Raiders of the lost camera (41 photos)

  • BOB

    #1 #15


    • anon

      #20 is perfection

    • fact checker

      a lot of these are from the 'frisky friday' thread for playboy. Not complaining just informing for those chivers interested in finding moar. girl on right is rachel something from playboy.

      • c.ash

        rachel spence

    • Darkside

      Combined with the ass on #34….achievement unlocked

      • marco

        yes yes, the ass on #34 is greatness, anyone who says otherwise is in for some bad news…

    • hMMMM

      you forgot #23 – this girl is SMOKIN! Pretty face, petite body with huge tits FTW!!!

      • dah

        #23 & #15 are the same person.

        • wells11490

          #18 SO MUCH SALT!!!!

        • Tuff Guy

          Not even close

    • John

      #1 – Jessa Hinton Google her!

    • Bobbumman

      15 is yuck

  • nojoke420

    Technology + a need for attention = Good times

    • Underbaker

      I just want to know where one would lose their camera to get pics like these on it? Mine usually either stay lost to never be seen again or have some guys trying to be funny by taking pictures down their shorts.

  • Gupta


    • Mac M

      Nice try homo.

    • Gupta's Mom

      You're grounded, Your daddy is going to kick your ass when finds out you've been on his computer again.

  • MJP

    #1 #1 #1 – Is Perfect!!

    • paulhitchcock

      Jessa Hinton – NSFW

      • newscot

        Yowza – Good find!

  • koyf


  • csor1120

    #40 and #19 are spectacular

    • steve

      #40 is esperanza gomez

      • frankysins

        weirdest fake tits in the biz

    • Vanilla Gorilla

      All of them…………….that is all.

  • jared

    #29 You guys are evil, ever since you posted the blinking black strip a few months back i stare at these pictures for two minutes without blinking and nothing ever happens…forever hopeful.

    • JROC

      i bet you guys get enough pics like this sent in to open an amateur porn site

      • frankysins

        post them!!!

    • Johnny Two Toes

      The Chive needs to start up a special "Chive After Dark" section.

    • hMMMM

      I don't think that black stripe is hiding much…

    • Sean

      Wait, which one!?

  • EasternCanuck

    Man, do I ever love the natural photos… True beauty…

  • Dan

    #1, #23, #24, #28
    Wow, just…… WOW! Paused at each of these.

  • Anonymous

    1st!. This may be the best post I’ve saw on here! Chive On

  • Anonymous

    #17 For the love of chivers you must find her

  • Wow

    #23 Amazing hand bra

    • JROC

      she wins hands down

      • Truth

        i'd give her a mouth bra

    • MacNCheesePro

      We need a post for the White iPhone girl!

    • hMMMM
      • Pete_Rock

        She needs her own post.

      • reznor

        tiniest nips in the biz.

    • Sean


  • No You

    #41 poor bastard

    • benbobbins

      Chive on, Chiver (or Chivette?). Thanks for serving our country.

      • Harmonica

        go i hated this
        well your suit does at least look somewhat comfortably.
        or this:
        is what we are using
        and thank god for the new masks we got two years ago
        although there was a nice drinking game we played with the old one

        • No You

          damn bro, that looks worse than the MOP gear I had in the Marines in the late '90s.

          • hai

            my MOPP gear was a gas mask and my coveralls … at least we avoided the yellow zone while we where dropping off supplies that the japanese didn't want/need …

  • MJP

    #1 Find Immediately

  • csor1120

    #15, #23…I feel like I've seen her in porn before

    • Doofenshmirtz

      needs to move the camera a bit in #15 so we can see that hump…she's delicious…

    • JROC

      find the fuck outta this one

    • ATTW

      Google Rachel Spence… hah

      • Doofenshmirtz

        Yes. This is Rachel Spence…NSFW on Google images…

        • frankysins

          i dont think its spence. Google image spence has waaaay smaller boobs then #15 and #23

          • herros

            she has had a boob job

            • Dean

              Nope, not unless she had a face job too

          • Pedro
          • Italy

            It is hands down spence I checked… shes on google images in other websites… Playboy shoot is wicked lol

    • Kurtis

      send me the link to that shit if

      • Timothy Wilkes

        Send you the link to google?

    • buckinut51

      I wish I had seen them in something before. More to the point, I wish I was seen in them.

  • yoddle

    I can fap to this

    • b-ry

      Porn would be a lot more entertaining. Just sayin.

  • Verbal_Kint

    definitely some jail time in this gallery. If you get caught.

    • Truth

      and the problem is???

    • Sqott

      um no

    • Paul

      Jail? For what!? You're a DOUCHE

  • carl

    #23 #40 are winners

    • steve

      #is esperanza gomez

  • Hunter X

    #23 #24 #17
    We would NOT make it out of the house for the evening…

    Best post in a while Chive! Wow. o.0

    • red guy

      #17 Boobs not spectacular enough? So – tush.

  • NYChiver

    #10 #15 #25 Thank you

    • toban

      10 points to gryffindor?

      • zzzzz

        Gryffindor wins no matter what with #25

  • Hand of Fate

    I'm going with #1 and #37

    • anony

      kelly karloff is the one in the white, smokin

      • Gabe

        plus she's a "double cross-er"

        • Rooster

          Rosary beads……….check
          Crucifix necklace…..check
          Total Slut…………….check

  • nananamatman

    They are ALL winners!

    • Hammer_Pants

      I think we are the real winners here.

  • Ryan Griffin

    #20 wins hands down

    • steve

      madison welch

      • TheSweet

        Thank you for that!

    • hMMMM

      #1 #15 #23 #22 and #37might have something to say about that.

  • London

    #23 Perfect! Please find her, Chive.

    • AssClown

      Rachel Spence (SFW-ish):




      No I'm not a perv, just good at finding hot babes…alone…in my room

      #15 is also her

      • Doofenshmirtz

        NSFW on Google images…Rachel Spence. You sir are correct…nice find!

      • KDS

        AssClown — Your work always amazes me!!

      • frankysins

        im not sure its spence dude. on google images of her, her boobs look way smaller then they do in this gallary

        • herros

          it is called a boob job dude

          • billy

            no because she doesnt have any beauty marks on the google images, its not rachel spence, her face isnt even close either

        • teh dude

          seriously, thats like saying her hair color changed so its cant be the same person.

          • frankysins

            yea except her face is different too

  • jun

    #13 – what is it with chicks taking pictures of themselves in messy rooms. Clean your damn rooms girls.

    • Not first

      She's 14.

      • Ede

        She's Kristi Moreno. She's 26

    • loves sammiches

      and then make me a sammich

    • CARTER

      Was thinking the same thing 🙂

    • vince

      there is one in every post.

      • Brenden

        who cares about the room. I could live in filth for that body

        • LLD

          I would seriously think there may be some health hazard there. I mean, if the environmental hygiene is that bad, what about…. other hygiene? I'm all about tunnel vision for beauty, but that would be hard to get past!

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