For that extra 10% naughty librarian look, just add glasses (31 Photos)

  • uk

    Dam hipsters

  • ICUP

    I think I like. At least #5

    • nate

      #31 – my penis hurts

    • Posted this

      Hey, I am Ironic by wearing glasses I don't need….please cut me a slice of attention, I'm starving…..

    • What Idiots

      That's Bella Thorne….she's 13 and on Disney Channel

  • craig

    You mean Hipster glasses. These women look like hipsters. -10 % hottness

    • well hung over

      You kidding me! I think craig lika the way the dick taste

      • maboze1x

        Hipster or not, they are hot! 😛

    • ROK247

      naughty librarian = hot
      hipster idiot = not hot

      • caleb

        I'd still take them out to a nice seafood dinner and NEVER call them again!

    • Dr_StrangePants

      half of these look like they're wearing fake glasses.
      Because no one would in their right mind decide to pay $200 (between frames and lenses) for the ridiculous thick plastic frames in these pictures.
      I love women in glasses; because they understand all the trouble they are: Scratched lenses, wiping them, having to move your whole face to look at something. Girls with fake glasses cheapen it.

      • its_forge

        Most of those silly fake glasses are Real3D glasses with the lenses popped out. Which rocks because the movie studios make you pay for those fucking things and then offer you a bin to recycle them, so they can put them right back in a plastic bag and sell them to someone else, how about fuck you Hollywood.

        • fed

          sadly, most of them are extremely expensive raybans, those that became popular in the 80's and early 90's thanks to sonny crocket and reservoir dogs

      • Criticalcynic

        Yeah, it looks like #2, #9 and #18 are wearing real glasses. Most of the rest are just frames. Wearing glasses when you don't need them = lame. Still hot but with a hint of douche.

    • Concerned Citizen

      Agreed. Hipster Glasses != Librarian glasses.

    • Troll_The_World

      Yeah .. there are several attractive girls in these photos . .but factor in the slight hipster look … slight turn off.

      Doesn't mean I wouldn't have sexy time with them – (assuming they would let me of course!)
      Hipster Glasses != Librarian Glass!

      • mike

        fucking hipsters. BOOOO

  • Anonymous

    1, 7, 17 hot. All others look like hipsters. Oversized poindexter glasses = not hot.

  • Cruzer117

    #18 wow find her!!!

    • TheAllKnowning
      • Cruzer117

        You are awesome!!!

    • hMMMM

      the only time this girl was ever in the library was to blow the quarterback.

      • Carey Robertson

        What was the quaterback doing in the library?

      • Keeffer

        Umm….I know her in person, she's one of my tattoo artists, and a total nerd. And awesome. And all of you are SUUUUUUPER creepy fucks

    • Beano

      Hot except for the gauges. That shit is gross.

    • todrunk2

      also find #14 look at that pussy between her legs

  • well hung over

    #3 Not Fare, to sexy

    • Its420somewhere

      Is there a new meme I don't know about where someone misspells half of their words?

      • well hung over

        yes its called im to drunk to care

      • Underbaker

        Why due you want two no?

      • Zebulon Miller

        Might as well misspell every word, something like "Knot fare two secksi"

  • NoFear213

    18 is AMAZING!

  • Z_b

    #31 Just add glasses and remove the bra!

    • Crammer

      It's like magic

    • ibangahapa

      Naughtiest librarian of them all. 🙂

      • its_forge

        That's a law library, she probably makes the big bucks as a paralegal or an admin to a high-price lawyer. That is, if she weren't just a softporn model, lawl.

      • alex

        i wish my local library was like this…. i might even go

    • Holmespump

      Those panties make it look like she has a big bush of ass hair sticking out over the top.

      • notforme

        sounds like someone's got a fetish!

    • billy

      opening scene to the porn version of ghostbusters

  • Robert Rodriguez


    • Jeremy

      Not even close dude. And saying "first" is gay anyways.

