• domshoot89

    good video. fucking awesome

    • Legitimator

      I like how you didn't go "First" ^_^ that makes you awesome! :p

      • wordpress.com

        I hate how you used a smiley face. That makes you gay.

    • Insomnia

      It's pretty bad that when someone is first and they don't say it we have to mention it anyway.

    • RegularChiver

      FIRST ya'll – peace out my fellow chiver brothers

    • bluey


    • bluey

      NO FEAR

  • Cave Johnson


  • Argument Invalid.

    Human Encyclopedia knows no boundaries.

  • Crunchy Turds


  • GangstaPedia


  • feltsy05

    That was his Jeopardy wet dream actually happening.

  • A-Face

    fucken BOOM!

  • i heart boobs

    Like a boss!

  • thechevron


  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1064188593 Josh Gorter

    You think you are so smart Trebeck what with your diego mustache greasy hair.

    • Chili Ringo

      It's dago mustache, actually factually…

      • ROK247

        thats what your mother said, trebek!

        • Ninja47

          We would have accepted 'bow wow' or 'rough'. Ahh rough, just the way your mother likes it, Trebeck.

          • diggler

            what's the difference between a sick duck and your mother? I don't know but I fucked your mother last night!


    • Alex

      What did I saw about ethnic slurs!?

      • Wendel

        You mean say jackass, also nice.

  • Toby


    Just the sound of his balls of steel bangin' together – no big thang !!!

    • Harper

      Lmao. Agreed!

  • Y u So Slow

    WTG Chive , saw it here 1rst ( 4 once ) but then again I don't keep an eye out for jeopardy clips :trolldad: <- sum how I doubt that works but w/e

    • Steverino

      What , are you like theChive timeliness referee or something ? 10 yard penalty…. video is one day old.

    • Y u So Annoying

      asking Y u so slow when it's the first place you've seen it and you sound like a media website whore. Please stop stop hatin if you visit this place daily. You're cluttering up the halls

      • Y u So Slow

        Y u no QQ moar? Y bother retyping a new name when ones cached o.0

        @ Stevo , just want um to step the game up , old video's n double some times triple posts get annoying , but hey at least they haven't posted a video & put a gif of it in the DAR later the same day in a while now.

    • https://www.facebook.com/blake.guyther Blake Finnacom Guyther

      Damn, why did you not only make me waste my time reading…but now commenting on your pathetically negative attitude. For Shame!!

      • Y u So Slow

        I've been a daily chiver for close to 5 years , I come to the site for the original content which until recently was all you would find here , the current trend of posting duplicate photo's repeatedly & video's that are making the circuit on most every other site is a step in the wrong direction. Sorry if I'm not a mindless sheep like the rest of you

        • Drewbee

          I see your point Y, noble reason for chivin on, even if I don't appreciate your incessant commenting.

  • mickdeck

    I ain't even mad. What a boss.

  • thatdamnmoose

    what a baller!

  • Broken O.

    Like a Boss.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000595326758 Bryan Murillo

    I'll take gayest shit on earth for 1600. Whats gayer, Twilight or Justin Bieber? Hmmm I'll bet it all. Both. Congratulations good Sir. You win everything.

    • chappy

      not in the form of a question… you would actually lose everything

  • What a


  • Harmonica

    Like a Baws

  • U Mads bro? Yes.

    He's the Viktor Blom of trivial pursuits!

    • Isildur1

      I would never do that. Wait. Yes I would.

      • Hastings

        Haha, why would anyone thumb down you're comments? Isildur1 is a sick puppy. Ignorant haters.

  • Doogin

    R.I.G.G.E.D !!!

  • etcrr


    • Sleep_Salone

      Very clever and original, Stan.

  • ROK247

    he did not bet it all in final jeopardy, which would have been ridiculous awesome.

    • hMMMM

      that would've caused Ken Jennings to commit suicide out of jealousy.

    • Will

      Did he get the final jeopardy question right?

  • Mike

    god damn……guy took jeopardy over his knee and made it his bitch!

    good for him.

  • tank
  • thehookah

    $36,000, Now That's Gangsta!

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