Young artist’s amazing progression (40 Photos)

16 year-old Akiane has been painting since the age of 4. By age 6 she was gaining notoriety for her amazing artistic abilities. Below, you can see the progression of her artistic talent year-by-year.

  • Aaron

    #4 at age 6 this is awesome. in fact, at any age it's pretty damn good! Good stuff!

    • Dave

      Who give a shit

      • Firefighter23

        Clearly not you Dave. Whoopdedoo for you!

    • amanda

      … and then she revealed herself as a cyborg.

  • echogeo

    #23 #25 #33
    Incredible detail and such expressive eyes.
    Well done.

    • Cologne


    • AdamBaldick

      MAD props

    • @tinytink33

      They look as real as photographs. I had to go back and make sure I was looking at the age right. Amazing.

  • Mad Bro

    Draw me like one of your french girls

    • GernBlansten

      Well, that was inevitable.

    • plop

      wearing this jack… only this…



    • Aaron

      first class loser, yo mamma!

    • thisguysucks

      I was the first to f**k yo mamma

  • nyclipper72

    She was a better artist at age 4 then I am at 25.

    • Mad Bro

      Better looking, AM I RITE?!

      • Kyle White

        Extreme pedo bear much? o.O

    • menace

      The Chive has an uncanny ability to make us feel Inadequate

    • yesyesyow


    • Frank

      I gave up on that a long time ago. I do maths for a living now. No artistic ability whatsoever.

  • talkeetna


    • TheDarkLord

      You have failed. Failed, failed FAILED. And, even if you WERE first, you'd still be a failure. Trying to be first is for losers. Please grow up.

  • Garrett

    #17 was done when she was 11. Friggin amazing! What talent! oh yea…first!!!..maybe

  • SucksAtArt

    At age 4 she drew better than I ever have in my life.

    • BentWrenches

      My thought exactly.

    • conspiracy

      Aliens must have showed her how to. lol

  • homebuilder

    I would put #27 up in my house

    • keith

      i would put my house IN number 27

  • AssClown

    #2 I can't even do this…I'm so weak…

    • Jen

      Thats true

      • mooseknuckle907

        He is an observant one

  • Mac M

    First first first please let me be first because being first is super awesome and cool and will make me feel really good about myself and I need the attention of being first!!!

    • Holy Hell

      Let's just say for the sake of arguement, You are First.
      I really hope that helps………….however
      Maybe you should aspire for more.
      Just saying.

    • hMMMM

      your attempt at masking your desire to be first via sarcasm failed miserably

      • Mac M

        I actually have zero desire to be first. I am just pretending to be the attention seeking whores who strive to be "first"

        • TheRealSnowman

          You've just joined their (low) ranks.
          Now you can die… not happy… just die.

  • Logan O

    I dont believe it…

    • horriblethekid

      me either!

  • guy

    #30 here we have an interesting picture of 2 lesbians… my guess is this depicts the confusions of adolescence… actully i have no idea.. and dont understand any thing art.. but thx chive

    • jim

      If you look at the person on the right, he has hair on his chest.

      • V4Vendetta14

        So does Chaz Bono.

    • ROK247

      the one on the right has really hairy boobs.

    • artschmart

      it's totally her ode to twilight. that long haired thing on the right is a dude with the butt chin.

    • cheezman100

      Looks like Twilight

    • Waylon

      I believe the subject on the right is actually male…he just has a purty mouth so I can understand the confusion.

    • Dan

      ashton kutcher on the right?? aammerritte?

      • GoGlas

        Nah,its the lead singer from Kings of Leon

    • @Dabooshy

      pretty sure some people missed your sarcasm. win

      • guy

        Oh well they rather talk twilight… and not understand the sarcasm and the fucks i give

  • Jayavc

    #23 as a father of 3 small children, it is hard to believe the level of talent at such a young age. Truely amazing.

    • Cross

      At age 14 she was drawing better than Leo on Titanic.

      • J.D.

        I actually lol'd. Well done.

    • Aimee

      Bahahaha that is the most hilarious way to say "She is so much better than my children."

      • Jayavc

        When it comes to drawing, yes. As she is better than 99.9% of all chidren her age, which is why her work is being shown on the Chive, and not just on her mom's fridge….Donkey

  • Logan O

    The fact that a 12 year old drew #17 is insane

  • Fool of a Took

    I think most of us could barely do as good as #1, I know I couldn’t.

  • SenorWilson

    #35 This one is pretty good. I wish I was good at art, I still draw stick figures 😦

    • JHL1

      Your volleyball finger-painting ain't half bad though.

  • occupyyomama

    In 2 years … MOAR!!!!

  • Bon_nie

    #37 is my fav.

    She certainly has amazing gift!

    • greg

      I think that's natalie portman

  • SadSnoopy

    #23 – I wish I had a fraction of her talent. Well done. You were born for this.

    • acash

      No matter what your comment was I was going to +1 you solely because of your avatar. Me Gusta….

    • Alberto Martin

      I thought the same thing when I saw this picture.
      My six year old will have to face the hard truth when she gets home from gymnastics tonight…THE OLD STANDARDS NO LONGER APPLY! She's gonna have to elevate her game, or there'll be no Christmas this year…thanks, Chive.

  • troll

    these are the best black velvet paintings i've ever seen.

  • Final

    There are so many of these That I would pay 1-5k(or more) to get in my home. You go Artist! Screw the heck out the "Starving" genre

  • Gee 2

    #17 #21 #27 Daaaaaaang! She has quite a gift!

  • elboberino

    #2 I'm 29 and I still draw like this.


      yeah??? your the 1% well good achievement ffs

    • Colleen

      you got me beat, I couldnt ever draw like that . . . I mess stick figures up and Im 24!!

    • BentWrenches

      Hell,I'm 47 and can't draw that good.So I don't think it's an age thing,just natural talent.

    • greco

      Yep, I can't even do that. She beat me before she began.

  • spoon chest

    #20 is stunning. And to think I was mastering bubble letters at this age!

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