    • Robert's Shrink

      Fail….. I think I need to up your medication again Robert.

  • Patrick

    #17! Find!

    • reebus

      her name is susie straughan. I had her on fb for a few months then realised shes utterly insane. She a canuck from victoria or somehwere around there. Good luck!! lol

    • mike

      That's Elle williams aka "Brandi". She was featured in met-art back in 2004

  • Anonymous

    Hipster looking… Still kinda hot!!!!

  • TheWiz

    #12 bone sure

    • BleedC&B

      Bone Her

    • togaen

      Well played, sir.

  • AssClown

    #3 #31 Yes, these two will do just fine.

    • john v.

      my 2 favs also

  • Zedhere

    I have this sudden urge to check out a book.

    • Carlos Roberto Aguirre Jr.

      Libraries still exist?!

    • ...

      what's a book?

  • Tony

    This. This is the one….

    • ensergio

      I agree. This picture is genuine.

      • Brian

        It is more than genuine. It is rack tastic.

        • KyleGamgee

          All good things

          Find Her, MOAR, etc.

          • Raven

            I agree. Come on Chive. Find her for us.

    • POOOOP

      Glasses like those are hot!! Those giant hipster glaess, however, make me think of the guy from Weezer.

  • Kevin

    Yup, it works for me.
    #31 I'm going back to the library ASAP!

  • The_Stif

    #25… Winner. Look at those eyes.

    • its_forge

      Too much warpaint.

      • The_Stif

        I accept you opinion and respect it good sir, but it is definitely doing it for me. I would ask her on a date to a nice restaraunt and be at her house early, tell her to order whatever she wants, pick up the check, and drive her home only expecting a hug at the end of the date. That's got to mean something right?

        • hMMMM

          while you're at it, you might as well buy her a $100k ring, marry her, and then let her divorce you and take half your shit. Why not, she's so hot, right?

          • The_Stif

            I was being sarcastic, but yes, I've been there and done that. I'd really just like to blow knuckle children all over her tramp stamp.

    • rayray

      louise cliffe – google her – you're welcome

      • marcus

        RAYRAY u rock

      • jerrylyoungii

        Thank you kindly good sir.

      • fed

        thank you very much!

    • Underbaker

      I keep hitting my head on the monitor when I try to look at them. Now #7 has some eyes I can appreciate.

      • jerrylyoungii

        What? are you sure you didn't mean any of these other fine options? #5 #26 #29.

        • Underbaker

          No, same problem and my head is getting kind of sore now. Maybe you meant #12 #14 #30

  • Lt. Nick Bradshaw

    #12 Les courbes de votre corps à faire parties de mon corps inférieurs sentir drôle, et je ressens le besoin d'aller FAP immédiatement!

    • TheAndychrist

      Yeah, I like Babel Fish too.

    • Ted Nugent

      Oui oui. Poo poo

    • anervusguy

      her curves make me want to FAP too.

      • Lt. Nick Bradshaw

        You sir are the winner!

  • Spencer

    #2 Zooey is the best!

    • Criticalcynic

      also dumb as a bag of hammers.

      • teh dude

        Really? What a brilliant joke.

        Dumb as a bag of hammers? How smart exactly is one hammer? Now if you had stuck with the classic reference of a "rock" you could get away with it… but your comment is both stupid and lacks humour.

        Kinda sad buddy, you sound like an asshole and a retard. So… sticking with this bag reference…

        Go suck a bag of dicks.

  • TheAndychrist

    Whew! I got a comment on the first page. Now people will read it.

    • @pezatsea

      I appluad you sir.

  • Fez

    #12 well hello to you too

  • fed

    Chive, you bastard! i was looking for hot librarians, not hipsters!
    but i must say… #25 is fed approved 😉

  • John

    I agree with Patrick find #17

  • Slick_Nick

    Glasses make women instantly irresistible,You Can't Explain That :p

  • maboze1x

    #31 I'd have that book at the bottom!

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