Danish model Nina Agdal is attractive (28 Photos)

  • zman

    #23 she has wonderful assets!

    • Dick Salad

      omfg hottest girl I have ever seen on The Chive… I'm not exaggerating for once… jaw dropped

    • ROK247

      her mutual funds continue to outperform time and again.

    • Lawrence

      I just see extended lower back… don't think she compares to any chivettes

      • Cum Dumpster

        She has a THICK nose….

    • iAm

      having the luxury of walking amongst danish chicks all day, this girl does nothing to me.

    • Minha Lenha

      No, she has a pancake ass.

  • Anonymous

    First? Maybe? I like a bigger butt. She is still hot though.

  • thatoneguy


    • chivefail

      how long do you thing the chive owners were redditors until they finally said "we should just make a website and copy all of the funny pics from reddit and put it on our own website, and not give them any credit!", "great idea john, now lick my balls!"
      thus. the chive was born.

      • Unfkngblvbl

        A: Reddit is a cluster-fucking mess of a website.
        B: The Chive at least is attractive and put together well and you can scroll photos easily.
        C: The Chive has loyal followers who support each other for good, rather than being a trolling douche.
        D: The fucking photos are all over the fucking internet. They didn't start at fucking Reddit you douche.

        • Cum Dumpster

          C: The Chive has loyal followers who support each other for good, rather than being a trolling douche. …..LAME

          • LGisahawtomgomgomg

            Is that you LG? The name makes me think so.

          • Unfkngblvbl

            yeah, good is lame………..you sir, are the scum of this country

        • chivefail

          actually reddit has helped out multiple families in need as well gettin news stories out there. such as they were the ones who found the tape of the priest beating his daughter. so get your fuckin head straight. it starts at reddit. and ends up here. dumbass.

          • Unfkngblvbl

            "It starts at reddit?"……and I need to get MY head straight. LMAO!

      • chiverMike

        Does Reddit have lots of sexy chicks than send in pictures for submission?

        • chiver/redditor

          haha, yeah. go to reddit.com/r/gonewild (NSFW!!)

          • georgejw22

            Went there… Saw peckers… Came back to the chive…

            • chiverMike

              Yeah theChive is way different than Reddit. Much different user-base. Yeah you see some of the same stuff but it's mostly SFW and with a bit of class.

        • Red

          yep. (even if they, didn't it's THE FUCKING INTERNET. you can that shit anywhere. doesn't make the chive special).

      • lonin

        If Reddit is so great, why are you here?

    • sureman123

      reddit sucks balls….

    • its_forge

      Well thank goodness 'cuz I'd saw off my lower extremities with a goddam rusty scythe before I'd try to navigate the useless fucking clusterfuck nightmare that is Reddit's hierarchy, and its commenting threads make its post hierarchy look neat and organized by comparison. So thank GOD TheCHIVE posts their stuff over here 'cuz if they didn't I'd never see it at all and especially in the case of this little kitten here, that'd be very, very sad.

  • https://www.facebook.com/shawnmorgan Shawn Morgan

    very lovely

    • Dirty Dingus

      She's beautiful, but her head has a weird shape when at a 3/4 profile angle. Funny that several shots feature that pose.

  • http://thechive Rob


    • Cruzer117


    • meme

      first to comment last to get laid

  • http://thechive Rob


  • Anonymous

    Zman beat me to it.

  • gazpach

    hot as hell

    • Mr. H

      Pedo Bear Approved

  • EasternCanuck

    For once, a title that is worthy of the post…

  • R2G Fan

    The first pic did nothing for me, but the rest of them made me want to flop around on top of her. #23…nice ass.

    • mbrd

      dude, that's incredibly crass. a sensitive, thinking man would want to lovingly grope her bits and stick his slobbery tongue down her throat before flopping around on top of her; he'd also give her time on top.

      really, some guys are just dogs…

  • Sam R

    As with everything in life you can only have 1 or the other… in this case god has blessed this model with boobs and no ass…

  • chicago

    #8 #16 #25 så smuk

    • mtella88

      Jeg er enig! Man bliver da lidt stolt som dansker, når man ser det her!

      • 'Merican

        Go be foreign somewhere else.

        • mtella88

          Let us Danish guys be proud for a moment!!! This doesn't happen to often for us!

          • etcrr

            that's fine and congrats, though if you are going to post danish have some courteousy do the rest of the world a favor and translate it also, thanks in advance

            • PianoFingers

              Google translate like everybody else.

      • chicago

        lidt verdener bringes tættere på med thechive

    • mtella88

      Jeg er enig!

    • Thom

      I love the Danish, you give us the greatest football players. Now we have Eriksen and Boilesen. #afcajax.

  • ChelseaRules

    #7 Something about her chin…

    #27 Usually I hate those kinds of shirts, but she's doing it right.

  • Anonymous

    That girl is gorgeous!

  • I fap therefore I am

    Ef all this, where are the sexy chivettes???

  • Woody

    #24 i wood like NIna on my Weena !!!!!

  • Dan

    I want #13 for Christmas!

  • Chuck

    #16 and #25 Mine – all mine.

    • Mr Cheese

      All the ladies in my city both look like this and ride bikes dressed like this. It is an awesome city.

  • chiverMike

    I want to see her ride the bike in #16.

  • Henrik

    #24 Nothing else to say but, HOT!

  • HokieHound

    #21 Out-damn-standing

  • http://www.allinbayarea.com TWON925

    #10 Pink & Black Works Every Time!

  • SgtJyoung

    #5 #25 My god

  • misschris

    #27 She's got a real girl-next-door thing going. Please move in next to me!

  • Lols

    I bet she could work a Hermoine Grainger outfit…:) amirite? 😛

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