Danish model Nina Agdal is attractive (28 Photos)

  • Dave

    Im in love

  • Tubular Tom

    When Emma Watson chopped all her hair off, I thought life was all over – with Nina, I can live again !

  • etcrr

    she is very attractive and a nice enough body, to quench any man's hunger

  • J

    She makes me feel like I’m looking at your daughter. Cute yea, but still a bit young.

  • Mark

    Oh chive you've done it again.

  • Truk

    I love Danish!

  • http://twitter.com/DJaySID @DJaySID

    eh, yeah i'd date her.

  • reznor

    My balls ache for this woman. Surely as a Danish model there must be some NSFW pics out there

  • james

    I live in Copenhagen, Denmark and this girl is ten a penny. I see hotter girls in 7-11. It's crazy out here, model calibre women roam the streets like mere mortals!

  • Uncle Scotty

    ^^^ Pedophiles


    This girl has me addicted to her. I love everything about this chick.

  • bse35

    more than hot enough for me

  • https://www.facebook.com/beazl Darren Beazl Beasley

    I found this post much more enjoyable while eating a tasty and creamy cinnamon danish roll.

  • http://BeerWoz.com BeerWoz

    Thank You sir, may I have another? – BeerWoz

  • TheDog59

    I'm just happy to share the planet with this vision.

  • Gavin Aydelotte (gma21)

    Who bikes like that??

  • zunebeatsipod

    If the question is "would I?". Quite simply the answer is an emphatic YES.

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful young lady great.

  • http://facebook.com/Rowen.Bellamy.Model RowenBellamy

    She has a very cute smile.

  • Licaru147

    I am extremely proud to be Danish right now! You go girl 😉

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