Know Me

            Not sure whether trolling Christians or secretly smart.

  • Bill

    I don't understand the Dutch people. It almost looks like they want to get fucked up when their country is flooded.

    • Pokepoke

      Im dutch and I dont get half of those things either. Glad i live close to ze germanz, incase of alot of water.

      • jassnl

        I live 300 meters away from the lowest point in the Netherlands, we got allot of these awesome water structures.

    • Bullwinkle

      It's the dutch, they were inspired at 4:20

    • Giggedy

      I'm Dutch. But when the country is flooded I probably won't think: "what a lovely day, let's visit Fort de Roovere".

      • SimonPhoenix

        Well put, Sir. Well put.

    • VanOranje

      We'll be fine behind our dikes and what not. People always overreact, we have been fine for ages and will be for much longer. No worries.

    • Apart

      That's because we have gills.

      • jassnl

        Oke I laughed really hard on that one!

  • Dude

    #11 soon

  • Paula lover

    It's nice, but what is so clever about it?

    • @IceLegatus

      the fact they put a bridge in the middle of a river/moat. have you tried moving water to create a space between it. It's rather hard.

  • B Line (@asylumstudio)

    What if it rains heavily, does the bridge rise with water levels???

  • Romain

    if the water level raises by 2 inches the sunken bridge actually sinks…

    • bridgemaster

      no it won't go anywhere, it will flood though

  • RobertC

    Does the tide not go in and out there?

    • Pompidom

      really? tide on a moat?

      • etcrr

        only if the moon gets within 100Km

    • MysticalPotatoe

      Consiedering it's to get to a fort, it's probably a closed water circuit. WHAT TIDE ?
      but… INB4 RAIN.
      I guess it has some drain systems with pipes though, architects are supposed to be sort of… clever.

      • Da Sandman

        not really: my dad was a physical education teacher. One time an architect who was designing the new gym hall wanted to put supporting pillars right in the middle om the building because it would look ugly on the outside if he didn't. his argument: oh, well, the students can run around them, can't they?

      • Dirty Dingus

        Architects make things look pretty. Engineers make things so they actually work.

        • NZ Engineers...

          I wish engineers in NZ were like that. Engineers here just clip the ticket and pass the buck.

    • Bill O'Reilly

      Tide DOESN'T go in and go back out? You can't explain that.

  • Tired

    I'm pretty sure there would be a drain system……

    • Obama 4 lyfe

      Drain to where? Back into the moat? Seriously, do people actually think before posting?

      • chicago

        It's Monday and he said he was " Tired "

      • FYOBAMA

        @Obama Out of the moat you ass hat, of course there can be a drain system.

        • Chad A Whitehead

          its not possible for there to be a draining system cause it would let water into the bridge. A water pump would be the only way to get the water out of the bridge if it flooded. cool idea though

          • p.234

            i love how everyone on the chive is suddenly knows everything there about bridge-construction. lulz.

          • FYOBAMA

            Chad, you are an idiot.

      • Guesty

        The drains actually flow out of the moat in pipes all the way out into a river. So when it rains the moat fills then the water flows into these pipes. If these pipes get blocked then the moat fills and the bridge dissapears.

  • stewie

    That's stupid, unlike a regular bridge, water does not flow thus allowing for any problems related to stranded water. Too much pot and chocolate.

    • wadup

      your moat fails if its not deeper than a person, so i would assume this bridge is not resting on the bottom

    • @li

      "Too much pot and chocolate."

      I get the pot ,but what's up with the chocolate, it's not Belgium or Switzerland.

      • tapsnapornap

        It's the Netherlands, also a producer of fine chocolates…

  • Dan

    I bet mosquitoes love it.

  • Mouchette

    Seems odd that they used wood, even if it’s treated.

    • Pokepoke

      If you look really close you can see its made from tiny tiny cloggs

    • ShakeyTheMoyle

      Lumber swells with water, so at least the outside planks would tighten up at the connections thus making it water tight.

  • jorit dekker

    it's a moat, so it's a circle of water, in this case I guess one completely man made. Meaning no tides, no ebbing and flowing of water, just some drains to prevent the bridge/moat overflowing. And a moat is alreayd still standing water most of the times (and who says the bridge runs all the way to the bottom of the moat?).

    It's a Dtuch design concerning water, we (the Dutch) are not good at many things (baseball!) but we know our way over, under and through water.

    • Lyann

      Wait, is that a joke about baseball? Little thick this morning, but didn't the Dutch win the World Cup?

      • bridgemaster

        Baseball players have never won the world cup, dutch or otherwise, as it's a football (soccer) tournament. Netherlands have never won the World Baseball Classic or the misnomer World Series though.

        • Lyann

          Maybe you should first look up some info next time, as it is actually called the (baseball) World Cup, and the dutch most definitely won this year. Baseball is not at all a widely played sport in the Netherlands, but we still beat the USA and other countries more known for actually playing baseball.

          Here's a wiki article to prove it.

        • Dutch

          Why do you Americans call it the World Series when it's only played in America?

          • kevguy

            Because every single American was asked 'what should we call it?' , and we as an entire country decided to name it the World series. That's why, we just like calling it that. good observation.

          • bridgemaster

            I'm not actually American, but it's called the World Series because it was originally sponsored by the new defunct New York World Newspaper.

            • kevguy

              How did you know that if you're not American?

              • Mr. H

                because he is not…

                • Mr. H

                  see what I did there?

        • Stly

          Incidentally, the Netherlands have never won the soccer world cup either.

    • Stly

      Knowing your way over, under and through water will come in handy if global warming causes the sea level to rise. Kudos, pat yourselves in your dutch backs!

  • iAm

    bridges that goes below the waterline… classic sign of the apocalypse

  • Mick

    As soon as I saw the first picture, I knew it had to be the Dutch that built it. Sorta proud im Dutch I guess … At least were still good at one thing

    • Stly

      Don't be to harsh on your dutch selves! You're also good at producing top of the line hash muffins and prostitutes!

  • gilles

    If it were invented in the 17th or 18th century, basically when the fort of Roovere was operational, it would have been clever. Inundation was a commonly used defense mechanism until the invention of the airplane early 19th century.
    Though you'd always need a bridge based infrastructure to retailiate, a sunken bridge like this could have been handy for logistics during piece.
    Inventing this right now is kinda useless, unless the bridge-alternative is more expensive (which is very well possible).
    The wood's probably just a casing around a concrete structure btw.

    • nowhere001

      Came to say this.

      In keeping with the "flood the land for defense" tactic the dutch employed, this bridge makes complete sense.

  • PoLB

    So, instead of having people walk straight across, they have to climb down a soon-to-be icy set of stairs, and then navigate all the way back up. Sounds good.

  • Soap

    " Thish is my Partner and also my lover" Crazy Dutch, Lay off the weed!

  • The_Stif

    Just want moat. No bridge.

  • jorit dekker

    I looked it up: the architects wanted to keep the feel of the high walls and moat as a defensive measure. Since the bridge has to be built from the direction that the enemy was coming they did not want to span the moat. So this approach supposedly gives you a good feel of the use of the defensive structure..

    • Mike

      And when the enemy is halfway across and feeling smug, the bridge gets flooded and the enemy drowns? 😉 Sneaky!

  • Wombat

    I think they took the view that building a bridge across the moat would kind of wreck the look of what is basically a historic building – Kudos to them for a neat way of getting people in and out without spoiling it!


    ok chive good find, todays bridge post weel dun reall corker

  • 2857

    thats a swampy fail just waiting to happen

  • Jay_Harvey

    i bet that water stinks

  • bse35

    I think it would be way better if it were clear walls

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